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This is my original Avatar for my account on GSEED RPG, it involves my first character in SEED mode. Of course it was only after I put it up that I found out we didn't get SEED.



This is an Avatar for when my original character stopped being a mercenary and joined ZAFT to protect other Coordinators.


More to find!

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This is a signature based off Orihime Inoue from Bleach for a Bleach Shinigami character.



This is a picture based of Iaco Stark from Star Wars for a friend's Star Wars character



This is a signature of Asagi, my NPC here; she is based off Yuri Sakazaki from the King of Fighters. Her mobile suit can be seen below, it's called the Fury Dagger.



This is a signature I did for Rob, his character was an ace Mobieus Zero pilot. I like how this one turned out but he changed character after that rather quickly.



This is a signature using Naomi Watts as a stock for a character in Star Wars.



This was my first signature using fracturals, it was a little plain but I really like how it came out.



This is a signiture of Jaina when she's in ZAFT using a Zaku



Same as above, just a variant



This is the current signature I'm using; it's subject is Ruri from Nadeisco.



This is where the name Kyra Relm came from; it was originally my Star Wars character who was based off Naomi Watts. This character was an ex-jedi padawan who had turned to spice dealing.



This is a signiture of my beloved Liberty Gundam, this is the first stage of its evolution in the flesh of a banner.



Rob asked me to make a signature for him to use at work and here it is.

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This is a ZAKU MK III from one of the older Gundam series, it has been customized for Asagi but this was just a side project for fun to sharpen my skills.



One of my favourite designs, while it appears grainy and such it is one of the hardest to make. It is the third version of a GuAIZ and is called the GuAIZ L; it was created after the Liberty Gundam MK III was created and uses some of the base technologies such as venting the radiation heat to create after shadows; this Gundam F91 here.



This is Asagi's primary mobile suit back on GSEED RPG, here on AD she uses a standard mobile suit; but this mobile suit was more of a Gundam Fighter, it had a standard cockpit like in SEED but it had energy emitters on its palms which could create shields, energy balls and other things; making it extremely versatile. It was a joke mobile suit which was still quite nice.



This is the Berah mobile suit made for the Kingdom of Scandinavia on GSEED RPG; it didn't get much use. It actually got no use. It is basically an Astray for use in Space and on Earth.



This is the Strike MK II I design; it actually is more Nu Gundam more than anything else. Though it still retained the backpack technology from the original. This was supposed to be a tribute to Gundam MK II from Zeta.



This is the Third Variant of the Liberty Gundam; while it had a more purple coloration it was definately the most dangerous of the trio. It sported a mirage coloroid dispenser in its wings; giving the ability to produce Wings of Light. It had the standard weaponry of the Liberty series except for one factor; the beam rifles were of VSBR type, allowing it to alter power and speed. It was the basis for the GuAIZ L mobile suit and shares some of its technology with it.



This is the second version of the Liberty Gundam, it was made when Jaina defected to ZAFT and it had the ability to transform into a mobile armor. Other than that it is basically the same as the original Liberty Gundam.

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This is a M4A1 assault rifle I designed for Kyra, just for kicks of course. It sports a M203 Grenade Launcher below its chamber and has a red-dot attachment. This is actually the advanced coloration of its design. This was an experiment to make it look glowy and shiny at once. There's a standard version of what it looks like somewhere on my DeviantArt; feel free to PM me for the link to it.



This is a picture based off Rukia from Bleach for my character Ruri in a Bleach RPG; I used the Rukia picture as reference so this is basically a practice drawing and CG.



This picture has no real references save for some pictures of Shinigami and is the same character as above; this is still practice for my drawing and CG.

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