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IMPT! :- How to get promoted


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In case you guys didn't know the order of ranks here in the FREE Forces, here it is


Junior Command

Private>>>Leading Private>>>Sergeant>>>Sergeant Major


Senior Command

Second Lt.>>>First Lt.>>>Captain>>>Major


High Command

Lt. Colonel>>>Colonel>>>Brigadier General>>>General


Supreme Command

Rear Admiral>>>Vice Admiral>>>Admiral>>>Supreme Commander


For now, new recruits will be placed mainly in Private, Leading Private or Sergeant. Those with an exceptional profile, a good presence in the OOC boards are more likely to begin as a Sergeant.


So now, how to get promoted. For the time being, seeing that it's quite peaceful, it is very unlikely that someone will be placed into High Command. As you all see, there are quite a lot of ranks to give people.

-To get promoted, you would need to constantly RP. Yes, RP.

-Then, you could try being helpful around the site. Like saying hellos to new people, helping people with their profiles( like kct, liubei and sieg have often done), answer questions posed by anybody.

-Also, you could join in the discussions at the OOC boards! :D If you don't see any boards that are appealing to you, why not start your own?


It is very possible that some people might get a double promotion from time to time. But most people will just slide from one rank to another. I can't give you a promotion if I don't have anything I can grade you on.


Some people are already at Onogoro's shooting range, those who are not there could head over there too. There are other facilities that you could use for now, that I have put up --> link here!

Sleep in the barracks or eat in the canteen or do whatever you like.


I need content from you guys before you can get a promotion, you wouldn't like to be stuck at being a Private forever right?


edit: yah, changed the ><><>< thing

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Just be active.  This doesn't mean you should go post in every possible thread in existence (i.e. spamming) but just enough to give lynnks a good idea about your RP skills etc.



(And don't forget, rank hath its privleges...higher ranking officers get better tax deductions options. :X )

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And of course, stay off trouble and the radar of the mods and admins, in other words, stay trouble-free, we do not want any sort of 'casualties' from any 'form of bad behaviour'.


Try to maintain a certain presence (even if you cannot be on often), people in an interaction usually got stuck when the other party goes missing.

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