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Rest and Relaxation?


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Sandrilene enjoyed riding her Vespa with the wind in her hair and flowing behind her as she travelled down the road to her cottage by the beach.


Of course, the beach, the wind, everything is man made, nothing is ever real in space is it? However, Sandrilene could not just go down to Earth and actually enjoy this, in fact, soon she can't even just ride her Vespa.


It's not that Sandrilene could not afford to, her family can be considered rich, after all the years of research work and efforts, they family have gained some fame among the scientific circle and a considerable amount of wealth. But after Friday, the ZAFT Annual Dinner and Dance, it's unlikely that there will be anyone left in ZAFT that don't know about her. Soon, all of PLANTs would know about her. And thus, she would have to watch her behavior, she would have to be "Chairwoman-like".


Recently, Sandrilene tend to wonder - if Jason was still around, what would her life be like. She would give up everything she have now and be a housewife if Jason was still around. But he's not. Sandrilene begin to questioned herself too - was there a need for her to get into the PLANTs Supreme Council to make a difference? Surely she could join some groups lobbying for peace or something. But the answer was yes, yes, yes, yes and yes everytime. Now that she's in the top position, she truly has the power to make a difference. But does she? Or is she just a puppet like what the critics make her out to be?


There are various reasons why Sandrilene kept delaying her debut, one of the reasons is because she needed more time to think her strategy out. Of course, she nearly had to make an appearance at Orb, which would definitely result in a field day for the press, not to mention the grilling she would have to face at the council meetings for going to Orb secretly, but luckily, the parade was cancelled at the last minute. Still, it was rather rude for Sandrilene to leave without saying anything to Ms. Schneider, she was expecting her still. Nevertheless, she will try to talk to her at the Dinner and Dance. Hopefully she's not one to bear grudges.


Time always seem to go too fast when Sandrilene's on her Vespa. As usual, Heidi and Haylie were waiting her, with Heidi frowning slightly. Sandrilene gave a small grin and waited for Heidi to reprimand her, as she always did.


"Miss Apfelsine, how many times must I tell you, it's dangerous to go riding alone! You would make an extremely good target for a shooter!"


Sandrilene grinned and said, "Heidi darling, how many times must I tell you, please call me Sandry? And yes, I know, that's why I wore a bulletproof vest." Sandrilene pulled up her yellow pastel blouse to reveal a bulletproof vest which was tucked into her jeans.


"But Ms Apfel-"Sandrilene raised an eyebrow and so Heidi quickly said, "Sandry, they could have aimed for your legs! Or your head! You weren't even wearing a helmet! What if you fell off from your scooter?" Heidi was clearly worried.


Sandrilene felt a little guilty when she saw the worried look on her face. "Sorry Heidi, I promise I won't do it again. Then again, if someone really wanted to kill me, they would find some way to, no matter what." Sandrilene smiled, and headed to the garage to fetch a pail, soap and cloth. It was time to clean her Vespa, there were some spots of dirt after the ride and she shall have to polish it when she's done cleaning.


Heidi just gave a sigh and motioned to her sister to follow her back into the house and leave Sandrilene alone. Soon, time alone would be a commodity she could no longer afford to have.

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