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Re: Registration thread for Pilot Academy


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Guys, so how do you plan on engaging this problem? Shall we

A) change our posts

B) let the thread go as it is


I prefer to do option B, then we wait 'till everyone is "corralled" by Miss Hitomi Matsumoto and wait to be segregated into our classes.



Another little problem, how about Fuku's character? He just, uhmm, raged into the halls without being able to hear the PA announcement, how do we call him out?



Any other opinions would be very much accepted. Thanks!

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I don't mind either keeping the posts or deleting the OOCs. Frankly though, I have a slight preference over the latter, since it makes the thread look a little less like role playing.


As for Kyle...Hmm...Maybe we can get Hitomi to announce it again, or perhaps to ask one of us to seek him out with a physical description/photo of him?

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Well, I'm fine if everyone just continues with the RP. It'll be good if you could fix your previous posts to say that you have already been registered.


FAITH, the issue is that you people have the impression that you were still in the midst of queuing up for your turn to register and were called out of the lines by the announcement. The announcement was just made by Hitomi to gather her class so she can brief them before she rushes off for an appointment that she has, instead of waiting for the students to go through the standard protocol.


The students are supposed to register and wait for the staff to issue with their student cards and the various relevant documents before they are to gather in their classes. Miss Matsumoto is bypassing those steps.


I hope that clears things up.

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Hmmm, since Valiant has already cleared these up, I think we should all go edit our posts A LITTLE BIT so that we could say that we're already pre-registered, and we all lined up somewhere since we weren't sure where to go that time, so as to smoothen how things are to unfold.


Most likely it ain't a major revision, only a little tweaking here and there.


That's my idea, how about your suggestions guys?

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Adding a few details will be just fine. Put those into the thoughts of our characters and there you have it. If possible, I think we should place a short notification on this thread to inform others that the changes have been made. Inconsistency is one of the worst things to occur in a role play.

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