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Re: Updates 10/2/2007


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Advent Destiny is officially four months old!


Although things have been quiet in the recent weeks, exciting things are about to happen! I hope you like the changes made to the layout. This is to reduce the loading speed of the site for our friends who are on slower or even limited connection. Many bugs have been ironed out but I believe that there are more out there, so please do report any bugs you encounter. We appreciate your help in making Advent Destiny a more conducive RPG for everyone!


More importantly, many new features have been added!


1. Added Contact page.

Guests can now use the contact page to report and problems they have registering on Advent Destiny. The contact page can also be used by anyone who wishes to get in touch with the Advent Destiny team but is unwilling to register on the site.


2. Added Biography page

Members are will be able to enter their main character's biography in their profile page, where it would be easily viewed by other members.


3.  Added Awards feature

We will be giving away awards to members based on achievements such as winning in the Coliseum, outstanding role playing, or even simply being helpful to other members. Badges and awards will be given to members, which will then be displayed in their profiles. We would need help to design and think of more awards so feel free to make suggestions!


4.  Added Imageshack attachment

Members can now attach images to their posts simply by uploading the images when posting a message. The images will be hosted by Imageshack. This would save the trouble of you having to go to Imageshack's website to upload the image and then come back here to add the image into your post.


5. Added Buddy list

We have implemented a buddy list system where you can add members to your buddy list. You can see when your buddies are online and catch them while they are here at Advent Destiny.


6. Removed Chat feature

The Advent Destiny Chat has been removed from the website for the time being. The chat room can still be accessed via IRC. We will be implementing a more dynamic chat system so do look out for that!


All the guides and pages have been removed and will be re-organised over the week.


I hope you like the slightly different feel of Advent Destiny!


I wish you a Happy 4th month here on Advent Destiny!


Things in red added by me!

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Hmm, I really have to warm up to the new design, I still have that nostalgic feel of the old one.


But good that its very much faster than the old one though, hehe... Nice job Sir Valiant and all the mods/admins who had a hand in AD's facelift!

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