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Pilot Academy info thread


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Okay, its the moment we've all been waiting for, the pilot academy is OPEN *insert celebratory fireworks display here*


Now, before we all go pushing and shoving to get in first, I'll have you know that (as the admins have decreed it) we will only be allowing X number of members in per faction at a time, where X is some constant variable that will change as demand dictates.


For the first batch of members, I have decided that Ezekiel, Roromi, and Fuku with Nodachi will be attending.  When more member slots open up, I will announce who will get to enter the academy.  This will also be a spot for us to converse about the academy in general, should you have any questions that you think should be kept to the EA alone; general questions should be asked in the help section, so that all may benefit from them.


For the three who I have mentioned, Valiant has set up the introduction post to the academy, so feel free to make an intro post once you feel you're ready.  Note that the academy is a sub universe per say, so our characters have no relationship to each other in the outside world. So even if you meet someone you've met before, you'll have no relationship with them unless it was a predetermined one from your character profiles (example: Lune Zoldark would know Kyra and Bian, as they are family, but would not know Ezekiel or Kyle, as they are only team members of Schatten Dolch, which is outside of the academy, and thus OOC knowledge).


Registration for the 1st class; there's the topic for the academy, and everyone should peek into it from time to time, if only to get a few pointers

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Important Update!


Due to Ezekiel's current absence, the EA is in need of an additional member to participate in the pilot academy.  As such, Konigstiger will be our newest Pilot academy recruit.  Please join the academy RP ASAP 

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Another Important Update!


Due to Konigstiger's current internet connection (or close to lack thereof), he has declined the offer to join the academy; here's hoping he can get it fixed soon enough (otherwise who am I gunna shoot at the paintball game ).


As such we are still in need of a new academy recruit, and I would like to see some of our higher ups get a chance, so GraceJP, you're up.  Please join in the academy whenever possible, and PM me if you know something will come up to stall your online time.

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