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“Crossing Into” Campaigns

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For context, these are text based campaigns I played with Replicator using SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays as a backdrop. He would make decisions based on multiple choices I would give him. As such, this wasn’t written in a traditional RP manner, but I felt the storylines needed to be compiled. Let us begin with…


The Corsica Alliance Base, home to a mobile suit factory, wasn’t Reine Le Blanc’s first choice to be stationed at, but it at least kept her out of the front lines. This was a rarity in the Specials, but nepotism had its perks. Reine struggled to make friends in her division, opting to instead perform her tasks of guard duty over all else. In fact, as the days went on, it seemed she was having to guard high value Commanders within the Alliance. Recently, she was even able to catch a glimpse of the Lightning Count himself, but she wasn’t entirely sure of the reason for his arrival.


“All I see is a single unit!” Reine hears over the radio chatter. She can barely see the machine from her Leo, but she can tell it’s one of the Gundam mobile suits that have been attacking OZ soldiers across the planet. This red one has a heavy focus on artillery, firing at the closest Leos it can find while Aries scramble. Fear begins to take over as sweat drips onto the control sticks. Thankfully, her machine has a few options.

Knowing it’d be best to stay back, Reine fires upon the Heavyarms along with the other OZ soldiers. It starts to be a war of attrition as the Heavyarms continues to kill units, but the blimp is almost out of range.

It’s clear the Heavyarms has run out of ammo as it begins to slash toward the Leo and Aries machines, but it becomes worse for OZ as several brown and tan MS come from the rear with their very own Gundam! Out of ammo in her shoulder cannons, She has an option of attacking the Heavyarms while distracted, but their forces are being torn up by the reinforcements.

 Reine runs to the squadron, but it’s clear they’re outmatched. One by one she watches as her squad mates are decimated until only a few are left. The Sandrock has the Maganac deal with any resistors while its pilot calls out for surrender. Reine grips her controls tightly, only to see her machine gun still has some ammo left. It’s a risk, but she could feign surrendering in order to get a clear shot at the Gundam’s cockpit. She’s a soldier first, but could she lose her life here?

Reine knows she could fake surrender to fire at the Gundam's cockpit. At point blank, not even that monster's armor could hold up... but she hears the voice of the Gundam's pilot. It's a child! She tries to do it, but by the time the white machine comes any close to her, she knows she can't bring herself to do it and drops the machine gun...

Some time has passed and Reine has been brought to an extravagant mansion. While she is unable to leave, Quatre did not lie. Her bedroom is lavish and while the climate is a bit humid to her liking, she is fed adequately. After a few days, she is led to what appeared to be Quatre’s office. The boy is playing the violin as she walks in, seeing a display of string and woodwinds in a cabinet next to him. Before she can even speak, Quatre turns and directs his hand toward the display. Clearly he wishes for Reine to join him in a duet, but does she know how?

Reluctantly, Reine grabs a clarinet. She hasn't ever played one, but she is a decent saxophonist. Maybe she'll be able to get the hang of it anyways?

 Noise comes out of the clarinet. Whether it’s majestic noise is debatable, but Quatre’s real reasoning behind the request was moreso about taking the initiative. The duet is passible. “Thank you for entertaining me in this request.” Quatre smiled as he placed his violin back in its case. “I hope you don’t mind that I did some research. It seems you’re not just a simple cog in OZ’s machine.” Quatre poured some Earl Grey for himself and Reine, who pretended she enjoyed it. “While I’m fine with you being here, some of the corps feel differently. I give you free rein to go where you please at our base, as long as you keep the peace.”

As she leaves his office, Reine wonders where she should visit before nightfall. The base is massive, so she’ll only be able to reach one spot.

 Wishing to get a better look at their arsenal, Reine takes a trek down to the cave where their Mobile Suits are held. Inside, she sees dozens of Maganac with a single Gundam standing in the middle. The woman overhears a conversation from two corp members about working on the other Gundam called the Heavyarms from the attack. *“That was here?”* She thinks as a hand stops her from going forward. A scarred individual stands tall, scowling. “I don’t get what the Master sees in you.” He growls. “However, if he wants you to tour the area, I’ll follow his request. What would you like to know?”


Fascinated by the Sandrock’s beauty, she asks about the machine, receiving a neutral response from the scarred man, who Reine would later learn was named Abram. He explained the capabilities of the Gundam, mostly weaponry she had watched destroy countless Leos firsthand, but didn’t delve much further into it. “It’s our shining soldier leading the charge, isn’t it?” Another man who looked to be slightly older than Reine stepped into their conversation. “If only I could use it…” Abram frowned at the other Maganac member. “You never will Ernst. Be thankful we even saved you. You can deal with her now.” Abram walked away as Ernst shrugged. 
“Don’t take it too personal.” He told Reine. “It’s not even the fact you’re a prisoner, they’re just not used to-“ Reine stared at the machine as he spoke. “Not used to some OZ soldier waltzing around the base, huh.” She responded. Ernst had a halfhearted look on his face. “Honestly, they’re not fond of a woman being here. Doesn’t bother me though.”


 Over the next few days, Reine is tasked with helping out around the mansion. During this, she realizes that Ernst statement was only half true. While her being a woman wasn’t in issue, some weren’t fond of her being a woman on the same level as them, giving her more of the menial jobs. One day, she decided to visit with Quatre, only it seemed he had disappeared. Looking around the mansion, all she saw was Rashid, the Maganac Corps’ Captain, running toward her. “Grab her!” He calls out. She has to make a quick reaction.

Fearing her life is in danger, she bolts in the other direction as she hears footsteps from soldiers. Knowing her only shot at escape would be at the garage, she runs down the stairs only for her arm to be grabbed by Ernst. “Don’t worry.” He says as Reine’s squirming stops. “It wasn’t her guys, Quatre left on his own.” Rashid comes down the stairs with a pistol in hand, but holsters it. “How would you know? Master Quatre’s life could be in danger.” Suddenly, Abram bursts through one of the doors, holding a handwritten note. “Because he left this.” Handing the note to Rashid, he reads it quickly, not telling the Corps who had all gathered because of the noise about its content. “That boy…” he mutters, placing the note in his pocket. “To think he wouldn’t tell us.” He then points at Reine. “You were briefly mentioned. Abram… please get a Maganac ready for our guest.”
“WHAT?!” The Corps all yelled in unison.

The Maganac feels wonderful to Reine when she trains, as if the restrictiveness the Leo could have was just gone. Slowly, the Corps began to lighten up around her and while there was still some resistance toward her, it was almost as if she wasn’t a prisoner at all. However, her only real friend was Ernst. She wondered how he ended up with the crew, but opted not to ask just yet. Thankfully, all eyes were taken off her once Quatre had returned. While they already knew of OZ’s declaration of war against the colonies, the boy was able to give official confirmation there are 5 Gundams. Reine wondered how her father was handling all these changes in the political landscape, but couldn’t ponder for long as it was decided the Corps would be traveling to Siberia and she was coming along. *”Will I have to fight OZ?”* She wondered as a queasy feeling was felt in her stomach. *”What has happened to my life?”*

Her nervousness began to take over as Quatre led his troops into the cold region of Siberia. She wasn’t even truly aware of her mission, only that they were “land” support. Suddenly, Leos and Aries began over hills and from the sky, firing upon the squadron as Reine notices the Heavyarms jumping out of a transport ship. “I’m going in!” Ernst states, sending his axe deep into an unsuspecting Leo. As she looks around, she knows she’ll have to fire, but maybe she wasn’t the best shot…


Reine knows she can’t fire at these people. He positions herself near the back of the group, firing acutely as to not make a scene. Ernst isn’t stupid though. “You better take ‘em out!” He utters, placing his hand on her Maganac’s shoulder. “They have no idea who you are!” As he leaves, an Aries blasts by, firing upon Reine. She tries to dodge as the machine gets closer, but she has no choice. Beams hit the sides of the black flyer, causing it to spin out and crash. She gasps in fear, but watches as the pilot opens the cockpit door, unharmed. *“Wait, it’s like Quatre has said.”* She thinks about his devotion to pacifism and knows that she can fire on these machines as long as she tries not to kill.“The train!” Quatre calls out, watching the speeding locomotive speed by. Reine goes to assist, but Abram feels otherwise, saying she needs to stick with the group.

> Reine heads for the train with Quatre, hoping to stop with without bloodshed. Unfortunately, an Aries platoon feels different, firing upon the two as Quatre gets in front of her, taking the shots. “Thank you for assisting, Reine.” He states while sending a Heat Shotel into one of the train cars’ connections. “Take care of the back half.”

Reine is able to nudge the second half of the train off track, sending it into the dirt as Quatre takes care of Leos inside. Abram gives a stern talk as she returns to her squad, knowing she broke rank, but it was worth it to help out the boy.

As the fight continues, she sees a strange black Gundam with a farming tool as their weapon, but what catches her eye is the transforming Gundam dueling with what appears to be some sort of white Leo. “Looks like OZ has some new MS on the production line.” She mutters as she hits a Leo in the head with her axe. The battle turns in OZ’s tide though as a female voice threatens to blow up the colonies if they don’t surrender. “What! OZ would never kill civilians!” Reine states to herself, trying to process the situation. Fortunately she doesn’t have to worry for long as what appears to be the Gundam’s leader accepts surrender, but not of the Gundams.

 Within seconds of that statement, one of the Gundams explodes right in front of Reine’s eyes! “It can just… self destruct in an instant…” The idea of this sheer invincibility of these high value mobile suits has been broken for Reine, understanding they could be gone in an instant. Using this opportunity, the remaining Gundams instead began to retreat along with the Maganacs. She began moving her MS with them, but froze for a second. This could be her one chance to go back to OZ. After all, she did miss Father and could easily get a slap on the wrist if she bluffed her story well. The Maganac’s head turned, but then she thought of Quatre and the hospitality he gave her. She could tell the boy was hurt by the deaths of the soldiers and that Gundam pilot and would need some big sister guidance. What will she do?

Again, Reine's torn between what she knows she should do, and what she knows can't be done. She can't give up on the Alliance, but she can't give up on Quatre either. "Aaaagh! Why can't everyone be friends anymore?!" Regretfully, she heads back with the Maganacs and uses her thrusters to catch up to them.

The Maganac corp are able to reconvene at a makeshift base. In fact, one of the other Gundams has also decided to join up with the team. Reine lowers from her mobile suit, seeing the scratches and scars on the machine. She’d now seen war on both sides.
With some time to chat before they packed up, Reine wondered if she should speak with Quatre. She didn’t know if she’d be bothering him though as he probably had a lot on his plate. Maybe she could get to know the other Gundam pilot, who seemed to be a young priest.


Reine speaks with the priest, who seems odd to her. His nonchalant manner of conversation really hits home how strange it is that children are piloting the destructive machines. “If you’re gonna be friendly, I might as well tell you a bit about Deathscythe.” The pilot, who Reine has learned is named Duo, speaks about the black Gundam’s arsenal. The fact it can turn invisible really takes her by surprise. Time passes by quick as Reine is asked to return to her Maganac and pack up.

Staying out of the sandstorm, The Maganac Corps make it to a hidden base filled with extra machines, including what looks to be a hovering version of the Maganac. Reine is thankful to the nation as Quatre explains who she is to their leader. “A friend of Quatre is a friend of mine!” He says while leading the group to the festival. Reine’s smile widens as she sees the partygoers dancing and eating. This would be the first time in a while that Reine would truly be able to enjoy herself. She has free rein being left on her own as Quatre and Duo go to discuss something privately.

Staying out of the sandstorm, The Maganac Corps make it to a hidden base filled with extra machines, including what looks to be a hovering version of the Maganac. Reine is thankful to the nation as Quatre explains who she is to their leader. “A friend of Quatre is a friend of mine!” He says while leading the group to the festival. Reine’s smile widens as she sees the partygoers dancing and eating. This would be the first time in a while that Reine would truly be able to enjoy herself. She has free rein being left on her own as Quatre and Duo go to discuss something privately.
Reine goes to the array of fruits presented, trying a few as she people watches. There is pure happiness here, not taken away by the wars outside of their borders. A few of the women even come up to Reine, praising her as a pilot and proving herself to the all men Corps.

 As the festivities wind out, Reine and the rest are skirted away as trucks arrive. Reine peeks through one of the slits in the building they’ve been put in to find OZ soldiers speaking with the town’s leader. In the corner of her eye, she sees some wooden crates being hidden between buildings. “What?” She whispers while the soldiers leave. Once the coast is clear, the Corps check the crates to find bombs inside. “No… they wouldn’t-“ Ernst stops her from speaking further. “Shouldn’t this be obvious, Reine? This is why we fight against the Alliance. They’re nothing but snakes.” Knowing they can’t defuse the bombs, everyone is brought underground. Reine hopes the explosives were a bluff, but once nightfall comes, as is proven false as the cave rattles from families buildings being destroyed. “The time is now. Everyone suit up!” Rashid calls out as the pilots scatter. Reine is about to get in her Maganac, only to overhear talk of the Olifant, the hovering MS, squadron being down a few pilots. While she’s used to her Maganac, should she help them instead?

“I volunteer!” 
The Olifants slide out into the battlefield, firing upon Tragos has the village continues to be pelted on. “Stop it!” She yells, gliding across the sand to hit an OZ truck. The machine feels nice, thankful she doesn’t have to maneuver feet through the coarse sand. Its armament reminds her a bit of the Leo she once had, sending machine gun fire and beam cannons at the enemies. “Reine!” Abram through the comms states that help is needed in defending a stolen OZ transport plane the Gundams are being loaded on. Speeding across town, she notices a single Maganac being pelted by enemy reinforcements. It’s Ernst. “Hold on Ernst, I’m coming!” The Olifant watches as the Maganac places its palm out. “No, go to the plane, I’ll be fine!”

Ignoring Ernst’s plea, she rushes in to help him, taking out a few of the Tragos pestering him. As the rest fall back, Ernst is thankful, but sighs as the transport appears to be damaged. “That was our mission, Reine. Those Gundams are gonna change the world, not the little guys like us.” Reine pulls the damaged Maganac up. “No, every life should be cherished. I couldn’t just watch you die.” She looks up to the sky to see the transport barely make it airborne. “See? They didn’t even need-AH!” 
 Tragos cut off their route back to the Corps as they are pelted by shots. The Olifant’s legs are blown off as one of the OZ machines rams into the Maganac. “Re-“ Ernst’s radio cuts out as a blast thrusts Reine’s cockpit door open, tossing her into the sand. It coats her as she fades in and out of consciousness. Faint glimpses of the Corps being overwhelmed are the last thoughts in her head as her head drops into the sand dunes.  


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IMG_6294.thumb.png.6760eb575f4b5cdb5046d51f673e0845.pngTwain Seicenta’s leg bounced up and down as he sat in the transporter on the way to MO-V. This was a mobile suit manufacturing colony that had recently joined OZ and needed to be inspected of its current arsenal. His superior Elfriede Schultz sat in the chair next to him, completely still as she stared out the window. He had known the woman for long enough that casual conversation would be normal, but Twain quickly learned this wasn’t met with kind

Hoping for the trip to conclude, he could feel the ship start to rattle as a beam sped past the left wing! “What?” The transport pilot Rou stated, dodging another blast. Before he could even speak up, Elfriede was out of her chair, floating to the back of the ship’s cargo section.
“Get to your Taurus and meet me out there.”

Just barely having time to put on his normal suit, Twain makes it to the cockpit of his Taurus and launches not far behind of Elfriede. It’s clear from the purple and yellow Leos attacking the shuttle that they are ready to kill. Elfriede gets no response as she tries to communicate with them. “You have my permission to attack, Twain. Protect the shuttle.” The Taurus in MA mode speeds around one of the Leos while Twain stays back. “Wait, did she call me by my name?” He mutters, seeing two Leo heading to the shuttle. Two versus one is never good, but this Taurus is clearly superior.

Twain barrel rolls and curves past the Leos, easily able to make it behind as he fires at both. One dodges, but the other is taken out quick. “Gotcha.” He states as the Leo explodes. Suddenly, a rifle blast takes out the other as Twain looks back. It obviously came from MO-V, but the machine is… “It’s a Gundam!” Twain yells, but it thankfully doesn’t try to kill him as well. “You must be one of the OZ soldiers for the inspection.” The Gundam pilot states. “Gonna guest these other guys aren’t yours.” The Gundam watches as Elfriede butts heads with a heavy looking Leo. Even with the MS advantage, Elfriede might lose to the green and gold machine. “Commander!” Twain jets to the Leo, hoping to strike before it can retaliate.

Twain makes sure to stay quick in order to keep away from the Leo’s cannon. Thankfully the machine takes the bait, distracted by Twain as Elfriede comes in close. Grabbing onto the Leo’s head, she points her rifle at its cockpit. “Why are you attacking us?” She asks while the Leo stays still, but then jolts forward to shake her off. “Tying up loose ends like you.” As he turns to Elfriede, Twain sends a few deep shots into the Leo’s back, heavily damaging it. “Damn Taurus!” He says as the two work in tandem to defeat him. With no way out, he tries to grab Twain, but his MA’s speed keeps him away as he implodes.

Escorting the shuttle into one of MO-V’s hangars, Elfriede thinks about the pilots’ dying words. The Taurus land to see a second Gundam on standby, surprisingly Twain as he gets out of his cockpit. Roga Hermann, the colony’s lead representative, comes to greet the OZ soldiers, but also wishes for an explanation. “OZ Prize.” She utters with a hint of vitriol. “I don’t know much about them, but they operate by their own rules.” Twain on the other hand was completely unaware of the group, still wondering why they’d strike at the shuttle. “Nevertheless, they have attacked OZ personnel alongside an OZ affiliated colony. As such, myself and Mr. Seicenta will be defending this colony alongside you.”
Caught off guard, Twain salutes. “I’m-I’m ready to serve.” He calls out while Elfriede stares at the Gundams. “Ah, I should explain these.” Roga says while pointed at the white one. “That is Geminass 01 while the other is 02. I will have my lead desig-.” Elfriede calms him off. “As the highest ranking officer on this station, I will be piloting 02. I will decide what to do with 01 later.” The test pilot of the machine defends himself as he takes off his helmet. “If I may respond, I’m very effective with 02. I believe our capabilities will be greater if I continue as the pilot.”


Twain felt he had a point. The pilot was clearly good as his job, but should he speak up to defend him over his superior?

Twain stays quiet. He feels sorry for 02's pilot, but Elfriede is best in a MS with melee capabilities and the complete absence of a beam saber in the Taurus is simply unacceptable.

“I don’t think you understand, test pilot.” Elfriede barks out. “Just because you got lucky with a few Leos doesn’t mean you have the experience to pilot a Gundam.” While wanting to respond, 02’s pilot only nods. “However, because of your low count of actual soldiers here, I will allow you to use my Taurus. Be gentle with it.” As she leaves to speak with the engineers, Twain goes to talk with the dejected pilot. “I saw you in battle. You’ll do great with the Taurus.” The pilot smirks a bit. “Thanks, I’m Odel by the way. Me and my brother have been testing these Gundams for a while. At least it sounds like he’ll keep his for a bit longer.” He leads Twain to his quarters, which is essentially just a hotel room. “We thought you weren’t gonna be here long, but I guess this is your home for a while.” Odel states while leaving. Finally able to get out of his normal suit, Twain ponders the situation that has befell them. A strange OZ offshoot wanted them dead, only to be aligned with a colony that joined OZ what felt like five minutes ago. He hoped a good nights rest would clear his brain.

Over the next few days, Twain was able to get a feel for the place. At 100,000 people, MO-V was practically a small city complete with shops and bars, even a movie theater. Having some free time, he wondered if he should enjoy himself a bit and invite Odel to an event. He could also go study up on the mobile suits in the hangar. Rou, the shuttle pilot, was actually one of the designers of the Taurus. He had apparently been helping with Zero-G packs for the Gundams.

Odel accepts the offer as he tells Twain much about MO-V over a nice cuisine at Tinn’s, a vegan restaurant. While a faint amount of resistance still comes from the test pilot, he understands the attack wasn’t the regular OZ’s doing, only that he’ll be ready for the next inevitable strike. Twain only finds the food to be adequate, but doesn’t mention it.


Explosions start to go off around the base as Twain and Odel immediately head for the hangar. Thankfully the Gundam pilots are there to see the OZ shuttle being stolen. “It’s Dr. Berg!” Odin, Odel’s brother calls out as he gets in 01. While crude, both Gundams have their Zero-G packs equipped. Twain wonders if he would’ve delayed that by snooping around the hangar. 02 on the other hand launches with Elfriede in the pilot’s seat. It’s obvious to the soldier this machine is far greater than anything she’s ever piloted, heading directly for the shuttle. As she leaves, OZ Prize has started their assault. “Damn scientist was working with Prize!” Odel yells from his Taurus. “Send out the Leos!” Only three white Leos are available to MO-V and Twain worries it won’t be enough. He sees from Prize’s forces that they’ve also got ahold of Taurus’. 

Twain, sending his Taurus out in MA mode, thinks about heading right behind 02, but thinks about the base’s defenses. Yes, they have their own Gundam too, but what if Elfriede is heading into a trap?
Twain realizes he has made the right decision catching up with Elfriede. While she’s currently busy with a Taurus, Doctor Berg is trying to escape. “Oh no you don’t!” Twain fires into the shuttle’s engines, causing a chain reaction. “No, I was supposed to be much more!” Berg screams as he is burnt to a crisp inside the vessel.

As the two head back, the Taurus are being lead by another customized Leo. It seems to do much better than the last, severely damaging one of the MO-V mobile suits. The pilot almost sounds unhinged as he attacks the base’s defenses. “I’ll be claiming this victory!” He states while stabbing into another Leo’s shield. Who should Twain work with to stop this Leo?

Twain and Odel spin around the Leo-R in tandem, confusing the pilot. “Dumb Taurus, what? Do they think their circus act is gonna-“ Firing back and forth at the Leo-R, he’s only able to dodge so much as the remaining MO-V Leo deals the final blow from behind to disable the machine. The remaining Taurus retreat as their squad leader’s mobile suit is taken inside…

 Once it’s clear Prize won’t be striking anytime soon, the Leo-R’s pilot is brought forward to Elfriede in the hangar. The MO-V team watches as the long haired Prize soldier dodges any questions. “Don’t worry Miss, we’re gonna take those Gundams. We’re gonna take this base. We’re gonna take OZ. WE’RE GONNA TAKE THE PLANET! Praise Prize!”

With each statement, Elfriede gets angrier and angrier until she’s had enough. “Alright. Sounds like you’re useless to me.” She pulls out a snub nose revolver and fires directly at the soldier’s chest.

Odel and Odin watch in horror as the pilot’s body slumps to the floor. “You-you can’t do that! He was a prisoner!” Odin yells, shocked at the amount of blood coming from the chest wound. Elfriede only sighs as she places her revolver back in her uniform. “Anyways, we’ll have another mobile suit once it’s fixed up. It’s yours if you want it, Seicenta.” Twain stands at attention, thinking about his decision.


> “I feel I’m better with the Taurus, commander.” Twain states, gazing at the amazing machine. Elfriede shrugs and turns away. “Very well, we’ll figure out what to do with it later. Odin, you destroyed 3 Taurus last battle. You can remain piloting 01.” Odin didn’t even respond as the OZ soldier left the hangar, watching as their medical unit picked up the Prize soldier’s body…


“You’re waking up. Please come to us, my sweet daughter.”
In an OZ hospital, Reine Le Blanc awoke to see her father standing at her bedside, tears in his eyes. “D-dad?” She faintly utters, her mouth feeling dry. Cab Le Blanc, one of the higher ranking members of the Romefeller Foundation, hugs his daughter tightly. “Oh, my beautiful Reine. I thought you were gone. When I found out those monsters kidnapped you and forced you to fight alongside them, I was heartbroken!” Reine, still struggling to regain her thoughts, was confused. “How would you know that?” She asked.
“The prisoner we captured told the whole story. To think an OZ deserter would treat you like that.” 
*”Ernst! He must’ve lied to cover my-wait… OZ deserter?”* Reine’s eyes felt heavy as she laid her head back on the pillow.

The recovery for Reine is short, being back on her feet at Denver Base in no time. At first, it feels odd in the complex after getting used to sandstorms and sweating in a mobile suit, but she gets used to the familiar environment, even wearing a brand new uniform. She takes walks with her father around the base, who continues to praise and love her for her perseverance against her oppressors. She wonders what became of Ernst until Cab brings up that he’s currently being held on the base. “Anything to say, Reine?” Cab asks, noticing his daughter’s intent look. Reine thinks of telling the truth. How while she was captured, she made decisions in her own accord and that Ernst was her friend. However, if she came clean, she would likely end up in a cell or worse, lose her father’s love.

“Dad… He lied…” Reine stated, not wishing to lie herself. “He was my friend. All of them were.” She told him the whole story about meeting Quatre and the rest of the Maganac Corps. Cab listened intently, believing her. He was also thankful the reports of the Maganac seemingly not trying to kill soldiers in Siberia being her. “…Thank you for your honesty.” He hugged his daughter tightly. “I’ll see what I can do about getting Ernst out of the situation he’s in.” Reine felt a sense of relief telling the truth.
“But first, I have something to show you.” 
Reine is lead to a nearby hangar by her father. Once inside, it doesn’t take long to see why she’s there. “The Gundam had self destructed while you were asleep. We couldn’t find your friend’s body, but we were able to take the scraps.” Reine’s heart stopped for a bit, thinking of Quatre. “I was able to pull some strings since you’d have the most experience around it. I was originally going to send you to become a Prize member, but they’re busy at the moment.” Cab’s smile turns into a more uncomfortable smirk. “We’ve rebuilt it into something much better. You’re going to space sweetie and taking the Gundam with you.”



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The ride to space was uneventful, even though it had been quite some time since Reine had been out of the Earth’s atmosphere. The shuttle was filled with high ranking officers, including Cab and herself, now holding the rank of Baronet. She thought about her father’s words, wondering what her mission even was. It was obvious the Sandking, the upgraded form of the Sandrock, was meant to battle with some high quality machines. *”Will I have to fight Deathscythe and the others?”* She pondered, seeing the lunar base in the horizon.

Everything felt so regimented after being with the Maganac’s. She was expected to go to meeting and do paperwork she would’ve never dreamed of doing. Occasionally she’d pop into the MS hangar to see Sandking along with two special looking machines called the Vayeate and Mercurius. Assuming these machines would be serving under her, she asked to meet the pilots. “Only the Vayeate has an official pilot Ma’am.” A grunt soldier stated. A younger lad with long brown bangs came in to salute Reine. “Trowa Barton. At your service.” The name sounded familiar to her, but she had never met the man before.

She spent the next day reading up on the red and blue MS along with testing her Sandking. The machine’s controls felt amazing, but it would need to go out into live combat in order to know for sure. Fortunately (or unfortunately), her wish came true as she would be intercepting a brand new mobile suit that had been destroying entire colonies. “Here it is.” One of the soldiers said, putting the machine up on the monitor. “Clearly a Gundam.” Reine gulped at the sight of it. It reminded her of the Gundam that self destructed in Siberia, but this machine was much more stronger than it. She hoped this Gundam fight wouldn’t be her last…


Loading Sandking onto the MS Carrier, Reine’s normal suit felt restrictive. She felt that perhaps fighting on Earth was a better option for her abilities, but wished to be proven wrong. About 20 Leos accompanied the trio of stronger machines. *”Shouldn’t we have gotten Taurus’?”* She was told the Mercurius’ pilot was the best man for the job, so she would likely be relying on him and Trowa once she got used to Sandking. With a few Carriers in tow, the OZ mobile suits launched to meet the single Gundam floating through space as it looked at the colony it desired to destroy.

“Gundam. Cease fighting at this instant.” She received no response.
“Gundam. Please turn this way and surrender.”
No response.
“Gundam. This is Reine Le Blanc of the Romefeller Foundation and soldier of OZ. If you do not respond, we will be forced to fire upon you.”
The Gundam finally turned, facing the Sandking.

The Leos surround the Gundam in a circular motion as the Mercurius prepares its defenses by Vayeate. Sandking inches closer as its pilot speaks. “Gundam, we have you-“ 

“Please stay away, Reine.”

Reine immediately knew who it was inside that mobile suit. “Q-Quatre?” Freezing for a bit, the red and blue machines broke formation once they realize it’s their friend. “This wasn’t apart of our plan.” Trowa calls out, firing his cannon at the winged Gundam. Reine, still in shock, watches as the Mercurius sends its planet defenders in front of Trowa and Sandking. “Trowa Barton… He was the Heavyarms pilot! Quatre brought him up once!” Unsure what to do, Quatre made a decision for her. The Gundam’s beam rifles powered up as it spun around, firing into all the Leos in sight. In an instant, they were gone. Reine’s hand shook as she saw the sheer power of a Gundam far greater than anything else.

The enemy Gundam begins heading for the colony as Mercurius and Vayeate follow suit. While finally regaining her composure, Reine has an array of mixed emotions as she takes the Sandking into the colony as well. “Quatre, please don’t do this!” She yells, the winged Gundam stopping in its tracks. 

“If you try to fight me, Zero will destroy you. Live your life, Reine.” The OZ soldiers thinks about his words. Quatre is giving her a way out, maybe Trowa can talk him out of it, but does she really want to take that path?


“No, I’m not leaving you… I’m… I’m sorry.” Sandking’s thrusters ignited as the Gundam pulled out its beam machine gun. If there was some way to stop Zero, she’d have to take that chance. Firing at the rifles, Zero danced around the bullets, watching as it began firing beams back at the trio. Thankfully Mercurius’ pilot, who also seemed to be a former Gundam pilot based on the conversations he was having with Quatre, was able to keep the group safe, but the colony kept getting damaged. Destruction befell people’s lives and homes as Reine saw a boy so committed to pacifism cause so much mayhem. She had to figure out something quick.

While Zero is distracted, Sandking just barely manages to cut one rifle in half, but the other is knocked out of the enemy Gundam’s hand. “This isn’t you, Quatre! I know it!” Reine heads for the Zero but Quatre blasts forward at a break neck speed, sending both Gundams back into space. “Why didn’t you learn anything? I gave you a chance to leave OZ behind and you abandoned that!” The Zero’s hand grabs the Shotels and tosses them aside. “But… you left me… I could’ve gone with you to space!” Reine tries to shove the Sandking’s shield into Zero’s face, but Quatre is able to grab this as well. “It’s not like I chose to be back in OZ anyways. I…I don’t know what else to say…”

The Sandking stops putting any effort into fighting, letting go as it floats back. Zero on the other hand tries to take advantage of this, inviting its beam saber. “I’m sorry you got in my way, Reine.”

Reine awaited death, but a yellow beam slams into the back of Zero, destroying its backpack. Sandking looks behind the damaged machine to see Mercurius and Vayeate holding the remaining beam rifle! Quatre cries out in pain as the Zero is scarred, but still functions. “Reine… Zero is…” Quatre can barely utter the words. “Destroy it. Don’t let it take anyone ever again.” Reine’s eyes begin to water as Sandking floats beside his machine, its beam saber very close by.


“NO! I’m not letting you die with it!” 
With all the Sandking’s might, Reine pulls open Zero’s cockpit door, seeing Quatre in a black normal suit. “I won’t let this machine take you away.” She states while opening her own cockpit. At first, Quatre doesn’t move, so Reine grabs him by the collar. “We’re sticking together now. Plus, this mobile suit belongs to you.” She smiles as Quatre gets in the cockpit with her. The wrecked Zero has finally shut off, but Reine instead takes its beam saber, repeatedly slashing into it and Mercurius and Vayeate watch. “Whatever you did to my friend, you’ll never do again!” With each slash comes rage, but Quatre places his hand on her shoulder. “Don’t let it consume you either. It’s over…” The Wing Zero explodes into a ball of fire. Reine’s mission was successful.

Reine was unsure of what to do next. She knew for sure that Sandking belongs with Quatre, but then where does she belong? “I can take you back if you want.” Quatre stated with a hint of sadness. “If that’s your home, then you belong there.” Reine thought for a second, but knew her answer. “No, like I said, we’re sticking together.” Quatre chuckles, taking the reins over for Sandking. “I’m thankful for you being by my side. All of you.” Quatre watches as Trowa and Heero move their machines close. “We’re not needed in space. It’s time to head back for Earth.”

The three machines headed for the closest OZ affiliated colony they could find, hoping there would be some way to get Sandking back to Earth. “I’m sorry the lunar base wasn’t an option.” Uttered Reine as she looked for any transport ships. Fortunately, she found what looked to be a carrier holding two brand new machines. “These must be new.” Reine felt they looked odd, but it was clear the machines were ready for a fight as they fired on their group. “Hold on!” Quatre called as he flew the Sandking toward the transport. The black OZ mobile suits seemed to have the capabilities as the Mercurius and Vayeate, but their pilots seemed very rigid to Reine.


Opening his cockpit door, Quatre had Reine make a space walk across as the Sandking locked into the shuttle, due to it not having weapons to defend itself. As Reine made her way to the cabin, the ship appeared to be automated. “Where is everyone?” She asked to no one, getting into the pilot’s seat as she patched her communications to Quatre. “We gotta pick up another mobile suit before we can grab the other’s pilot!” Reine saw that each black mobile suit was in combat with the Mercurius and Vayeate, with neither being closer to the other. 

Going to the Vayeate, Heero takes on two machines as once, successfully helping Trowa’s MS get attached. “Come on Heero!” Quatre yells, having made his way to the cabin. Right then, a beam gets too close for comfort, scratching the paint of the transport. “Negative.” Heero stated. The planet defensors go to guard the ship as the Mercurius heads forward. “Reine. You’ll fulfill my mission instead.” The transports begin to reach the atmosphere, Mercurius going further and further away. “Do it for Qua-“ The radio feed cuts out, now out of range. “HEERO!” Quatre screams as the ship’s autopilot kicks in, sending them to Earth.


“I’m sorry, Relena. She’ll be taking over.” The black machines overwhelm Heero as the Mercurius is ripped to shreds. Heero’s waltz through the Earth Sphere wasn’t endless…

Back in space, a blue mobile suit sits in a hangar with its pilot tinkering with the controls. “PX System…” Elfriede whispers, gently caressing the control panel in front of her. “Next time we fight, I want you to show me this power…”




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Training exercises began to take over Twain’s days on MO-V. Less and less opportunities were being presented to hang out as the shops and restaurants closed one by one. He finally got the courage to ask what was going on the Elfriede. “Something big is happening, isn’t it?” He asked in her office. She held some paperwork, not looking up at Twain. “Roga is sending all the civilians off the colony. If this place is gonna become a war zone, they shouldn’t be involved.” She turned back in her chair, staring into the depths of space. “You’ll be escorting the shuttles with Odel into OZ Prize’s control at 0800 hours tomorrow.”

Twain was flabbergasted. “Prize? We can’t trust them.” Perhaps Prize would show some form of chivalry, but he felt this was unlikely. “We don’t have a choice. Their armaments are stronger. We’ll have to hope they keep their end of the bargain. Dismissed.” Twain walked out after Elfriede said this, wondering how he’d spend his time before his next assignment in the morning.   

Controlling the Taurus begins to feel like second nature for Twain, easily taking over Odel as the superior pilot. Unfortunately, he stays up too late training as he hears alarms blare the next morning. “Shit!” He calls out, running to the hangar without putting on his normal suit. Once he makes it inside of the Taurus, the shuttles have already begun launching.

Twain is able to catch up with Odel before the shuttles reach Prize territory. He watches as their own Taurus’ are commanded by a red Leo, giving Twain a sense of dread. “This is Twain Seicenta, escorting MO-V shuttles into your jurisdiction.” The shuttles begin to make their way forward, only for one to suddenly combust. “Who fired?” Called out the red Leo’s pilot, only for him to be silenced by a mysterious black machine.


“A-a Gundam?!” Twain tries to regain his composure as he attempts to reach MO-V. “Prize! They’re attacking the shuttles!” He is forced to dodge the enemy Taurus’ lasers as Elfriede sorties. “Where’s my L.O. Booster?” She asks, noticing the transformable pack wasn’t equipped. “Odin took it in 01 Ma’am!” This response angered her, realizing she wouldn’t be able to make it in time to save any of the shuttles.

This was going to be a losing fight either way, but Twain had to make a decision. If he told the shuttles to scatter until reinforcements arrive, they’d be a harder target. If he had them retreat to MO-V, they’d be much easier to hit, but maybe they’d be in safer hands sooner. 

“Keep moving around, shuttles! Just make sure those movements are random!” The shuttles begin to do so, actually being quite effective as Twain and Odel took out the enemy Taurus’. Twain was lucky he had trained so substantially, easily able to stay away from the Gundam. However, it set its sights on someone else…

“I-I can’t shake him. Twain, tell Tricia I-“ Silence befell the Taurus as it took the full blunt of the Gundam’s cannon blast. Twain could only watch as his friend was taken away forever.


Odin made it to the battlefield, but was too late to reach his brother. “Odel? Odel!!!” Twain could only hear screams as he watched the might of the PX system be shown to the enemy Gundam. “You… You’ll suffer!” Having his own beam cannon in his arsenal, he fired at the black Gundam, but was only able to take its left arm as it barely dodged the full blunt of the blast. “Hm, You don’t get to damage Hydra. Now you’re next” The Hydra sped toward the Gundam, completely ignoring Twain and the shuttles. Now it wouldn’t be long before reinforcements arrive to help against the enemy Taurus, but should he take the chance to strike the Hydra from behind and finish this? 

“Now’s my chance!” Twain lines up his Taurus perfectly to hit the Hydra’s back, firing just when the time is right. Unfortunately, the Hydra literally has eyes in the back of its head, turning to see Twain and dodging the attack completely. “Shit!” Twain can only watch as the Hydra goes in for the kill, but…


“Stay away from my friends!” Lucille, a mechanic for MO-V, makes it clear she’s stolen the Leo-R to keep a distance between Twain and the Hydra as they both dodge. Elfriede and MO-V Leos follow suit as they head for the shuttles.

“Hahaha! Two Gundams? I’m meant to kill all of you!” At that moment, Elfriede knows the pilot of the Hydra. “Valder Farkill. The Dark General of Destruction. Your reputation proceeds you.” Valder only scoffs at this statement, waiting for 01’s PX to run out. “Elfriede. Your reputation is pathetic. You will die with the rest of these lowlifes.” Odin goes in for a close ranged strike, only for his PX to stop, giving Valder just enough time to slash at his torso. Twain can only hear Odin coughing up blood as the 01 is put out of commission, depowering.

“One down.” Valder utters, locking blades with Elfriede. Twain continues to look for an opening, but none are given as he watches the Hydra take control of the battle. “Elfriede, what can I do?” Twain calls out. Elfriede stares at her control panel, contemplating a major decision. “I will be using the PX system. It’s the only way we’ll have a shot against stopping this demon.” Twain knew the consequences of this decision. Only Odin and Odel were able to use that mode without damaging their bodies. Who knows what could happen if she used it? However, Twain knows her statement was likely correct. 



The 02 glow blue as its able to be a much better match against the Hydra, impressing the famed soldier. “Perhaps you have skill, but you’re only delaying your death.” Shoulder Claws burst out of the Hydra, digging deep into 02’s thrusters, but Elfriede doesn’t care, she uses all auxiliary power to push her beam saber near the cockpit of the machine, just giving Valder some room to survive the blow. The 02 shuts off, floating alongside the Hydra. “Big mistake, you-what?” Twain comes rushing in, transforming as he places Taurus’ hands onto 02’s arm, pushing the beam into the Hydra’s cockpit as Valder screams.

“Elfriede? Elfriede, are you there?”
Twain keeps trying for communication, but no response is given as the three Gundams float in space. Thankfully the Leo squad mopped up the rest of the enemy Taurus’, giving the shuttles a route back to MO-V as they grab the remaining machines…

> Odin was the best off, only taking minor damage physically, but mentally he was a wreck. Losing his brother took quite the toll on him as he kept himself locked in his room. Valder wasn’t doing well, on the account that body was nonexistent, but Elfriede wasn’t much better off.
“Can you feel anything?” Twain asked, sitting at Elfriede’s bedside. The OZ soldier had become quadriplegic as she lay under a blanket. “Nothing.” Her head didn’t even move as she spoke, staring up at the tiles of the hospital room. “That doesn’t matter though. They’re gone.” Elfriede was correct. Prize’s battleship had disappeared from MO-V vicinity to unknown territory. Twain hoped he didn’t have to run into them on his trek home.
It was a tough decision, but he was still a soldier of OZ and needed to let them know of Prize’s treachery before they could do more damage. He was treated like a hero due to his decision making with the civilian shuttles, but he wished Odel could’ve been there to join him. As he made his way to the hangar, Roga stopped him. “Don’t worry about Elfriede, she’ll be in good hands.” He then pointed at the three Gundams stationed in the hangar, all of which had been repaired. “You’re gonna need one of these incase Prize finds your shuttle. Please, I’d rather you have one.”

“Elfriede, I’ll be taking 02 now. It won’t ever hurt you again.”

Rou and Twain got in the cabin of the shuttle as 02 (along with Twain’s Taurus) were loaded into it. Never in a million years did Twain think he was going to be apart of so much death in this conflict, but here he was, heading away from a former war zone and likely ending up in another. He hoped the Earth had found peace during his stay away from it, but he knew that wasn’t the truth…


“We found their transport!” OZ soldiers surrounded the abandoned ship which had washed onto a beach. What they found were no mobile suits or people inside. “It’s been abandoned for quite some time.” One of the senior officers uttered, nodding to another soldier. “Tell Mr. Le Blanc that his daughter is still on the run. We’ll get her and Sandking back.”

“Are you sure they’ll let us in?”
Trudging through the woods, Sandking and the Vayeate have had to dodge a few OZ convoys on their way to the Sanc Kingdom, a country Reine admittedly knew little about, but felt comfortable going to a place that shared Quatre’s commitment to pacifism.
Unfortunately, it seemed that goal of peace isn’t getting closer now that a Treize Faction has splintered off from OZ. Nevertheless, Sandking had to a mission and while Vayeate could work on Earth, the primarily space based MS was Trowa’s only option until he could obtain Heavyarms once more.
White Taurus’ appeared through the groves as Reine gripped Sandking’s seat. Thankfully she wasn’t the one piloting, as she likely would’ve fired upon the Sanc Kingdom machines. Leading them to a hidden hangar, Reine was reminded off the Maganac’s many underground bases. As the trio got out, the leading Imperial Guard member introduces herself as Noin. A sense of relief comes over Reine as she joins the others, but she’s shocked to see the winged Gundam from Siberia rebuilt. “That was Heero’s…” Quatre explained to her.


“He’s… gone?” Relena’s heart sank as Quatre told her the bad news. She sat back in chair trying to process this pain, looking up to Reine. “If he said for you to continue his mission, then the Wing Gundam belongs to you.” Reine was honored and grateful she’d have a mobile suit again. “Thank you, Ms. Peacecraft. I am sorry for your loss.” Knowing it would be best to leave Relena alone, Noin shows Reine to her quarters. The kingdom’s buildings were lavish, just like Quatre’s mansion, so she’d feel right at home. As they walked outside, one of the academy’s students was going the other direction, turning to Reine.

*”Dorothy. That bitch is here? What? Is she gonna steal another boyfriend away?”* Reine kept walking, only for the blond lady to call out “Hi Reina! Didn’t expect to see you here.” The soldier had no choice but to turn back.
*”No one ever gets my name right…”*
Noin looked perplexed that the two knew each other. “Small world, isn’t it?” She asked, but Reine wished it was much bigger. “We knew each other, a while ago. She-“ Dorothy waved her hand away at Reine. “You’d eventually spill the beans, Reina. I’ll have to speak with Ms. Peacecraft now, if you don’t mind Lady Noin.” 
Noin explained that Relena wasn’t currently in the mood for conversation, but obliged and took Dorothy with her, leaving Reine unaccompanied. There was much to do before turning in for the night…

Unsurprisingly, Reine was able to find Quatre, playing the piano by himself. She knew the boy had been through a lot, but they hadn’t talked much about their conflict with Zero. About to speak, Reine glanced at the array of instruments, understanding how she can communicate her empathy to him. As he pressed down on the keys with wonderful fervor, Reine, for the first time in her life, truly felt the power of music as she played the clarinet once again. Without having to say a word, the two shared a platonic bond that could never be broken.

The extravagance of the kingdom kept Reine quite amazed as she looked at the architecture. Plus, it was nice to have some sense of comfort again as the breeze flowed through her hair. Sadly, this moment of peace was ruined by the appearance of Dorothy. “I told Relena of my history with Romefeller. Fortunately, this’ll help produce better dialogue between my grandfather and the Sanc Kingdom.” Reine looked down at the white flowerbed near her. “Sorry I ruined your facade. Makes sense you’re a spy now though. You were always a good liar.” Not wanting to be in same area as Dorothy, Reine walked away at a brisk pace, but the trust fund Romefeller had to say one final thing. “You should be thankful I’m a liar. I could’ve let your father know you’re here.”
That made Reine stop in her tracks.
“He’s not gonna give up looking for you. Only a matter of time he finds you…” Having the last laugh, Dorothy’s comment stings at Reine.

While part of her wonder if she should be enrolling at the academy, it was for the best she kept a low profile, opting to spend time programming the Wing to her specifications over the coming weeks. It only worked somewhat, since the rest of testing would have to come from live combat. Reine also didn’t talk much with Trowa, or rather it was the other way around, but Quatre at least made the Maganac Corps aware of their existence. Part of her hoped that perhaps this could be her new permanent home, but as Dorothy said, this wouldn’t be the case. OZ was getting closer, hearing rumors they were in the midst of attacking Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is overwhelmed by Virgos as Treize Faction mobile suits are easily rid of. Deep within their headquarters, Treize discusses his next plan of attack with another member. “I don’t even know where Reine or Quatre are. I hope they’re not dead, but would they want to pilot…that?” The soldier stares up at the dark red Gundam, fully understanding the power of the machine. Treize can only smile as he takes a lift to the cockpit. “Looks like it’ll be my burden to bear for now, but I know of another who can take my place in Epyon.” While putting on an odd normal suit, Treize takes a deep breath. “Once I’ve destroyed the resistance, take the prototype away from here. I will meet with you again.” Just as the cockpit is about to close, the soldier speaks up. “Yes, of course Treize.”

The soldier watched as Epyon started up. “Reine, please be out there somewhere...”



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“Reine! Get underground!” Barely hearing Noin’s command over the sounds of mobile suit thrusters, she could only catch a glimpse at the machines they would have to tussle with. “Those are the ones that killed Heero…” Reine had learned the machines were called Virgos, mobile dolls that didn’t require a pilot. Trowa was the first one out with Vayeate, who decided to focus on firing at the Aries squadron, since he wouldn’t be able to do much harm against the planet defensors.

Quatre was next out, having to use spare Taurus beam rifles and sabers in its arsenal. Standing tall against an army, Sandking was ready for whatever would befall it. “Sandking. Please protect these people.” He asks it while trying to get shots through any weak spots presented to him. Reine placed herself in the cockpit of the Wing Gundam as Noin and the few other Taurus launched. “Reine, you can follow our lead in the skies or head down with Quatre and Trowa! We just need you somewhere!”

Reine heads in with the Wing, taking the lead as its buster rifle easily tears through what’s left of the Aries’ group. It still feels a bit strange piloting these Gundams to Reine, with their range of motion being substantially quicker than that little Leo she started her career with.

While the Aries are taken out easily, the Virgos continue to pose a challenge, pairing up planet defensors to cover any weaknesses. The Vayeate retreats back, wondering if he could use one of the nearby buildings to get above the Virgos, but Quatre is getting pounded by beams, until…


Abram and the rest of the Maganac Corps position themselves behind many of the Mobile Dolls, slowly taking some out one by one. “You guys came! Thank you!” Quatre called out. “We can win this!” Abram laughed as he had his turn using a powerful Gundam, sending volleys of bullets and missiles out. “Thank Trowa for letting us know Heavyarm’s location.” He responded, with Trowa’s Vayeate silently nodding.

Transforming, Reine blasts forward with the Wing as the Virgos begin spreading out. Using this opportunity, she jams her shield into one of the black dolls and maneuvers it toward another, causing both to accidentally fire on the other.

Relena the battle intently, contemplating on whether it’s right to watch these brave pilots lose their lives against a weapon completely controlled by AI. She can no longer rely on Heero and she hasn’t heard from her brother in a while…

”Stop fighting! We have to work together!” The Tallgeese spars with the Altron atop the Peacemillion, but the outdated machine is beginning to lose the battle. “Shut up! You’re an enemy!” Wufei screams, sending its trident into Tallgeese’s torso, almost slicing it in two. As he spins his weapon, the Gundam pilot looks disgusted at the mangled mobile suit. “Disgrace.” Wufei leaves the area as Howard’s crew rushes to safe Zechs. “He’s alive, but unconscious.” One of the crew members states, with Howard furrowing his brow. “He was right. Tallgeese must be rebuilt into something better…”



Reine is feeling confident working alongside her comrades. No longer is she just a member of OZ or another soldier in the Maganac Corps. She is a Gundam pilot, ready to take action against all who fight against pacifism. “Wait… They’ve brought reinforcements!” Noin utters, watching as plenty more Virgos take the place of the ones already destroyed. The Kingdom’s machines have had most of their armaments diminished by this point. Reine doesn’t want to give up, but soon she is forced to.


Relena officially surrenders, shocking many of the MS pilots. “No, we were so close!” Abram says while pulling back with the Maganacs. Trowa follows suit, but mostly because he hasn’t been returned just yet. “If we can’t stay back on Earth, then is space our final option?” Quatre wonders as Sandking looks at Wing. Reine is about to nod back, but a thought appears in her head. Sometimes, fighting in these mobile suits felt as if it was for naught. Could Heero’s wish for her to continue his mission be fulfilled in a different capacity? “Quatre, what if I surrender with Relena? Maybe I can fight through words with her using my status?” Admittedly, Reine is unsure of her claim. At first, Quatre thinks of denying this suggestion, but decides not to. “I still think you can do just as much with the Gundam, but it’s your decision. Stay or come, I know you’ll make the right choice.”

“This isn’t goodbye, Quatre. We’ll work together again, I promise.” Reine watches as the Kingdom’s defenses all retreat, with the Wing Gundam standing amongst the remaining wreckage…
OZ and Treize Faction Leos fire amongst each other as a single Gundam watches. “Oh boy, what the Hell have I missed?”
Twain’s shuttle was destroyed in their firefight, killing its pilot, but he was able to escape with 02 using the explosion as cover. He had expected to join back up with OZ in the ongoing fight against the 5 Gundam pilots, but the world has changed. Many factions have arisen and he’s unsure where his loyalties lie. Sure, he always loved Treize’s speeches, but would going back with such a splintered group like OZ also be a good option?  

“The OZ I knew is long gone.” The 02 began firing on OZ machines as the Treize Faction watched in awe. “Wait, do we have another Gundam?” One of the soldiers asked.
“You do now.”


Relena and Reine were immediately brought to Romefeller’s headquarters. The pilot thought about how the Wing Gundam was taken away, and while she hoped peace would allow her to never have to use it again, she was still saddened to see another Gundam out of her hands. The two prisoners were separated once inside the building, but when Reine was placed in a bedroom, her father came through the door soon after. “Dad, I-“ tears began to fall as her father came to hug her. “I know sweetie, I’m sorry for not allowing you to follow your own dreams.” Reine knew of the affection coming through to her.

“I want you to know that whatever you do from now on, I will be by your side to support you. No matter what.” The father and daughter hugged tighter, but she had been let down by her father in the past. He seemed genuine about this, but was he really truthful?


Reine knew in her heart that her father was speaking the truth, not wishing to let him go. “Dad, I love you… please don’t leave me!” Her dad smiled. “I’m her for you, Reine…” Right then, a soldier burst through the door. “Sir! Turn on the TV!” 
Reine watched intently as a liberation army known as White Fang announced itself to the Earth Sphere, calling for the freedom of the colonies from Romefeller. “There are some who still don’t understand.” Her father muttered. “I know you can make them. Whatever be the case, Reine would have to take charge of her own destiny quick if she wanted to help create peace.
Twain drank some soda as he watched the announcement from a Treize Faction battleship, appalled that another faction could appear at a time like this. “Romefeller, Treize, OZ, Prize, this White Fang. Dammit, when will it end?!” He tossed his drink at the television screen. How many people’s lives will be ruined?! I-I’ll help fix this world somehow, I promise, Elfriede!”


“OZ is everywhere!” Taurus surrounded the small squadron led by Quatre as they tried to fight back. While Sandking and Vayeate (who was now piloted by Abram) could function well in space, Heavyarms was not built for this environment while Noin was the only ally Taurus left after the others perished. However, within the corner of Quatre’s eye, he sees an angel coming to their rescue, shifting sending its spear into its enemies as the biggest battleship any of them had seen called out to them as their new home. As they continued to fight for peace, the Peacemillion was to be a valuable ally.



Reine couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched Queen Relena give her speech from her cabinet seat. Never in a million years did she expect to be seating with her dad at such an important event, but that paled in comparison to what was presented to the world. The Earth Sphere Unified Nation was born to erupting cheers, but Reine felt her mission for peace was only half done as the ESUN was tasked to rid of the colonies and any rebellions once and for all. After the significant address, the Romefeller bigwigs all met at a lavish party. Reine didn’t talk much with anyone but her dad. The conversation was cordial until he had to bring up the elephant in the room.

“This ESUN… They’ll fight for peace against anyone in their way. If they cannot convince the Gundam pilots…”
Reine was saddened at the statement, knowing what was coming.
“Be honest. If that time comes and you have to fight, could you stand against them?”

“I hope it never reaches that point, but if they refuse… I will fight them.” Reine takes a large drink from her wine glass as her father is whisked away by some of his friends.


The Grand Chario docked against Libra, White Fang’s newly acquired battle station. The remnants of Prize, having nowhere to go, decided to join up with the group, but Quinze was disappointed to hear there wasn’t a qualified leader onboard with them. With no other options, he got ahold of an old friend.

”I understand this isn’t apart of your plan, but when have our plans gone accordingly?” Quinze sat with another older gentleman as they drank tea. “Are you saying Operation Meteor should be attempted once again? At this stage in the Earth Sphere’s lifespan?” He contemplated for a second, but looked at Quinze directly. “Who knows if I’ll ever have this chance again. Libra shall fall and from the ashes of civilization, I shall be their god.”



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