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Jase Trusdale


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Player name:Jase

Character number:1



Full name:Jase Trusdale

Nickname:Gear Ripper




Occupation:Nova(Orb) mobile suit pilot.

Birthplace:City of Kusanagi

Citizenship:Orb Union

Personality:Jase is a calm, smart and loving individual who doesn't usually brake his calm attitude. Jase also has self discipline from his teachings at his Karate classes. This allows  him to control his anger on more then one irritating scenarios such as annoying workers and those parking police who get you one second after you park.







Hair Colour and Style:Jase is a boy who like most people was born with black hair seeing as he did not wish to be like the majority the other boys he asked his mom if he could dye his hair a different colour. Jase's mom allowed it but ask Jase which colour he would prefer. Jase had no idea what would look good so he went through an awkward experimentation. Jase liked the colour red but he changed it when his brother thought he was a fire and threw a bucket of water on him. Then he had the idea of going ghost white but seeing as it was dark red from the mixture of black and red it became pink which lead his dad to constantly laugh at him. So after a few more bad attempts he saw a man with a blueish-green hair colour he just loved it and ran home to tell his mom. After a few more dyes to get the colour just right Jase was left with blueish-green mildly long hair which he usually spikes it up.

Eye Colour:blue

Identifying Marks:A tattoo on his back of a dragon.

Skin Tone:Tanned

Build:Built build.

Clothing:Black leather jacket ,black shirt underneath the coat and black pants.

Handiness: Right-handed



Mother:Kitka Trusdale(At there home.)

Father:Jukio Trusdale(Retire from Orb Orb military due to injury.)

Siblings:Kuruto Trusdale(31 retired from Orb Military to settle down and have a family.)


Personal History:Born to Jukio and Kitka Trusdale on August 19,CE 60 to a family of three.His mother was against the idea of Jase's father serving on Orb's King of the sea Kuraomikami class named Iwasaku as a pilot of a M1 Astray. Jase's mom was against it because she feared her children would wish to follow in there father footsteps . On a routine patrol Jase's father was shot down by a Earth Forces attack squad of Spearhead's .Luckily the Iwasaku was near by and was able to retrieve Jukio but it was just a normal retrieval. Jase's father had to be rushed to a local military hospital Jukio had to have major lung surgery from all the smoke inhalation.This caused his father into early retirement even before Jase's birth.


Jase's childhood was one full of adventure seeing as his dad had a lot of free time they took trips all over the place from the Plants to Europe Jase enjoyed it all.When he wasn't on a trip with his dad he was slacking off at school and being scolded by his teacher.Jase had a selected group of friends which he had formed since his first year of school.Jase went through school with a few minor altercations also even though he preferred to be slacking off in class he was quite the genius.Sadly one of his friends was killed by one of his classmates.Jase was so infuriated by his friends death that he confronted the boy who had killed his friend named Benjif. Jase tried as hard as he could to kill Benjif he could not Jase was to weak and had his arm broken in the fight Benjif told Jase that he as sorry he killed Jase's friend and that it was accidental. Later Jase's father took him to the hospital Jase told his father what had happened and his father told him that he was going to enroll him in Karate as soon as his arm was healed. Jase spent a lot of time depressed at the fact he'd never see his friend again and he'd never be able talk to him about girls, sports and there futures.


Jase went through high school with explementary marks and without any altercations after his grade school fight. His group of friends even though one short was all with him they also were very smart except for one which Jase tutored him. Jase's went through a few job one such was a computer programmer which he enjoyed very much. After school he took a year off during that time he worked for his dad in the summer since his family had a large estate but his dad didn't wish to hire a gardener so they had to cut down whole trees this is where Jase got his nickname the Gear ripper. Jase had cut down already 3 trees before coming to a great oak tree which his father said he would cut it down Jase wishing to show his dad his strength grabbed the chainsaw and started to rip into the tree luckily for him he had put on safety glasses as his dad had told him too. Half way through the tree the chain saw blew up seeing as it wasn't the correct tool for the job the explosion caused the gears to fly everywhere earning him the nick name Gear Ripper. Jase's Brother was there for him as his mentor and when Jase was confused this lead Jase to follow after his brother's job as a Military Mobile suit Pilot. Jase also wished to join Orb seeing as how his father was badly injured by the Earth Forces also this lead Jase to the Military recruitment Office.

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I don't get this part "On that trip his father gave him his name Gear Ripper was because when he cut into a tree with the chainsaw the saw got stuck in the tree causing the motor to get hot and basically explode into pieces hence the gears the came out of the motor a the fact that he only made the saw rip into half of the tree."


There are still quite a number of spelling errors.


Work on the personality.

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Jase Truesdale is a native citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Private, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Rad Rider-Kamakura




Welcome to ORB, Jase.


Don't post anything for RP yet, though. Look at the "Orb needs your input!" thread over at RP Discussions for further information.


Finally, a native Orbie!

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