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Gundam Leads Bandai Visual Franchise


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From Anime News Network:


Bandai Visual had made public the Japanese home video sales of its main franchises, as led by Mobile Suit Gundam's 11.9 million volumes.


Mobile Suit Gundam (from Dec. 1987) - 11.9 million copies

Ultraman (from Jan. 1988) - 5.78 million copies

Mobile Police Patlabor (from Apr. 1988) - 1.7 million copies

Ghost In The Shell (from Apr. 1996) - 1.7 million copies

Cowboy Bebop October 1998 - 0.95 million copies


The sales figures above are current as of February of 2006. Overall, Bandai Visual holds 498 series which total 1,588 hours of footage. Every year on average, the company adds an additional 30 series and 100 hours.

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