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Earth Alliance event V2


Which would you prefer for an EA event?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Which would you prefer for an EA event?

    • Paintball (Schatten Dolch vs Specials)
    • Public Air show (NPC pilots)

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Okay, as promised, here's the poll for the EA event.  The idea's simple enough, just pick the event that appeals most to you, the one with the most votes by the end of the week wins (and for the sake of keeping things even, Neko-Kyra's runway show is not on the ballot  ).


My vote shall remain anonymous until the others have voted, namely cause I haven't decided yet 

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Well, it looks to be a landslide vote towards the paintball event, so I'll set up a date for that as soon as I can finish the schatten dolch scenario.  Any thoughts and opinions you have for the event can be posted here.

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There are rifle upgrades and attachments that you can get for paintball guns that pretty much make them into sniper rifles, but most paintball games (especially the competitive kind you see on tv) is close range fighting for the most part, so you don't really have the room to use a sniper rifle effectively; and as the others said, its harder to make an effective one without having an obscenely powerful gun, and most high powered guns are devoted to high firing rates rather than distance traveled and pure velocity.


check out some of the online sites for info on actual guns, tippman is a good brand to begin with, as they have tons of accessories for those who want to have a stylized marker (correct term for a paintball gun is a marker, guns shoot bullets, markers shoot paint ).  And no, I'm not a paintball enthusiast, I just happen to have a brother who is 

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