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Old-hats never go out of style...


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Hello! None of you probely remmber me, but I was one Balthazar from SEED RPG, I kind of had a falling out with the whole gundam series in general after they removed destiny from YOU-TUBE... But now Im back, a bit more experienced as an RPER and with renewed intrest in the series.

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Lol! Yes, that was most likely me... I had your AIM somewhere dident I? Or your MSN? I cant really remmber... Anyway, Since your the first reply, is anyone else I might know on here? I remmber Lilium... Is she here? I also remmber Ryo... SO MANY MEMORIES! *heads off to make his character* Who wants to see troubled little german get plauged by severe contradictions? Hmmmm...?

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