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Limited edition Gunpla


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Can you explain please?  I've heard there's a Gundam amusement park or something is this it?  Can't read Japanese so...


On a side note, I think clear models are kinda lame.  I don't mind a good cross section picture, but clear models are just too unnatural (same goes for pre-painted metallic painted ones).

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I can't read Japanese either. But from what I gathered, those are limited edition models.


I agree with you on the clear model kits. I'm not sure if any of us here are real connoisseurs and would splash the money for such weird looking, limited edition kits.

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Oh. The usual expo specials that they will release whenever these expos went on. Seems like the only really new item is the clear MG S-Freedom (I'm wondering why they are not taking this chance to push the limited edition MG Zeta Unit 3, heard it wasn't doing very well in Japan), otherwise it's just the ones that has been released before (at least the 1/144 HG Destiny), and probably something only the most hardcore fans will get.


Well, unless you are really a hardcore fan of sorts, and willing to put some work (the internal frame of the MG S-Freedom seriously needs a coat of paint), you might as well get the normal versions.

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