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OOC:  I really wasn't sure how to get started out here so I just decided to take a stab at it.  Open to all Soldiers to join if they want.


IC:  Godric would walk through the seemingly empty halls of his new "home" as his eyes wandered around the corridors in an effort to memorized his way around.  He was still slight shock over everything that had happened recently.  He honestly wasn't even quite sure how it had all happened.  He had been released from jail and the first thing he did was he started up his old smuggling trade.  He found a few of his past employers willing to give him jobs.... but the pay was far worse.  He had to build up his reputation again and it would be much harder this time around.  Or at least he had thought.  But opportunity came knocking on his door one night.  He had been out, some seedy bar back home in New York.  He couldn't remember the exact name just that they didn't water down their booze.  You had all types in these bars.  Smugglers, mercs, petty thugs, it was never a surprise to see one or more of these groups around.  They even got in to fights from time to time. 


He didn't know what it was about that day.  Normally he stayed away from those crowds feeling that most of them were just loudmouth wannabes.  And most of them were.  The louder they bragged the more pathetic they were.  Maybe he just felt like the company.  Or maybe he was looking for a way in somewhere in the back of his mind.  Whatever the reason this time Godric took a seat at a table with several mercs from one group or another playing cards.  He recognized one though.  He was a regular back before Godric had been arrested.  Well he was obviously still a regular it would seem.  He belonged to the Soldiers of Fire if he could remember correctly.


The night passed in what seemed to be a blur to him now.  He just recalled the man telling him that he should see about joining if he was looking for work and that if he was worth his salt then he might be made in to an actual member.  That is what led him here.  Off to make a name for himself as a mercenary.  He knew he was good enough.  Down in his gut he knew.  It was all a matter of proving it to the top brass here. 


Eventually he found what he was looking for.  The sleeping quarters that he had been directed too.  It was small, cramped, and plain.  A small smile would touch his lips as he looked it all over setting his few possessions by his cot.


"Looks like home to me."

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OOC: Same here, "nice to be role-playing with you," I guess...?



Nervous Allan thought, It was only natural considering that he was in a world so different than his old one that he had trouble breathing... Or maybe this is just the effect of artificial oxygen?

Either way Allan had trouble adjusting to new places... And, although many people reassured him, the people around here didn't seem too friendly at all... But, he was used to 'Rough nobodies,' as he called them... After all he grew up around them his entire life...


Allan seemed to be deep into thought when he almost collided with two senior officer's, one of which, was carrying a sinister and deadly looking army knife... Although he narrowly avoided those two, he was left with a bigger problem... Where am I?!!


To him, the hallways seemed to stretch on for eternity, like a maze... It was the kind of place that if someone died in the hallways, it would take at least a week for someone to realize. He shivered at the thought of it. He got up and began to walk around again. To him it seemed like hours had passed... He had seen one other person, but the person was carrying a battle-ready machine gun so he decided to duck low for awhile... I guess I'm not cut out for this soldier stuff...


He thought back to why he joined the Soldiers of Fire anyway and recalled the painful experience of 'that' day... He was only 15 then when a mobile weapon when rampant among his town. People screaming... Confusion... Adults abandoned there children, Children abandoned there parents... It seemed funny to him how easily these strong bonds of trust are broken... It was crystal clear to him because he was forced to relive the day everytime he looked at the scar on his clavicle. The only reason his mind endured, and he didn't go insane, like the pilot of that Mobile weapon, was that he also saw the very reason reminded him to live life to the fullest... A necklace with an L- Lucid Astray... He was more of a father to him then his real one...


On 'that' day he made up his mind to help those weaker than him. As he finished pondering, he awoke from his daze to find him standing in a room where a soldier(Godric)- new by the looks of it- was unpacking his stuff. 

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