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Mobile Weapons Submission Guide


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Mobile Weapons Submission Guide


You are allowed to choose a standard Mobile Weapon from the Standard Mobile Weapons list. Please note that you are only allowed to use mobile suits from the Faction that you belong to.


You can customise your Mobile Weapon by buying parts from the Shop. However, to prevent abuse and overpowering of Mobile Weapons, you are required to submit your customised mobile for approval before you can use them. Below are explanations of the fields that you need to fill in.



General and Technical Data


Model number

This is the number assigned by the designers to the particular model and build of the Mobile Weapon. Mobile Weapons of the same series or with similar design usually have similar coding to indicate so.


Code name

This is the code name given to the Mobile Weapon. It is the name that the unit is commonly referred to


Unit type

This field indicates two thing about the Mobile Weapon. It states the type and the purpose of the Mobile Weapon



The company or faction that manufactured the Mobile Weapon.



This is the name of the pilot who owns the Mobile Weapon, or who is assigned to the Mobile Weapon.


First deployment

This is the approximate or exact date the unit was first deployed in combat.



This field gives information of the cockpit the Mobile Weapon has. It states the capacity of the cockpit. It can be for pilot only, or for a pilot and a gunner, or for other number of crews. The cockpit can be a standard cockpit or one that is custom-made for a specific purpose or to suit the pilot. The cockpit is generally located in the torso, but can also be located slightly above or below the torso to accommodate the design of the Mobile Weapon.



This is the overall height of the Mobile Suit or the length and wingspan of the Mobile Armour. Please state what the dimensions are for, eg overall height 18.35 metres or length 17 metres or wingspan 10 metres



State the maximum gross weight for your Mobile Weapon. Please bear in mind that the more weapons you carry, the heavier you get. Try to state a realistic weight.



This is where the Mobile Weapon was constructed. It could be a private facility or one that is operated by a Mobile Weapon company.


Power plant

The Mobile Weapon runs on battery packs that power its systems as well as its weapons. The standard power plant used is the ultra-compact energy battery. More powerful generators that utilize nuclear reaction provides much more energy but nuclear reactors are only restricted to Gundams only.


Equipment and design features

Equipments such as sensors or other features about the Mobile Weapon.


Fixed armaments

The armaments that are fixed onto the Mobile Weapon. These cannot be removed. When you plan which fixed armaments, bear in mind that you will have less options for hand armaments if you have more fixed armaments. Each Mobile Weapon is allowed only a maximum number of types of weapons determined by it's class. Both fixed and hand armaments add up to the maximum number of types of weapons allowed.


Optional hand armaments

These are armaments held by Mobile Suits. You can have several of these, however, the MS can only have a fixed number of weapons. Optional hand armaments add up to the total number of types of weapons. For example, if you have a Custom MS, you are allowed five types of weapons. You can choose to have 4 fixed armaments and one hand armament. You can state down more than one hand armament but you can only bring one into battle.



Technical and Historical Notes


These are extra technical notes that you want us to know about, such as the reason for manufacture or certain features about the Mobile Weapon. Add a little history about the Mobile Weapon to let us know more about the Mobile Weapon and how the pilot and MW's paths crossed. If you have a picture of your MS, post it here!




[align=center]© 2005-2006 Advent Destiny.

Please refer to here for more copyright information.[/align]

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