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Falling into place


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Joseph hurried down the corridor. Knowing that Constantine is highly ambitious and competitive, he would never have allowed himself to go on a leave during midyear even if he had serious family matters to attend to. The assessment period is coming by, and knowing Constantine, his ex-student, giving a subtle reason such as that to excuse himself from research work isn't going to fool him. As he walked down the dim-lit corridor, he noticed light coming out of a door slit. The door to Constantine's room was ajar, and something was apparently wrong.


The room was impeccably neat and tidy as always. The books on the shelf was in sequential order, the bins were emptied and the stacks of research papers were carefully filed away. Nothing looks out of order here, but Constantine would never leave his door ajar when he goes out. Could he have been careless? Dispelling his thoughts, he turned around and walked towards the door. Just as his gaze strayed away from the working desk, a glitter caught his attention. There were finely powdered alloy metals and crystalline particles on the desk, and upon closer examination it was revealed to be gundamium metal and very fine crystal prisms. Joseph recalled that the research institute has never imported such fine crystals in and the only anyone could have them was through cutting the crystals out from a larger prism using a laser blade that is out of bounds to all researchers except the head researcher and himself. He swept the granulated materials away from the notepad, fingers running across writing marks that are etched into the notepad. Joseph picked up a pencil from the desk and feverishly shaded the paper.


(On the paper...)


The experiment was a success. I have finally figured out the formula to render objects, from as small as a paper clip to as large as a car, invisible to the naked eye. The solution is the alignment of the multiple tiny prisms in fixed positions along the surface of a material. If the object were to stay in a fixed position, light from all direction would be bent according to the positioning of the optical particulate. The effect would be invisibility as recorded in history of what happened to the ship involved in the Philadelphia experiment. Due to the movement of the ship, a light greenish hue is thus seen by witnesses due to changing wavelengths of visible light. Due to the precision and light-bending nature of these prisms, i have thus succeeded in finding a way to render invisibility to an object without wasting energy. In lieu of that, a series of experiments will be conducted to test the practicality and functionality of my technology... on 25th June, experiment 015M revealed that these prisms cannot withstand atmospheric entry... noted in experiment 027H that the prisms cannot coexist with phase shift or trans-phase technology as the prisms... 053M, the use of re-entrant triangles within the chassis of a scrap BuCUE leg negated effects of radar detection...


Joseph read the report in disbelief. Deep down, he knew that this technology might be the biggest breakthrough in military science since the HiMAT combat systems used in the Freedom and Justice as well as its variants. Joseph also realised that ZAFT will silence its creators to prevent the technology from leaking out. He bolted out of the room, searching for Constantine. "I hope that it's not too late..."

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