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Onogoro Indoor Shooting Range


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"For practice in an enclosed area. Anyone from the rank of Private will be able to use this shooting range. The distance of the target from the person can be adjusted by the controls at each booth. The various settings available are based on the soldier's skill in shooting. Every soldier will have to manually clip on a paper target for the start of every session."





[OOC: From 'Orb Foundation Week: The Parade']


After observing the air traffic for a few more minutes, Demetrius then left the control tower and decided to head to the shooting range.  He made a quick stop over at his quarters to pick up a duffel bag and then made his way over to the facility.  At this time of day, the shooting range was devoid of any personnel so he had the place to himself.  He walked down until he found a suitable alcove and then placed the duffel on the counter.  He then carefully pulled out his service pistol and assault rifle, along with several boxes of ammunition.  A quick press of a button on the side brought the target clip right up in front of him.  He then pulled out a paper target from below the counter and set it on the clip and then pressed the control so that the target zipped along the line out to 30 meters.


Then he carefully inspected his pistol, making sure there weren't any particular issues before actually firing the weapon.  He meticulously loaded the magazine with rounds from one of the boxes before sliding the magazine into the pistol.  Then he put on a pair of shooting glasses and ear muffs as he pulled back on the slide and cocked the pistol.  He then eyed the target, which was a black human silouette, before carefully holding the pistol in a two-handed, isoceles stance. 


In slow succession, Demetrius let off one round after another as he put rounds within the inner circle of both the torso and the head.  After firing the last cartridge and replacing the target, he set it once again at 30 meters.  But this time, after assuming his stance and hold, he rapidly fired the pistol, causing a cluster of holes to show up around the two inner circles of the target's 'head.'  He then looked around as he wondered if any other off-duty personnel may show up...

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