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Hey, I'm new as you can tell. Before I create my character I want to know how many psycho, brutal, sadistic, muderous characters you have in this forum. I'm tired of being a good guy and have decided to model my character as a bad guy; but if someone is already like this, well, I don't want to bite their style. So if anyone can tell me if there is anyone else who is similarly modeled to the above descriptions, it would really be helpful. Thanks.

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Hmmm, a bad guy... interesting...


Well I know of some badie somewhere in the EA (*coughkonigcough) so if you wish to become one as well then perhaps it ain't that bad.


Please be guided by the, errrr, guides on the left to get you started.


Hope to see you in the RP!

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Well, as RP experience goes, I'd say I'm pretty advanced. I've been RPing it since I was twelve, so I'm a seven year veteran. Most of my work has been with IRC/mIRC though. I've only been doing forum RPGs for about a year, but have been told that I'm pretty good at it.

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You all are so biased... NOT ALL EA is evil... well technichally it might be... BUT in Gundam SEED yes SEED not destiny the Main people that Eira was protecting were in the EA and were good...



Well Mwu was good just he had his memories lost and was evil... until he went aboard the ArchAngel that is... 



EA wasn't all evil... before.... but now xD sure why not


on a sidenote. don't try and make me go into the Dark side... I already have a dark side as it is... Don't say... JOIN THE DARKSIDE WE HAVE COOKIES!!! Ebil cookies!!!! lol

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