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Re: Twilight Sea Bar *aka Pub, Tavern ect.


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[align=center]In front of a bar in downtown Aprilus One, the parking lot is filled with a majority of Zaft military jeeps, and private elecars.  Outside several uniformed officer are having fun talking with civilians, and fellow soldiers. A jeep pulls up to the curbside, Delfina sat in the passenger seat while several others sat behind her. They were members of the Siegfried’s crew, and undoubtedly her responsibility on this outing. It had been a long time since Delfina had a drink; her nerves were already on edge from the mountain of paperwork she had to finish during another training mission.


Delfina stepped out of the jeep, and walked causally while the younger crewmen ran past her into the bar. The establishment was a simple bar called the “Twilight Sea” a set of lights that outlined the name, while some soldiers turned to salute Delfina. She held up her hand casually, and pulled off her hat. Her hair was tucked into a small bun; her hair was slightly frizzy from wearing the cap for a majority of the day. “At ease, we’re all off duty aren’t we?” The soldiers let out a laugh and raised the bottles into the air.


After entering the bar, loud music was playing over the speakers along with the voices of a duo singing at the karaoke machine set up in the center. A few people eagerly watch the couple sing, while some chat with their friends. Delfina looked around, spotting some of her crew through the majority of senior officers. She felt slightly out of place wearing a white uniform. The other commanders in the room were all men in their early 20s to late 40s. Delfina let out a sigh, and approached the bar. She sat down on the tall bar stool and rested her elbows on the counter top.


The bartender handed a beer over to a soldier, and leaned over starting at Delfina. “So, what can I get for you little lady?” he spoke in a slight country accent. Delfina let out a smile, only because she found the cowboy accent comical. The bartender stepped back, and laughed in unison with the young commander. “Did I say something funny, or are you having a good time?”


Delfina shook her head, and bowed it slightly. “I’m sorry, I just got here, and it looks pretty busy!” She had to shout, the overall tone from the bar was louder then normal. It was karaoke night, and as usual people would come to sing regardless of how good their voices were. Before the bartender could respond, Delfina placed her hand down. “I’ll have a bottle of….” Her eyes moved along the wall, and she spoke the name for a light alcoholic beverage that everyone appeared to be drinking.


“Coming right up!” The bartender let out a smile, and reached behind the counter top. He pulled out a bottle that was sweating cold. Water dripped down the bottle showing that it was freshly pulled from the nearby ice chest. He popped the top off and handed it over to Delfina. Delfina grabbed the bottle and took a swig. She lowered the bottle, and let out a relieved sigh. She turned around in the stool, and leaned against the counter top. [/align]

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OOC: Thanks




The morning was like any other, socks, briefs, t-shirt, and messed up covers.  Scratching his head and letting out some yawns James made his way out of bed.  When his feet hit the floor he new it was time  to get some breakfast or check the mail.  Climbing down the carpeted stairs, James walked past his kitchen and toward the door.  Looking into the mirror by the door, James looked like a wreck. 


The door opened and the light burned his eyes.  Slowly he made his way down the ten foot walkway of his small house.  Outside his neighbor could be seen working in her small garden.  Letting a little wave James continued to his mailbox.  Letting out a little smirk, James thought of what was going through his neighbor's head.  A young and handsome man walking outside wearing almost nothing.  The smirk disappeared when he pulled out his ZAFT Army acceptance letter.  That was even before the long ride to Aprilus City. 


"Hey, Zaku, get your head out of the clouds."  James's new companion said to him as he elbowed him in the side.  Realizing the white uniformed officer walk by, James jumped up into attention. 


At ease, we're all off duty aren't we?” The officer said to the boys as she passed by the new soldiers.


Slouching back down to leaning on the pub's window, James listened to the "Boys" speak.  Destroying gundams, seeing the stars, and looting was the topic for the night.  They were very excited for there upcoming adventures.  These were all things James thought of when he signed his name at the bottom of the ZAFT contract.  But the only thing on his mind now was his bike and messed up covers.


Getting up and adprobutly leaving, James made his way inside.  The bar was very loud.  He squinted his eyes as a group of girls began to sing on stage, if thats what you wanted to call it, singing. 


Squeezing and pushing his way through the crowd James made it to the bar.  Leaning on the bar he looked up and down.  There were random people sitting every now and then.  But what caught his eye was the rather young woman in the white uniform. 

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OOC: I'm itching for some Rping *collapses*


Lifting his glass, with the coaster stuck onto the wet bottom, Asahi had it with the coaster. He duly snatched it off the bottom and flung it like a frisbee, over the heads of those standing. Judgement impaired, he let out a hoarse laugh as one of the soldiers sitting at the table said he shot down the legendary Freedom during the First Bloody Valentine War.


Asahi definitely did not plan for his day to end like this. It had begun as a simple trip with the majority of his flight squad. As the day grew older, the males suggested activities which the females did not wish to partake in. From then on, the boys were on their own, with the last stop of the day at the "Twilight Sea bar", where, Asahi heard, that the best and most war stories, drinks and activity was. The crowd was not as big around an hour ago, but since sundown, the activity poured in. Now, Asahi had lost his friends in the bustle of the bar, and he had taken a seat at a table where the stories poured out. It was hard to tell, Asahi was in a sense semi-drunk, his glasses skewed and balance distorted. Even then, his appearance was quite off putting, Red uniform unbuttoned halfway down his chest, collar turned up and both sleeves rolled up. Definitely not a good look for a ZAFT pilot.


He retorted to the pilot who said he shot down the Freedom: "You wish! Freedom would have shot you down even before you were born!" His comment was drowned out by the others sitting at and around the table, comments of disbelief, outrage and just plain insults. Asahi pushed his glasses up, and downed the last of his drink. The bittersweet liquid went fast. He wiped his lips on the back of his hand, the alcohol taste lingered in his mouth.

"Argh, I'ma getting another drink..." he got up slowly. No one really paid attention to him however. Pushing his way though the crowd, he shouted "YO! ASSES OUTTA THA WAY!!! HAA HAHAHA!". Even if he shouted, it was hard to hear, if one was to approximate, the music combined with the voices of people made it hard to actually hear yourself talk. Eventually, Asahi got his drunken ass over to the bar, and he made an effort to make himself presentable. The bartender didn't serve those who were already drunk. Asahi thought to himself however, he was only semi-drunk. Buttons up and sleeves down, he shouted a "Yo YO YO!" to the bartender, who was busy serving a young female commander. Asahi doubled back in thought

"Wait, What? Commander? What the f***?! There's only one person who's a commander, female (and if I can remember correctly) hot!" he flashed a very cheesy grin.

The bartender came over to Asahi. "Yo sorry bout that. Wasn't being rude to ya on purpose" he grinned "So slap me that one, with the orange one" he pointed to two bottles.

"Yeah yeah. A bit young for alcohol don't you think?" the bartender questioned.

"Dude! I was here like five minutes ago! Don't remember me?" Asahi replied honestly. For a twenty two year old however, he did drink like crazy. Whilst the bartender mixed his drink, Asahi made his approach to the commander and said in a silly, high pitched voice "O miss Schnider!" He saddled up next to her. "Yo ma'am! Long time no see. No recall of me?" he smiled, his glasses once again, comically skewed.

It had been around four months since his re-entry into ZAFT. He remembered clearly that the interview process was taken care of Delfina Schnider at the time.

Hopefully she'd remember him. Then again, there were hundreds of new entrants into ZAFT every week, and the chances she would recall him were second to none. Asahi however, didn't care, he was there to have a good time.

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[align=center]Delfina let out a smile, as her lips touch the chilled bottle in her hands. She took a quick swig, and lowered her bottle staring the the Red suited soldier. It was obvious that he was a little drunk. His body language and wording was a clear give away. Although He had a recollection of Delfina, she by far couldn't remember who this soldier was. Her eyes focused on his face, and tried to remember. All the strategies and tactics of Naval Combat blocked her concentration.


It was then when Delfina decided to give up, and ask for his name. Her smile changed quickly to a grin, and presses her back to the counter-top. "I'm sorry, you know my name, but I seem to have forgotten. I might have forgotten it, so please forgive me." She holds her hand back, and yells over to the bartender. Excuse me, please put this guy's drink on my tab. The bartender returned a nod to Delfina, while She turns back to Asahi. "I'll pay for your drink, in exchange for your name."[/align]

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Bars, Malcolm considered, are simply the best places to dissappear and watch others. As long as you don't stare too much and end in a fight with a drunk soldier of course... The ZAFT soldier had been sitting in the same seat for just over half an hour, nursing a single glass of cold water though he had payed the bartender for several beers and asked him to take this into consideration before trying - and boy did he put emphasis on that word - to kick him out.


Quite simply, Mal wanted to watch and study those that entered the bar and their actions. Although he had been a student of the computer 'arts', and an engineer, he enjoyed psychology and found this one of the most diverse places to be. For example, there was a drunken ZAFT soldier - that much was easy to tell by the way he held himself - conversing with the Deputy Commander of the entire military... hoping that things didn't go badly, for careers could be ended in the blink of an eye, the Coordinator lifted his glass of ice cold water and drained half of it in several slow gulps.


Setting the glass back upon the surface of the bar, Mal rested his elbow upon the same counter and his chin upon his open hand. He made no real move to hide himself, the blue hair pulled back into a ponytail that stuck out almost horizontally from his head and the barcode tattoo underneath his eye were pretty big differences, but that didn't mean he was payed any attention. He hoped. Malcolm Fain, Flight Officer and general pain in the ass, didn't much feel like getting caught up in a game of drinking and arm wrestling.

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"I'll pay for your drink, in exchange for your name."

Asahi pushed with one finger, his glasses straight. He made a sound that could only be closely described as a giggle, comically indeed. He waved his hand and replied

"Nah nah, it s'ok. What kinda commander does that?! seriously! Don't wanna look like a softie in fronta your men do ya? Or is that what you're really like eh. Nah just kidding!"

He dismissed his claim by waving his hand and slapped a note on the counter, the bartender promptly took it and handed over his Green & Orange.

"To answer your question Miss. Asahi Okina! Flight Officer of the beautiful-" he grabbed the glass of alcohol "Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty!" he then took a sip from his drink.

"Wasn't that hard now was it ma'am? Don't need to treat your underlings to get their names Ms Schnider" He ended with a wide grin.

He was just savouring the flavour of the drink before he noticed something electric blue behind Delfina.

"Now if I remember correctly again, bluey over there is...um...Fain?"

"'Scuse me Ms. The electric blue dude behind you. Thats Malcom Fain riiight?" He thought about it more.


"Hold on, I'm a gunna get him" He held his drink in the air and pushed through the crowd once again. Asahi squeezed in close to him, taking another sip from his glass and said

"Ok ok, Malcom, I'mma test you're memory. Who is the drunk fool talking to you right now?" He laughed dryly at himself, hoping that Mal would recall. He then wanted to get him over to Ms Schnider and see if she remember him.

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Of all things to happen...


A very disgruntled Flight Officer stood, looking at the word describing the status of his flight back to Martius.


He stared dispassionately at the 'DELAYED' status highlighted in block letters and turned away with well-concealed disgust. 'Galling' would be the only thing 19 year-old Landis Exel Zenastan could think of to describe his situation, right after his direct superior had contacted him and passed instructions on moving back to Martius on a civilian craft, no doubt a petty attempt to conceal what little failing he had in choosing him to go on this dispatch-one that might have possibly ended in failure had he not 'accidentally' let slip of who his stepfather was.


"What can go wrong will go wrong"... Apparently the delay had something to do with 'technical problems', and the answer provided by the receptionist sank him. Though it did not seem all that terrible to spend at least a day in Aprilius One, Landis missed the familiarity of his hometown PLANT. What little friends he had were there, and there was hardly a soul he knew here.


I guess nothing can be done here, anyway. Might as well take a little tour around this place...God knows when I'll be back here on the whim of that old coot again.




It wasn't hard to find a car rental shop-The only delay being the fact that the shopowner was somewhat dubious about his age until he showed him his identification. The ZAFT insignia on it closed the trap that threatened to open again about 'defiant and shrewd youngsters' and Landis grinned when he took the wheel. He had to admit begrudgingly that being more well-off than some gave him some advantages. The car had a built in directory, and it was sufficient for him to drive around town, perhaps even stopping at the hot spots downtown.


Just a drive-through, and maybe book into one of those casual hotels. I need a place to sleep, after all. The sleek navy blue model glided along the highway like a dream on a high. If anything, Landis certainly did not feel like wasting time on driving cautiously. Besides, he had always loved a little bit of danger whenever he was doing something. It posed as a challenge.


It wasn't long before he reached his desired destination. Although Landis cared little for names, he was still impressed about the hustle and bustle of the area. People populated the streets, dressed and dolled up in the case of young women. One or two did catch his eye, but Landis knew better than to dally. It won't fit his image either, not even when he was decked out in his usual black jacket worn over a white printed shirt and light brown pants.


It was at this point where he began scrolling though the buildings along the avenues when he stopped at a particular one-A Twilight Sea Bar. There were an unusual number of ZAFT vehicles parked out in it's parking lot, and that alone piqued his interest.


What's with this? Favorite haunt? Some important personnel needing protection of a dozen or more trained soldiers? He eased the car into a precious empty spot and got out. I'll just check it out.


Easing through several groups of what seemed like party-goers, Landis pushed open the glass door and stepped through.


Well...This certainly isn't what I expected. The bar was loud, unlike the one he had visited before back at Martius. The music-though it was more of the singing-could only fall into his category of 'diligent singing' and there was at least one recognizable military insignia in every direction he turned to.


Throwing a fleeting smile back at a woman who had been staring at him in a way that suggested more than just curiosity at the unrecognizable newcomer, he slipped casually into the crowd and made his way to the bar counter, taking only a moment to decide.


"I'll have one of those tropical cocktails."


"You sure the law's all right with you waltzing in like this?" The bartender raised an eyebrow. Landis retaliated with a lazy grin and withdrew his hands from the pocket of his pants, revealing his identification card once again. The older man took a long look, chuckled and delivered his order without a trance of hesitation.




"Sorry about the doubt, son. You just look a little green to be in here."


Landis grinned, feeling the tension and frustration drain from his body as he took a sip. Tangy. "No worries. I get that a lot of times."


The bartender smiled and went back to his business, while Landis scrutinised the place. Favorite haunt it is.... Though some might have shamed themselves under the influence of alcohol, it did seem like a nice place to loosen up.


Satisfied, he turned and look towards the counter and almost choked on his beverage. The white uniform was utterly obvious, but what really surprised him was the one wearing it.


Delfina Schneider.


Of all places... He scanned the rest of the people. That would be....Flight Officer Fain, if my memory serves me well. Can't remember seeing his friend, though.No matter...Just as long as none of them notice or recognize me, I'll be out in a jiffy.


With that, he continued drinking, wondering what to do next.

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A high pitched revving sound could be heard in the distance getting closer and closer as a speeding light got brighter and brighter in the distance, without any warning a white flash flew by the crowd standing and talking by a red light some distance from the Twilight Sea Bar, with a roaring sound bouncing of the building walls a white and black Yamaha R1 carrying Christoph flew trough the streets of Aprilus City leaving a path of dust and twirling leafs behind it.


Christoph wore his matching motorcycle suit, white and black in a stylish pattern matching his bike as well as his mirror visor white helmet, he ripped trough the air as he clenched tightly against the motorcycle behind the small windshield of the Yamaha. He had a lot of experience driving this motorcycle model making it look easy for the bystanders.


The air rumbled Christoph´s helmet making a roaring sound inside the helmet, he had heard that sound so often that he didn’t mind it anymore, and in fact he had kind of started to love it.


Outside the Twilight Sea Bar the crowd had grown even larger with a lot of ZAFT personnel and civilians mixed in a big colorful crowd. He noticed the several parked ZAFT jeeps as he roared past in well then more twice the allowed speed limit.


The Yamaha made a fast turn further down the street and started heading back towards the bar in high-speed with the classic revving sound of a motorcycle rumbling trough the air. Christoph rolled up in front of the bar, the bars exterior lights streamed over the well kept Yamaha making it sparkle in a soft glow, the exterior of the bar reflected in Christophs visor as he slowly came to a stop outside the bar.


Christoph got of the bike and took of his white and black gloves and put them on the bikes fuel tank, this made it easier to un-strap his helmet, he pulled the helmet of leaving his hair in a mess, well worth it he though. He ran his right hand trough the hair styling it a bit to make sure he looked well groomed. He hanged his helmet on the motorcycle and leaned back, half sitting on the motorcycle-saddle studying the surrounding crowd.


Some of the younger ZAFT personnel and civilians stepped closer and started to admire the motorcycle that Christoph leaned against, softly glowing underneath the bar lights it sure was an impressive sight.


Sure is a popular bar I have to say, I wonder if the interior is as sloppy as the outside.


Christoph studied the drunk and joyful crowd of ZAFT soldiers with un-tucked shirts and sloppy kept boots. What a disgrace, they could at least change to their civilian clothes when they embarrass themselves. Christoph was known for his stiffness and strict military style, few knew his fun side as he always treated everyone with respect even if they didn’t deserve it. 

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[align=center]Delfina looked around the room, she had started to feel hotter then usual. Her cheeks were starting to redden, and almost everything started to become less noisy. Her lips touch the bottle again, while she downs the last amount of alcohol inside. She lets out a relieved sigh, and looks at the karaoke machine.


It was open for the moment, Delfina stepped onto the hard wood floor, and walked over to the karaoke machine. She paused halfway to the machine, and took in a deep breath. A few people immediately turned over to Delfina, under the bright lighting above the karaoke machine she shined with an unknown elegance. But to her, the light was making her hotter, and namely uncomfortable.


The small droplets of sweat on her forehead gave off a natural glistening effect to her. "Why is it so hot over here... Delfina reached her hand out, and grabbed the microphone. Her eyes stared at the library of music, and checked it. She moves her finger over her lips deciding which one to choose.


After browsing the list, Delfina came across a rather amusing song from a popular television series. The speakers came to a standstill, and the music started to play. The song, was the infamous "Hare Hare Yukai" form Haruhi No Yuutsu. Delfina tapped her foot, and entered the beginning pose. Her eyes shot  open, and she started to sing. Her voice, and dance steps were quite true to the show. A few of the soldiers ignore the white uniform and whistle from their seats. A few of the younger female soldiers cheer Delfina on. A single one laughs beside the counter. Her back leaning firmly against one of the posts. "Wow, she's pretty good,  it almost makes me Jealous!"[/align]


OOC: I'm undergoing some Haruhi Fever atm, I couldn't resist doing it. If you don't know what the song is, just copy and paste the song name into youtube.

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Hearing the singing over the karaoke machine let James relax a bit.  The singing was far better then the other drunken slobs, or yougn females who thought they could sing.


Turning back to the bartender, James asked for another round.  The bartender had already gave him three, but he still looked at James funny.


"You sure your 21?" He asked with a sly look on his face.  Grabing the beer James took a sip then looked into the bartender's eyes.


"You have already given me three.  Why bother ask me now?


James was angry, but this was a simple misunderstanding.  Theses last two weeks were hard and James just got angry for no apparent reason.  He was getting cold feet on the whole "Great ZAFT idea" he had. 

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Groaning under his breath as Flight Officer Asashi Okina headed towards him, obviously more than a little drunk - which, as far as the water drinking Mal thought, should not be allowed in a high(ish) ranking member of the ZAFT military - and pushing his way through the shield of people he had been 'hiding' behind, Mal lifted his head from his chin and adopted a straight backed almost at attention pose that he did not need to use for a soldier of the same rank as himself but, some part of him that declared he should respect the drunk appearing soldier, felt more comfortable doing.


"Of course, Flight Officer Asashi Okina, I have close to eidetic memory. It is good to see you, though perhaps maybe our next meeting will be in a place more reputable." Although he spoke to Asashi, his full attention was on no one thing at any time. His eyes continuously searched the room, looking for familiar faces in the hopes that he could then avoid them better than he had avoided Asashi. So far he had managed to spot Christoph and Landis. Lifting the glass once more to his lips, not sure what to say to Asashi at this current moment in time, Mal paused halfway as a beautiful voice filled his ears.


Turning his head slowly, absentmindedly noticing the absence of Delfina from her previous seat, Mal searched the room for the source of the music and stopped with his eyes upon the form of one of the highest ranking officials in the ZAFT military. Dancing. Singing. Doing both very well... clapping as she finished, Mal stood slowly and nodded his approval to the woman who could send him into the furthest reaches of space with nothing but a slinky if she so wished it. "Nice show, ma'am."

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OOC: Its actually fun being a drunken idiot btw Mal, its Asahi, not Asashi O.o no hard feelings though


IC: Asahi laughed as Mal replied cooly and calmly to him.

"Shit man, same as you were before eh? Dude, reputable or not, I need to let my hair down to y'know. And besides, you don't need to think i'm like Ms Straight Schnider over there" he pointed over where she was sitting- to notice she wasn't there anymore.

"Yo, what the fa? Hey, whatcha looking at?" Asahi noticed Mal was scanning the room, most likely ignoring and ashamed of Asahi's semi-drunkeness.

"Oh, I see. Now whadda we got? Christ, it's Christoph. Dude, he's the stiffest mofo there is in ZAFT (huh, although Katsuki makes him look like an angel). And then there's James Zaiku, I think." He followed Malcom's gaze, as he noticed several other familiar faces. Asahi also noticed another young man with obsidian hair on the other end of the bar counter. His name was on the tip of Asahi's tongue as he mentally struggled to pull his name from his memory.

His train of thought was interrupted as he heard someone singing, which was considerably different from the previous voices. He twirled around to see Delfina had taken to the stage as she belted out a song Asahi had never particularly heard before.

"Oh snaps, didn't think I'd live to see her sing something." Asahi partly said to himself and partly to Mal, although Asahi was unsure of whether or not he was listening in the first place. He was also quite indifferent to the quality of voice from Delfina, Asahi himself could not tell well the difference of a good voice and a bad voice. He downed his drink quickly. Asahi was jittery around Malcom; it wasn't fun to have no one to talk to. Or even someone ignoring you.

"Alright dude, I'm outta here. See ya later." Asahi said, as he began to slap Mal on the back. He stopped, and retracted his hand quickly with a grimace on his face. He then squeezed back into the crowd, proceeding nowhere in particular.

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"She's either crazy or drunk." Landis muttered to himself. "Hit me."


The bartender presented him with a wine glass half-filled with a twenty year-old red Sauvignon. It was all he could afford and though it would probably drive the old bastard crazy if he had found out about his own stepson getting so dunk that he was unable to differentiate apples from oranges, Landis thought better of it, instead contented with trying to watch the deputy commander trying to liven up the place.


Hare Hare Yukai, huh? Have to admit she's pretty good. He couldn't resist giving one clap, but it was all he was going to give. Turning back, he concentrated on the reddish liquid swirling about in his glass and slowly sipped it.

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Christoph unbuttoned the top buttons of the motorcycle suit to let some air in, reviling part of the crimson red ZAFT uniform beneath, spotless and well kept as all of his clothes including his motorcycle suit.


He stood up beside the Yamaha, the suit making a leathery sound as he turned the key and pulled it out from the ignition with a metallic sound. Two younger admirers that had been asking him several questions about the motorcycle before stood so close to him that they could smell the classic scent of leather flowing trough their nostrils.


Christoph gave them a serious look with his brown silky hair streaming down his fair face, with a sparkle in his eyes he smiled, “I take it she’s in safe hands here with you?”

The two men in their black suits lit up and smiled as they looked at Christoph.

“Of course sir, we will guard her as our first born” He nodded and gave them another serious look that could not be mistaken, look but don’t touch.


Christoph walked in to the bar, the music was loud and the atmosphere was intensely joyful, you could almost cut trough it with a knife. He looked a bit out of place with his black and white motorcycle suit when he made his way trough the dancing and talking crowd of people, as usual he could pass with quite ease as his rather big build made people step out of his way.

“Excuse me, passing trough” he scanned the room as he headed for the bar to get a glass of water as his eyes froze on a rather drunk flight officer, a redcoat to be exact. It seems like they let anyone wear a redcoat these days. Christoph shook his head, then he noticed a familiar face within the crowd, Flight Officer, Malcolm Fain, he made a quick strict by the book salute as a sign of respect towards Fain as he continued his way to the bar.


Christoph finally arrived at the counter after some struggle with a rather large civilian blocking his way, nothing he couldn’t handle tough, with a firm and distinct grip on the mans shoulder and a ice cold stare with his icy blue eyes hade made the man back out of his path.


“A glass of water, please.” The bartender had a busy shift and paid him little attention as a glass of water didn’t need a lot of preparation, in whiff a cold refreshing glass of water dripping of condense had made its way into his hand. Christoph leaned against the counter and gulped down the cold water that could be felt streaming down all the way to his stomach.


Some of the girls nearby giggled and gave him some flirty smiles when they saw that he was drinking a glass of water instead of some alcoholic beverage, he gave them a soft smile with his shiny near to perfection teeth and raised his glass with some effort as the motorcycle suit limited his movement a bit.

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James's vision was starting to get a little blurry, that was the sign to go home.  Letting out a yawn, he paid the bartender and began to make his way to the door.  Getting one last look at the ZAFT soldiers he began to squeeze in between the people.


Outside the air was a little chilly.  Taking in a deep breathe he stretched and hoped up and down twice.  OK, lets go James.  You can make it home in one piece.


Walking was not hard which implied he wasn't that drunk.  Opening the door to the ZAFT Jeep, he started the engine and pulled out of the Twilight Sea Bar. 


Getting home was easy, and when he got home James prepared for a long sleep.

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