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I Have Returned


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Hark my brethren, for I have returned from a great journey, and bear good tidings!


I have discovered a website called Veoh, which has a vast plethora of anime available for free perusal; I can vouch that they have, at least:


Gundam Wing (complete)

Gundam SEED (complete)

Gundam SEED DESTINY (At least some, I haven't checked)


And, that's just the Gundam anime I've found, so, feel free to browse at your own leisure. Really, that's all I've searched for, there's probably a lot more.


Anyhow, yes, I have returned,and hopefully I'll be ale to revamp that ancient,  lousy profile. Maybe even complete the "False Twilight," should God be in His Heaven and all things in the World be right.

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I actually have no clue. It was just suddenly "By the way kids, you have no school Monday, kthx bai"


And, well, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, or what have you.




I'm personally fond of it.

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