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Team Name: No-Name

Current Roster:


Asahi - Kodess Messer (Team Leader) (Close combat/Midfighter/Interchangeable)

Keiji - Janos Thyme (Melee - Agressive and Defensive)

Xen - Xen Oso (Defensive Long-Ranged)

Jase - Jason Yulling (Long-Ranged) 

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I was hoping to get to know if I will be the substitute or if  you want one of the combatants. Oh by the way I was think of trading my Ginn Long-Ranged for a Ginn Insurgent it still has the type of long-ranged rifle but also some more close ranged weaponry 

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Hmm, thing is, there's no rule against if you customizing your suit's weapon loadout in the League (*Waits for Valiant to swoop in and prove me wrong*).

So go ahead, be my guest and loadout that Insurgent with that sniper beam rifle

I hope this is the one you're talking about

Oh yeah, btw, in your arena profile, you're not restricted to the MS you list as your preferred, so don't sweat about what MS you use

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Ok No-name, its time for a name! Er, well. After our battle with CbB (Cannonball Blitz) I'd like to take the chance to change team name. Jase, i've taken some thought with your names, and not to disappoint you, i'd like to discard them now One name I can think of right now it "Serrated Edge", feel free to throw in your two cents guys, we are a team for a reason

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