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New Arrival


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(( Yo homies Never actually heard much about this group, so if my info. is wrong please feel free to tell me ))


He had no clue where the hell he was, but that didn't matter as Kanon wondered through the corridors of Cleostratus. Dressed in his dressy clothes which consisted of black boots, socks, dress shirt and pants with a double breasted trench coat on, our new arrival was looking forward to searching through every place he could find. His parents hated the fact that he decided to become a merc. but in the end it wasn't their choice now was it? No? Didn't think so.


"Wwwooowwww.... Think I'm gonna like it here, eh?" Our young black companion cheerfully said, hands tucked into the pockets of his coat, eyes darting to and fro. As a door opened, next thing he knew he found himself in the hanger bay area. "Sweet! Cant wait to pilot a mobile suit of my own, and go on missions! But first, I'm gonna have to learn the controls though. But that'll be fun in itself!" He quietly muttered to himself, that cheerful tone never leaving his voice as he made his across the catwalk, over looking the hangar, mechanics and pilots alike, working with their own mobile suits, fine tuning them, making sure everything was in order. He took this time to watch and observe the busy little bee's going about their jobs as he leaned against the railing. He couldn't wait till he got to pilot one himself.

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