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Orb Union Rules


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Ok, new rules which will apply to everyone here in the Orb Union. I'll let you guys know if there are any new rules, but for now, these rules will take effect from today on and will be subject to change.


Inactivity -


If you do not take the time to log in to Advent Destiny after 14 days from your last login, you will be striked off from Orb's register of soldiers for 14 days more, during which you would be counted as inactive. Other people would then be given the chance to be enlisted into the FREE Forces if enlistment was previously closed due to Orb being too full.

-If you return during the 1st period of 14 days, and would like to return to Orb, you must give a reason for your inactivity, or otherwise, face demotion.

-If you do not return after the 2nd period of 14 days, you will be deleted from the list and have to re-register for Orb again (Subject to a lower rank and the number of spaces we have).


However, the above rule will not apply if you had posted ahead of time, in the Leave Thread, a good reason that will account for your absence.

Maybe you'd feel like going on a study fest for a month before a major exam, that we'd understand, but just let us know k? So that we can have an easier planning time for any events


That's all for now, until I can think of more

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