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Paintball match, 87th specials V 13th black


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Okay, its about time I get this event started ((I know its bad when I've got Orbies asking me when its gonna start  )).  I just need to know how many people we have that are still interested in it, as well, I will lay down some guidelines and useful info that I think you'll want to hear.


Current team rosters:

13th black squadron:

Lune Zoldark

Kyle Ashford

Asagi Kyoto (NPC)


87th specials:

Alexei Woroschzov

Yuri Crevecoeur

Ernst Gunther Koenig

Johnathon McDowell Locke

Linite Estral


Depending on how well the event is received, we will play between 1-3 games.  The first game will be a game of 'President'.  For those who haven't played it, each team will have one signified leader, the president.  Your team loses the moment your president is shot, much like in chess where you lose if your king is put into checkmate.


The 2nd game, if time and interest allows, will be a capture the flag scenario.  There will be a single flag in the middle grounds of the field, and the first team to be able to bring their flag back to their base wins the game.  Unlike in president, where you are out of the match entirely if you get shot, you have a respawn time in this one.  If you get shot, you return to your team's camp, and cannot participate for a full five minutes (one full round of posts, think of it like the colliseum matches if you aren't sure of what I mean by a round of posts).  If you are shot, and you are carrying the flag, you must return the flag to the middle ground before returning to camp.


The 3rd and final game will be a straight out elimination game, the first team to lose all its members loses, and no respawn allowed.  This is designed to be more of a tie-breaker round if anything, assuming the teams are tied in wins after the first two rounds.


I'll ask members to keep a track of their scores so we can declare an MVP for each team, and an overall MVP.  The scoring system will be as follows:

+1 point: Shoot an opposing team member

+2 points: Mercy an opposing team member

+3 points: Shoot the enemy president/returning the flag to your base

0 points: shooting someone when in a mercy position

-1 point: Getting shot/mercied

-1 point: shooting a team mate (that means both you and the teammate lose a point)

-2 points: excessive shooting ((aka, getting too trigger happy)


For those unfamiliar with the game, to mercy someone, you must get withing 10 ft of them without being caught, and say "Mercy" "freeze" or whatever else you think is appropriate (cause at 5ft or less, a paintball can HURT).  The person caught in a mercy has two choices; they can either surrender, and be removed from the field as if they were shot, or they can attempt to run away, and cannot return fire until they are at least 15-20 ft away from the enemy.  If someone tries to run and you shoot them, it still counts as a mercy, but not if they get far away enough to return fire.  Also, headshots are frowned upon, but still count as a kill if you score one, and never take off your mask during a combat round.


Paintball Wiki, there's a useful link for anyone who's interested, as it gives background on the game, tactics, standard rules, and links to information sites for those who want to deck themselves with the best of the best in terms of gear.


A few final notes, while any form of paintball gun is allowed, we will be avoiding such unorthodox weapons such as paint mines and paint grenades, and there will be a set 200 round hopper (ammo clip) per person, per match; to keep everyone on equal grounds in terms of ammunition, and to avoid matches from dragging on for too long.  If a paintball hits you, but doesn't break, it doesn't count as a hit ((though I advise no one to use this during a game, as I would think its close to the same as god-modding)).  If you are hit by the spray of a nearby paintball, but not directly hit, it does not count, and you can continue play.  If you think you are hit, or an opponent thinks they have hit you, they can call in a referee to check by calling 'Paint Check'.  Both the caller and the person hit are considered neutral during the paint check, and cannot be shot at or shoot others.  It is best to call out when you are hit, so that others do not shoot you (if you don't say you're out, then the opponent cannot be penalized for excessive shooting).


If a person is found to break any rules during a match, they will be disqualified from the match and will be ineligible to receive an MVP award for the day.  Anyone who fails to follow safety rules (always wear a helmet, never wave your marker threateningly, always have the safety on save for during a match, and the like), will receive a similar disqualification.  Anyone found to break the rules twice, or incur an extreme penalty (intentionally hurting someone, ignoring a hit and continuing play aka 'wiping', ignoring a disqualification or other referee ruling), will be disqualified from every match for the rest of the day.


if anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask, and don't forget to sign up

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replies for here have been rather slow lately, I'm beginning to wonder how many active EA members we even have.  I know alot of people are busy with school/work/etc., so I can only hope that I come back one day soon and notice about 4-5 replies all at once 


(now to go poke the other destiny league members into posting something )


((*Pokes Roromi and Fuku* I hope to see you guys duke it out soon in the TNT v ABC match))

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no problem Grace, though I'm beginning to feel outnumbered what with the small number of Schatten Dolch members that have been active recently.  It looks like we might have to split the 87th Specials into two groups during the paintball match if I can't at least kick Neko-Kyra and 'Uncle-Waggy' into posting again.  Mind you, I don't think that splitting the 87th squadron up would be all that bad an idea, as both Grace and Konigstiger have Ensign rank characters, so they kind of tie for lead control of the faction.  This little training exercise might be just the thing to prove which of the two will be the leader of the team .

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The way I see it, even if we some how split ourselves theres still too few of us...even to be called a "team" on both sides. If there won't be any more members joining in I suggest joining in with the Orbies' event. More like an exchanging of knowledge of close-in/ close-quarters combat. ALso builds up good friendship with the other faction.

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Hmm... thats not a half bad idea.  Given our current numbers, we'd at best be able to make 3 teams of 3, but that would make for short rounds.  If we were to use Orb training grounds and fight against orbies, not only do we get to have larger teams, but we get to involve more factions as well.  Plus its always nice to know just which countries can kick your butt in a gun fight, y'know, just in case 


I'll take the matter up with Orb officials, and see what they have to say on the matter.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We've got a response, and Liubei agrees that it would be a fun idea.  We merely have to wait for a good time to organize it.  Liubei has plenty of work on his hands at the moment, and there is still a major military exercise that the orbies have to finish before we could start.  Planning should start some time this week if all goes well; which means either by the end of this week, or the beginning of next, we'll be able to start *nod nod*.

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Well then, the obvious thing to ask at first would be, "What weapons do you want to have?".


Lune's weapon is going to be a Tippman A-5 with red-dot sight and a folding shoulder stock.  Its a semi-automatic weapon, but can go full auto when needed.  You don't have to be limited to a single weapon, but remember my 200 round hopper rule is to make sure there is some equality between the teams; so having two weapons means you would have to split the ammo between your weapons.  Check out the wiki I posted on the first page, and you should be able to find links for other markers as well, though the A-5 is a good choice, as it is highly customizable; so even a group of A-5 users can look like they have entirely different guns.

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I'm more concerned on how we should operate as a team. Lets try the old strategy used during WWII, suppression attack. It is composed of two sub-teams, one assault team and one suppression team. Its one of the few basic strategies in-order to utilize other tactics to the enemy. In an attack of any type, this strategy could be implemented easily.


First, a the suppressing team must reach a suitable, defensible, with adequate cover, firing position to the enemy. While the Assault team finds also a suitable staging area for them to begin their attack. Once both teams are in position, the suppressing team can begin haling bullets at the enemies position or "SUPPRESSING FIRE". They will continuously barrage the enemy till the enemy is "SUPPRESSED"... meaning they are or nearly to be pinned down or their attention is more on the suppressing Team. While suppressed or confused, it will be hard for the enemy to give a sufficient resistance against us and hard to spot our movements or tactics at hand. Once it is clear that the enemy is suppressed, this is were the Assault team makes its entry from assortments of types of attack from flanking attack(side)... pincer attack(both sides)...frontal assault...backstab...and(my favorite ) human wave attack, depending on the situation. The use of grenades (if available) is essential. Of course, it is vital that the suppressing team to fire very carefully as they might double cross their own comrades.


Once the assault is complete, its up to the suppressing team to find another suitable firing position for the next enemy position and the process is repeated again, until the area is cleared out of enemies. It is also vital that both teams can do vise-versa roles in-case the suppressing team needs "COVERING FIRE" in order to move to a firing location or that the Assault team has more visual on the enemy. But they will be more effective on their main roles as we do not want confusion on us.


The most important part in the strategy is communication...we must find a way for us to transfer and receive messages while not letting the enemy know what is the message. Mostly, while we make an RP post, we tend to shout it out or just talk to the other char what will be our tactics/plans. With this, the enemy also will know what we are planning. Now, it will be futile to plan something if the enemy knows what we will be doing by just reading through our posts. I suggest making some hand signals (Ex. *Ernst, rasied a finger while showing it to Lt. Zoldark of their plan of action.*) that corresponds through curtain order. Not only is it simple but also can create some confusion to the other side.

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Sounds good Konig, and we can use it quite well during the President/General round of the game.  Needless to say, Lune will be on the assault squad, cause she would hate the idea of sitting around  .  And the more people, the better Malum, so you're welcome to join the fun once we get a date set

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For communication we can use Cretan's tactic too - "All Cretans is liars". If our enemies learn, what means our signals, commander can just send signal "Cretans" (it's up to oficcers, how form ot will be), and all signals after that would mean absolutely opposite. If use it wisely, i.e. change meanings of signals more than one time, we can confuse orbies more than enough))

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