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Re: Greetings!


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Hey all! Just thought I'd stop in here first and say hi and all that. I'll admit I am completely lost as to where to even start around here, as a graphic and web designer myself, I am immensely impressed with all the hard work you put into making a good solid RPG site.


Anyway, I somehow hope to find my way around and shall be running in to a few of you soon. Until then, ciao!


PS. Although I've overcome my Dyslexia when it comes to reading and spelling, I still tend to make a few hickups, as well as this one consent habit of unknowingly missing a letter off words sometimes or accidentally writing 'an' as 'and'. So please forgive me ahead of time if you encounter any of these. LOL ;

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Thanks guys.

I am quite confused as to what to do around here. I'm no stranger to RP's, although it's been a few years, but I a bit lost even after reading the guides. I'm mostly lost on factions and MS. I've found that one or two Factions are closed for some reason, and that you need to attend training for MS, but training isn't ready yet. As you can imagine, it's left me very em... again, lost! LOL


If you guys could just help me out a little and get me on my feet, it would be great.


[returns to building his Freedom Gundam Model]

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Currently no factions should be closed at least not to my knowledge (I keep the faction counts up to date)


As for the training yeah you're right; you don't get an MS in a faction until you attend training which isnt done. But until then there's some 'social' rp to do.


Other loopholes around that is to do MS stuff in the Coliseum or in 'simulators' or 'arcade games'

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