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Arrival on Base

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[move]OOC: This is gonna be an RP thread for me to RP any non-combat, day-to-day Character RP-type stuff. Any Eurasian Federation pilots who want to post in this thread can PM me.[/move]



Crewman 2nd class Alexandre Loussier, newly enlisted in the armed forces of the Eurasian Federation, arrived at the base to which he was assigned for the very first day.

The first thing Alex noticed as that, despite the large variety and numbers of aircraft on the base, there was, as of yet, not a single Mobile Suit.

"Hmm...no mobile suits? Guess that means they only need fighter pilots. Oh well, I guess it's a start."


The formalities over with and his stuff dropped off in his barracks(all bags securely locked), Alex set out exploring the small, coastal outpost.

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