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Animaritimes photos 2k7


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So, my recent absence (no more then 2-3 days, so not a huge inconvenience) was due to my trip to Maritime Canada's only anime convention, Animaritimes, made possible by the people of Mount Saint Allison's university, and the Ramada Plaza at Moncton NB.  Of course, comic hilarity and the like ensued, so here are the pics from that eventful couple of days. (in hyperlink form to prevent image flooding)



A pair of Art vendors, dressed up as Zelda and Link, I was jealous of that sword



Gaara of the Sand, aka Mr.Peanut, with Vincent and a white Rude in the background



Vincent Valentine and Squall Leonhart, the Lazer tag kings of Animaritimes



Sango and Miroku, from Inu Yasha, hanging out in the vendors room



One of my buddies from Animaritimes, cosplaying as Vash the Stampede



Me, attacking my friend Craig at the hotel room



Me, minus my glasses, with my hastily done Emiya Shirou cosplay



Yet another pic of my Shirou cosplay, I'm thinking if I can save up enough, I'll go the whole nine yards and go for an Archer instead .



An unknown cosplayer, I don't know what he was dressed up as, but it looked awesome



Another pal o mine from Animaritimes, charging up for battle as Tien



A Gendo Ikari cosplayer, from Neon Genesis Evangelion



A protoman is fine too



and to top it all off, A Lacus Clyne cosplay, minus her haro army

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