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Hey All


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Alright, I'll admit, I don't know much about the Gundam Seed universe. However, my friend has been trying to get me into Gundam Seed for a while now. I have always liked the Gundam series, I just haven't seen all of the series in it. That being said, I was hoping that this bit of RPing could help me get into Gundam Seed a bit more, and maybe I'll be able to pull out some knowledge of GS, and he'll wonder how the hell I learned that already. 


Anyways, thanks for letting me sign up. This place looks like it'll be fun to RP in. I've belonged to other RPing sites, so I'm not a complete RPing n00b, but you'll probabaly still have to bear with me.

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Well, I'm glad I can come here and set records.


In all seriousness, thanks for the warm welcome. Don't worry, I probabaly will actually take some of you up on the offer to learn more about the Seed Universe after I bumble around the site a bit more.

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A flamethrower all to myself. I'm not sure you quite understand the havoc you have now unleashed, but you'll find out soon enough.
















*Starts maniacally burning everything in sight*

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