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Re: Grace's Gallery


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I originally drew this quite awhile ago, then I sent it to one of my good friends and she colored it for me with her photoshop skills (Which I have none of...)

The character's name is Mirray (Pronounced 'Mer-ay')

width=436 height=600http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g201/LacusJP/TakaraShaded.jpg[/img]

The colored version of the second pic in my first post. Colored in PhotoPlus. I'm amazed it turned out this well!!! (I got the hang of the airbrush tool! )

Here's a link to my first AMV! O.O It's about Sakura Haruno from Naruto. (You might recognize the song!  )


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The shirt/jacket reminds me of a motorcycle jacket; almost makes me want to give Kylier a bike, or have her pilot a mobile weapon (skygrasper or cosmograsper would be awesome); but her health problems would make her collapse after about 5 minutes of fighting at best, and I don't think she would enjoy a motorcycle ride <_< (too fast, too loud, and too dangerous; at least mobile weapons have seat belts )

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width=456 height=600http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g201/LacusJP/OCs/CopyofLiniteEstral.gif[/img]

(Smacks Photobucket for screwing up the quality... _<" title="" />)


Wow! Another drawing!! (Looks at the drawings in first post) I really do think I'm improving!!

This is Linite Estral, as you probably already guessed...(Because the last one I drew sucked... )


Anyways, for this one I'd like some feedback from the male population...

How...physically appealing is she?  (For lack of a better word...)


Other than that, any feedback is welcome!

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*glares at Konig*  You know I can transfer her to my squad at any time    j/k


Seriously speaking, I'm quite impressed by this picture, both for how well you drew the EA uniform, and for the character's...'features'...


Also, crazy hairstyles are a must for anime characters, so bonus points for you 

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