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Model number: LHM-RS-01

Code name: Marquis

Unit type: Prototype Battlecarrier

Manufacturer: ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance Of Freedom Treaty)

Operator: ZAFT

First deployment: Set for deployment CE 84

Capacity: 215 crew, 20 pilots/guests

Dimensions: Length 385m, Width 95m, Height 85m

Weight: 34000 tons

Power plant: LX-07 Spacial Particle Drive

Equipment and design features: Sensor range (unknown).Anti-Beam coated Reinforced Titanium Armor, 2 launch catapults.

Armaments: 2x 450mm high energy beam cannons, 18 Retractable multi barrelled CIWS, 14 missile launchers( mounts "Neidhardt" space missiles;"Dispar" interceptor missiles), 8 torpedo tubes,(mounts "Wolfram" M25 torpedoes).

Mobile suits:18


Technical and Historical Notes


With the aging design of the ZAFT fleet, the Supreme Council authorized construction of several prototype ships to be designed

and built for the ZAFT military to, in time, find a usable class to replace the old designs. The first ship of this program is the Marquis. Unlike previous ship designs this ship has Limited offensive weapons prioritizing on Mobile Weapon capacity and defense. With it's one top deck and two underside launch catapults its is able to deploy its full compliment of 20 mobile suits in under two minutes. The LX-07 drive is also a new experiment in technology, previously only used in smaller fast transports it has been scaled up and in tests prove to be very efficient at achieving high speeds in space. The Marquis is a space faring vessel only (meaning it cannot operate in earth's atmosphere). When launched it is scheduled for Inter PLANT patrol duties.

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