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Melee Free-for-all


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Samuel glanced out via his main HUD at the constant stream of snow that blew past him.  He could hear the long, lonely howl of the storm through the loud and spinning rotors of the helicopter that was bringing him to the site of the match.  Within a few minutes, he could barely make out the basic details of the ice field where the battle was to take place.


"We're about the approach the DZ, so be ready when we arrive," the pilot said over the radio.


"Understood, Lifter 4, and thanks," Samuel replied as he began the full start-up sequence.  More displays slowly lit up as his GAT-01A2R powered up.  The cockpit shuddered slightly as the helicopter descended down toward the ice field.  Samuel controlled his breathing as he cleared his mind, focusing on the match at hand as the distance between their current location and the DZ drew ever closer.


"Sir, drop in 10, 9, 8...


Samuel slowly wrapped his hands around the control sticks as the countdown continued.


"...3, 2, 1...commence drop!  Detach cables!"


Samuel felt a sudden lightened sensation as his suit dropped like a rock down toward the ground.  He calmly watched as the numbers on the altimeter scrolled down with manic intensity.  Then he suddenly jammed down on the foot pedals, causing the suit to activate its thrusters on its feet and lower thrusters of the Aile pack, slowing his descent drastically.  As the suit hit the ground, he manipulated the controls so the suit bent its knees slightly to further absorb the shock of the landing.  He felt his suit sink slightly into the rather deep snow.


After settling down, he calmly waited for the other combatants to arrive...

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A young girl sneezed as she looked out through one of many frost covered windows that lined the large transport plane she was flying in.  She shivered visibly while wiping her nose with the sleeve of her heavy winter coat, waiting for the moment that they would be arriving at their final destination.  Eventually a klaxon sounded overhead, alerting the transport's crew and passengers that they had arrived.  The girl's eyes shined brightly as she heard the classic, "Ah-oo-gah!" sound, and she clambered hastily aboard a black, blue and white painted M1 Astray.


"O.K., no more shivering outside for me, lets go M1!"  The girl said, shedding her winter coat to reveal a pink pilot suit, with a matching pink helmet which she pulled from behind the seat of the Astray's cockpit.  Her slender fingers danced across the suit's controls, sending fresh life to the suit as well as ensuring that the Astray properly heated.  It wouldn't do to have the suit's limbs get frozen from the sub-zero temperatures outside, nor did the girl want to be cold herself.


"All crew, prepare to drop cargo in T-minus 10, 9, 8..."


The girl, also known as Mignon Beart, the famed 3rd member of the Psycho Soldiers, braced herself as the transport's bay door opened, and her Astray was exposed to the outside elements.  She was glad that she could snuggle up to the warmth and comfort of her mobile suit's heated cockpit, instead of having to be stuck in that freezing plane for any longer.


"3, 2, 1, Dropping M1 Astray!"


Mignon and her M1 were rolled out of the transport and into the crisp air of the ice caps.  A strong gust of wind forced Mignon to shift the alignment of her suit and fire off a swift burst of her verniers, but otherwise she landed on target, with shards of ice and snow glittering dully around her.  The snow would make seeing things difficult, and added to the fact that this was a melee free for all competition, this would be Mignon's toughest challenge to date.


"A-chan.... Ku-chan...."  She mumbled pitifully, similarly to the way a lonely dog would pine for its master to return home.  While a competent pilot all her own, Mignon was happiest when she was with her friends and fellow teammates, so she could only hope to finish this battle quickly so she could go home and join up with her friends for a shopping trip or something.

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From afar clouds of snow were being kicked up, going closer and closer to the battleground. A big red track-traded snow transport was slowly inching its way through the slightly tumultuous weather. Takumi decided that land transport would be better for his MS for he feared that an air drop would do damage to his Windam. The snow transport was carrying the Windam in a sitting position, with auxiliary cables supplying power while they were in transport. Takumi contemplates on the coming battle from inside the MS.


Takumi browses the pre-battle data on the cockpit's main display. "A GOUF, a Dagger, an Astray, a BUCUE and a DOM. Quite a varied set of units, hmmm...", he says while rubbing his chin. Then the driver radios Takumi, "Sir, we are now nearing the battle area. What are your orders?" Takumi sits up straight in the cockpit and radios back, "When you reach the battle zone's edge make a 180* turn and make me face the battle area, do you copy?" "Copy that sir."


Takumi waited as the transport maneuvered the trailer. He started to power-up the Windam's systems, running the usual system checks and also started the warming mechanisms of the MS's components. As the transport finally stopped Takumi looked at the current weather conditions. "Damn, all I see out there is snow and gusts of snow, now how the heck are we going to have a melee battle here? Jeebus..." The Windam now started to stand-up from the transport's trailer.The auxiliary power cable plugged into the back of the Windam got pulled out as the Windam stood up.


"Would that be all sir?", asked the transport driver. "This is ok for now. Go to the coordinates we discussed earlier and wait for my next transmission for my mobile suit's retrieval later. Sawada, out.", Takumi responded to the driver. He then proceeded towards the staging area of the snow-covered plain, though he really can't make out the place they were in. Takumi calibrated the Windam's thrusters to compensate for the lack of support the snow had and the gusts of wind from the bad weather. He checked his sensors and saw the M1 Astray and the Slaughter Dagger were already there. He checked the displays if he could see them, good thing they were still visible in the snow.


"A battle royale huh, lets see, now where could those guys be..."

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"I don't want to wain in vain for your love! I don't want to wait in vain for your..." The familiar lyrics of a famous reggae musician fills a dark cockpit... Smoke billowing from the tip of a "cigarette"... When...


"Sir Sinclair! Sorry to disturb your uhmmm... meditation sir but we will be arriving soon at the designated location in the map. ETA to drop site is in 5 minutes!" Crackled the com system disturbing the quiet and tranquil darkness of the DOM's cockpit.


"No worries maaaahn! Chill! I was almost done with my smokes anyway!" putting his cigarette out using his personal ashtray.


Bob then started up his MS, a black DOM with red,green and yellow accents. The familiar color scheme of Jamaican accessories. He then saw a white landscape in his cockpit as the suit's external cameras went online.


"What a wondrous sight to behold. Such a place of beauty should not be disturbed in any way... I would try to preserve this place so that others may see it and find themselves in the endless white scenery around them" talking to himself


"We didn't know you were such a poet sir Sinclair! " the pilot said with a trembling voice as if about to cry.


"Is my com unit on? Shoot! Oh well... Hey you! Cut the crap and get back to work! Are we near the drop site?" shouted an embarrassed and irritated Bob Sinclair.


"We're here sir! Prepare for aerial drop sir!"


"Okay maaahn! All systems go!"


The mobile suit then started to free fall from the sky. Correcting it's landing position then firing his thrusters to slow down his decent and then landing on terra firma.


"Alright... I'm here. What's up everybody?" Sending a message to the other mobile suits in the vicinity.

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Jonathan’s cockpit shook violently as he waited to arrive at his destination inside his ZGMF-2000. He was arriving to the battlefield inside a ZAFT drop ship with just his single GOUF Ignited. As the drop ship hatched open and tossed his machine out Locke eased the mobile suit to land in the designated landing zone to wait for the other competitors. 


As the GOUF gained it’s composure to stand like a vigilant statue Locke casually looked through the specifications the mobile suit detailed. It was a standard GOUF with only the ranged weapons compromised, the blue armor almost blended in with the ice with only the pink eye standing out noticeably.  He quickly studied the outside and pulled out the keyboard to type the conditions into the OS so that the GOUF could act natively in the unique environment.


“Hmm I’ve been wondering how these melee weapons work on these things, this sword should be fun to use, not to mention these whips.”


Once he felt like he was ready Locke double checked his helmet and straps to make sure he was secured and ready then gripped the controls, waiting for things to start, he hated waiting. “At least something with this many people should be fun!” Studying the list of enemies he tried to kill the time before things got started.

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Snow... cold and deadly. Two words that could describe to a falling object from the heavens. Words also that could be used to define a man's life work. Ever greater his presence grows stronger.


Out in the far distance of the intended battlefield. Inside a raging blizzard, as though it is following something. On an old railway system, that was long been unused. Unused it may seem, but still operational. Vibrations could be felt and heard, growing stronger and louder by the second. Suddenly in thick snow covered air, a single light just in the distance, getting brighter and brighter. And out of the endless mist and fog came a machine breaking through this ghost wall.


It was a train, threading through the rail at breakneck speeds. Its single cargo and passenger, ever cold and dangerous. Inside the third passenger cart, was a man sitting peacefully reading a small pocket book and single cigarette stick on his mouth. As the storm outside rages, the man continue to read in his solitude, under well ornate roof carvings, carpeted floor, well lit chandeliers and silk covered sits. He was the only one inside the passenger cart, not a single soul could be ever seen throughout the cart.


Suddenly from the front side of the cart, the door opened and came in another man in a military uniform. As the uniformed man closed the door behind him, he begun to walk towards the single passenger of the train. And as he just a few steps away, he stood in attention and saluted the passenger, who was probably a higher ranking officer.


"Mahyor Koenig, Wir nähern uns unserem Bestimmungsort." (Major Koenig, We are approaching our destination)


Major Koenig, also known as Draco Doernitz alias Der Koenigstiger or The King Tiger. He faced the officer and gave him an approving gesture.


"Danke Leutnant, Sie können Produkteinführung Verfahren beginnen." (Thank you, Lieutenant, you may commence launch procedures.)


"Jah vol, Mein herr." (Yes, sir)


With that said, the officer turned about and headed back to front side and exited out of the door. Doernitz, closed his pocket book and insert it to his own uniform. and traded the book for a gold plated cigarette case. He then grabbed his silver lighter in side his pant's pocket and placed the items on the table. The table had one ashtray filled with finished up cigarette sticks, each having a gold plated cigarette butt. It was a long journey to get to the battlefield and Doernitz was heavy smoker.


He then finally threw down the cigarette stick to the ashtray, but he wanted more. So he opened his cigarette case and inside were the last three sticks of gold plated butt sticks. He took one them, lighted one up and for a moments savored the entire puff. A feeling of very high as he inhaled all the smoke and back to the ground as he exhaled all of it.


Finally he stood up took his Leather Black Great Coat with all the military pins on it. Button everything from top to bottom and buckled it with his canvas belt just above his waist. He then took his Officer's top cap secured it firmly on top of his head. And finally walked towards the back side of the cart with one last ottered phrase.


"This will be a good day to die..."


The train had seven other passenger carts and one huge cargo bay. The cargo holds just one object. A single object yet packs a lot of punch. Named after the monstrous hound of the underworld in ancient Mythology. It has been remade to become not only a monster but also a terror to those who face it.


As Doernitz moved cart to cart heading towards the cargo by which was in the middle of the train, he can feel that they were slowing down. A train with his kind of cargo takes time to make a full stop. But none the less, Draco knows that the hour is at hand for Tiger's Finest hour.


As he opened the cargo bay hatch and entered the it, he couldn't see much as the place was nearly dark. But he's been here before, he remembers theres light lever switch just near the hatch. He then tried to find the lever through just feelings. Until a few seconds, his hands bump on what felt to be a cylindrical metal tube. Without a doubt it was the switch and he nudged it as soon as he got the grip on it. And with a slam at the end, the lights sparked up the entire bay and finally the monster Mobile Suit could be seen of its nearly black paint job. The TMF/A-802W2 Kerberos BuCUE Hound. Thou considered to be an inferior type of mobile suit, but at the hands of suitable pilot, it can be as or more deadly and cunning as the famed Gundams in ground battles. Doernitz, savored a few moments of viewing this beast while puffing his cigarette


Just below the neck, was a the hitch line. Without any other delays he began to move towards the metal cable that was to bring him up to the machine. He could already feel the train nearing to a full stop. Draco was a pilot does rarely wear a flight suit, so he'll just go in with military uniform. Finally he was up on his way to the cockpit, there was no more turning back.


Inside the cockpit, he sat to his single sit cockpit putting his officer's cap just on his lap and buckled himself to the chair. One by one he flicked each necessary switch and systems for the battle. At each moment, the Mobile Suit's grew louder and louder as thou it was a jet fighter. Its motor systems were also vibrating to life slowly. The exhaust ports were giving of steams as signal that it is working at optimum efficiency. Just as he was making the final preparations his side monitor sparked up, showing the officer again.


"Herr Mahyor, wir sind zur Produkteinführung bereit." (Major, we are ready for launch)


"Gute, geöffnete Buchttüren." (Good, open bay doors.)


"Jah, vol" (Yes, sir)


As the video feed cut off, a loud mechnical sound could be heard. Then suddenly the roof split open to the sides, along with the side walls to fall. And snow started entering through the opening which was getting larger by the second. Within the few moments the Kerberos was outside of the blistering snow. Then the Kerberos's eyes lighted up it a light red and the monster began to move as thou it were a real hound. But it was not only a single head, sudenly two more red eyes blinked to give life to the other head. The two extra heads move like the quadruped had a pair of hands on his back. Then they were retracted back to its position.


Doernitz then viewed some of his map and charts examining were would be a good killing spot. When he finally made his choice, he gave one last puff at his cigarette and stuck it back in his mouth. And with one final forward jolt at his joysticks, the Kerberos dashed through thick fog like hound heading towards his planned kill zone, never to be seen again. Only to emerge back out for a kill.

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Samuel nodded to himself as the other combatants arrived, one at a time, through various means.  He hit several switches and then carefully squeezed the triggers.  The suit seem to emit a slight buzz-hum noise as the barrels of the CIWS and anti-infantry guns spun rapidly, heating up the barrels in the process.  Though the weapons were supposedly guaranteed to work in pretty much all terrains and weather conditions, Samuel knew from past experience as a linear tank driver and Strike Dagger pilot that 'guarantees' that the military made were anything but.


He already knew all of the basic specifications of the suits for this battle, but he also knew that the limitations of a suit was dependent on the skill of the pilot.  He grinned slightly as the arrival from the railway, a Kerberos BuCUE Hound, faded on and off the sensor grid before fading off entirely as it apparently found a suitable 'hunting ground.'


Then his communications panel lit up: "Alright... I'm here. What's up everybody?"


A quick look at the IFF indicated it originated from the DOM Trooper, piloted by a Bob Rastah Sinclair.


"Arkan here.  It seems everyone has arrived.  I'll be sending the signal to let the referee know," Samuel replied as he hit another switch, activating a signal to let the referee know of their 'ready' status.


[OOC: Just wait 'til winders gives the green light, I suppose. ]

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Takumi was scanning the IFF for the signatures of his opponents' mobile suits. Just as he was to complete the scan of the 5 of them a message popped-out into his screen.


"All combatants, Battle Start!"


"So the fun begins...", Takumi tells himself.


As he checked the sensors he detected that 2 of the combatants are his teammates in Team Zoids, Draco in the Kerberos and Bob in the DOM. This would serve as a very good sparring battle for them all he thought. Takumi adjusted the calibration of the thrusters for the snow as he maneuvered the Windam. He began side-stepping as he scanned the area for the nearest combatant. He cannot make any moves as long as he can't get a lock on anyone of them, all the while keeping the thrusters of his Aile pack on the ready to jettison him up and out of harms way should any of the combatants suddenly pop out of nowhere.

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((EDIT: Posted ))


Mignon rubbed her hands together as the starting signal was sent, both to keep her hands warm, and in anticipation for the match to come.  She figured that if she couldn't have A-chan and Ku-chan around, then she would at least take the opportunity to show that she was more than just a pretty face ((though she was a pretty one, in her mind at the very least)).


"Green light means go!  Mignon Beart's taking the stage!"  She exclaimed as she readied her shield and began to circle her way around the field, hoping to catch one of her many opponents off guard.  Of course, she hadn't thought that sending out a public declaration as she had just done would be the last thing that someone who was sneaking around would do; nor had she thought that other people might think to circle the outside perimeter as well.  All of this contributed to her surprise when she almost collided with a snow covered Windam.


"Reehh! W-what do you think you're doing!?  You could've hurt my Strikey's cousin!"  Mignon yelled out, her temper rising towards the person whom she believed had caused her this indignation; followed shortly thereafter by a barrage of CIWS bullets from her Astray's head vulcans.  They were the only ranged weapon that suits were allowed for this match, so she planned on using that to her advantage whenever she could.

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A moments of silence before chaos erupts in this frigid land. Draco took this moment for another puff from his cigarette before sticking it back to his mouth. Then a faint green light at his monitor blinked rapidly, signaling that this match was now underway.


Draco had chose a perfect hunting ground, suitable for his machine. A vast space of frozen wasteland, no were to run, no were to hide. A wide flatlands with a frozen lake nearby. Who would even dare fight a machine of his at this terrain. That is if they could still survive his initial attack. Doernitz has the advantage of first strike, the element of surprise, geography and typography. And his most deadliest weapon, speed.


As he was preparing himself, his sensors detect gun fire, just ahead of him. After that, a cloud of mist rose above the tree lines. And without hesitation, Draco recorded his sensor readings, just so he knows were his adversaries are.


Doernitz machine, was just hiding near the entrance of his intended arena. Behind a forested area, between two hills. His kill zone, just a few meters in-front of him, was clear enough for him to make his move. Dracos attention was to his sensors, ever watchful for any minute disturbance in radio waves. Anything that gets near him, has no way of turning back.


As he waited, he whispered to himself as motivation for patience.


"I' am a stone...I do not move..."

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"Uhmmm, man. Nobody answered my question maaannn..."


Bob checked the IFF to check for his opponents. Then a signal started flashing on his screen. "Battle Start!"


"Yes mannn, its finally started mannn... Now where are those people?"


The DOM just stood there, then after a few moments his sensors detected some hostilities happening a few ways from his position.


"Finally man, some action! I better get myself there mannnn..."


Bob pushed on his controls and the DOM started to run towards the direction where the hostilities where. The IFF identified an Astray and a Windam duking it out in the snow. He pointed the DOM towards the slight incline leading to the hill beside where the two mobile suits were so he can get a better view, and perhaps later a better shot for the kill.

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As soon as the battle begun Locke reacted by taking to the sky, he didn’t like the ground with a DOM and Kerberos there. He pushed the controls to put himself higher, he wanted to gain a height where he could get the jump on someone. As the battle got underway he noticed that the Astray and Windam had started to engage each other, everyone else seemed hesitant with the DOM and the Kerberos taking a more passive role. With those observations he increased his altitude the last thing he wanted to do was have the Slaughter Dagger sneak up on him, he didn’t feel like engaging that one just yet.


“Seems like half of the people here are going to wait for trouble to come their way… We can’t have that now can we?”


Pulling out the GOUF’s sword he let it extend but not activate, so that it wouldn’t give his location. He also allowed one of the heatrods slither from the left shield arm. As he got higher he finally decided on his target, “lets see how much attention you and I can attract to ourselves my friend.”  Aiming the GOUF he began a dive towards the DOM, he wouldn’t activate his sword until he was sure he was within striking distance. With any amount of luck he could probably surprise the DOM pilot, and hopefully draw out the other combatants to pay more attention to his enemy.

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(OOC: Sounds like your char smoked a little 'reefer' before the battle began, neog.  )




Samuel watched calmly as the battle started.  He immediately chose not to engage the Windam as the Astray stumbled into it.  The closest opponent was the GOUF but he watched as it immediately took flight and seemed to work its way to the DOM, but in a way to prevent Sam's Dagger from approaching its flank. 


It didn't matter to him; he already decided to go for the most dangerous prey...or predator in a way.  He pulled up his main sensor board and isolated the region that the Kerberos was last detected.  He brought up various maps as the monitor sizzled and hissed slightly due to the storm's interference.  As expected, the area was riddled with a variety of possible ambush locations.  Samuel merely grinned as the challenge seem to motivate him further. 


He launched his suit up in the air as he made his way toward the said region.  The feel of the Aile flight pack comforted him a bit, since even though it was bulkier than the standard issue Jet Striker pack that the EA's Windams used, the Aile pack was more flexible in its usage with its multiple thrusters.  As he approached the region, he noted the forested area, a series of hills and a frozen lake a half klick away.  He landed near the forest and immediately drew a beam saber from his left hip armor.  However, he did not ignite the blade as he made sure the shield on his left arm was secure. 


He tuned down his sensors and thrusters, as to reduce his signature on anyone's sensor board.  Then he began to walk forward carefully as he scanned around visually while keeping an eye on his sensors for any sudden activity.  He crouched and moved further at a slower pace as he made his way up a small hill...

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Takumi was just finishing the calibration of the Windam's thrusters when the sensors began beeping wildly... An Astray suddenly nudged up beside him. There was a slight moment of hesitation when the Astray arrived, presumably all the snow rendered his already white Windam harder to see. Takumi's grip tightened on the controls, then he trusted backwards, to avoid any hostilities that the Astray may do, which it does by firing its CIWS at him.


"You want a little sortie huh, Astray boy... Ruining my little meditative moment, I'll give you one in a while..."


Some shots of the CIWS hit the shield that Takumi raised in order to shield the Windam from the Astray's live of sight, albeit the amount of shots that hit was little, owing to the wide spread the pilot aimed at.


"This guy's really spoofed to see me... Want more suprises, little one?"


As Takumi's Windam skidded to a halt on the snow, in a crouched position its verniers started to light up. Takumi aimed the MS's CIWS and fired a burst shot at the Astray while the Windam's legs kicked up in symphony with its Aile pack thrusting the Windam into the air. The Windam flew low while it started to circle its current opponent, assesing what it could do.


"No rotor shrike huh... Too bad for you. You'd really like me to engage you right now, would you?"


The Windam whipped one of its Aile Pack-mounted beam sabers but didn't activate it yet, anticipating the fun to ensue once this engagement gets heated up.

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"Hey now, didn't I just tell you not to hurt my poor Strikey's cousin?"  Mignon said in a mock tone of voice, raising her shield in front of her to guard against her opponent's retaliatory barrage of CIWS rounds.  She watched her opponent through the small visor built into the top of the shield, catching a glimpse of her opponent as he shot up into the sky; taunting her suit's inability to fly.  She could have taken a rotor shrike with her, but that aging propulsion system would have been more of a liability then anything in these conditions.


Using the few thrusters her suit had, Mignon spun her suit around until she could get the Windam into her sights.  Keeping her shield ready in case the Windam decided to attack, she unleashed another short burst of CIWS rounds at her opponent.  She had to lure him in if she wanted to do any lasting damage, so hopefully she could trick him into attacking.


"If you're gonna fly in circles all day then I'm gonna shoot you down; it won't look good on your record if you get shot down by a little girl during a Melee competition, will it?"  Mignon said, still using the public communication channel as always, as she only bothered to switch to private channels when she has A-chan or Ku-chan with her.  She giggled at the thought of such a fate befalling her opponent, as such a resounding defeat would put a serious dent in his career.

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Silence continues over at the hunting grounds. Draco checked his records again, and out of cancellation, only one more Mobile Suit is yet to be found. He has all the rest of the other mobile suit locations except for one, a Slaughter Dagger.


Then suddenly, a deep thud could be heard outside the cockpit. Draco could not see it, visually, but he knows its near. Just when he was to check his sensors a sudden outburst from the intercom, coming from another mobile suit. Distracted by the unexpected uproar, he switched off his intercom to prevent other distractions that might cause him to loose sight of his target. Now he has no accurate readings of the location of the deep thud. But he knows full well, that its a mobile suit and its very near.


Draco then prepares himself for the first strike. It would be either him or the other. Either way, it will be a very fast. Speed is the key in this type of battle and the Kerberos has lots of it. He then clenched his hands on the control sticks, focused his eyes on his sensors and continue puffing smoke from his cigarette.


He then whispered to himself, as if trying to communicate to the other mobile suit.


"Come and get me, you little bastard... Come out and show me your f***ing face..."


((OOC: If  what I did was wrong... I'm sorry, I'll edit it))

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Luck... It is, for Bob Sinclair, an essential part of any battle. While still maintaining his course towards the dueling Windam and Astray, Bob noticed on his sensors another suit rapidly approaching his DOM...


"Good thing I was paying attention to my sensors, otherwise I would've been toast!"


Bob then stopped dead in his tracks, while priming his suit's hover system and beam shields, so they can be ready for deployment at any time. Bob then continued to stare at his sensors. The mobile suit was getting closer now...


"Okay man... Tonight... You dine in hell!!!" Turning on his personal music player. Bob's ready for battle.

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As soon as the DOM stopped Locke knew he was noticed, “Good…” As his GOUF got within distance he used his thrusters to compensate so he wouldn’t crash into the ground. He had to be quick; Moving his sword from his left to his right he slashed upwards hoping to make the DOM take the defensive, his weapon finally sizzling to life with his attack. As he made his move he simultaneously fallowed the momentum of his slash with his left arm lashing with his whip, aiming for the DOM’s leg. Lets see how you handle this?


In truth his sword attack was meant more as a feint to make sure the DOM focused on defending higher, his whip was the attack he really hoped to land although he’d take whatever he could get. As he finished his attack Locke prepared to jump back to avoid any retaliation, at the moment he wanted to try some hit-and-run tactics to see how the DOM would react to him. 

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Sensors went crazy again shortly after the Windam took flight. A burst of CIWS rounds came from the Astray. Takumi swiftly blocked the shots with his shield. As the Windam distanced itself from the Astray it noticed a display coming from the referees.


"Attention all combatants: Samuel Arkan; aka Berzerker has been disqualified and forcefully removed due to mechanical trouble."


"Hee, just as Ive thought. That's why I no longer use Daggers that much. They're less reliable than the Windams I pilot nowadays."


Takumi notices the IFF panel and sees a couple of new MSs on the display. A GOUF was seen flying towards another mobile suit, which the IFF identified as the DOM piloted by one of his associates, Bob Sinclair!.


"Hmmmm, I have a leaning towards a team-up at this stage of the battle."


Seeing the situation that the GOUF was running the DOM down he proceeded to open-up a private com link with Bob using a channel they commonly use when they are on a team.


"Bob, this is Takumi . Watch your back!" Takumi then changed his voice to a more serious tone; "Simulation 3..."


Takumi re-adjusted his thrusters as he went towards the battle area where the DOM and GOUF was, all the while keeping the Astray in check by raising his shield as the Windam passed it down below.

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Mignon puffed up her cheeks as her opponent flew off towards the other mobile suits, leaving herself and her aging Astray all alone on the battlefield.  At moments like these, she would usually have fired a few shots at her opponent's flight pack or something, but with neither a decent ranged weapon, nor a mobile suit suited for chasing after opponents, she looked like she was going to be left on the sidelines now.  Sure, it meant that she didn't have to waste as much energy to survive the match, but she was headstrong and born to live in the spotlight, a dangerous combination for both herself and her opponent; as Mignon often gave everything she had in the attempt to surpass her friends, who were often labeled as the more renowned and capable members of the Psycho Soldiers.


"Hey!  Who said you were allowed to run away?  Were you going to leave me all alone out here in the cold?" Mignon said to her opponent through the open channels as she pushed the Astray's few thrusters near to their limits in an attempt to catch up with the Windam she had been fighting.  "What kind of gentleman are you anyway?  Leaving a girl all on her own in such a cold place?"  She added, working herself into a right proper fit at what most people would have called a blessing.  She knew she had no chance of catching the Windam without busting up her thrusters in the process, so instead she merely followed at a fast enough pace to keep the Windam in sight, with her shield at the ready in case someone attacked.  In retrospect it made a comical sight: An Astray chasing a Windam, that was chasing a Gouf, that was going after a DOM.  Assuming that Mignon was still conscious after the match, she would most likely break into a fit of giggles when she saw the replay videos.

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As the seconds go by, Draco continued his focus to his sensors waiting for that slight wave pattern that could identify his opponent. If ever he was sighted, he will still have the advantage.


Draco knows that there is something out there, near his position but still doesn't know were it is. Little does he know, that his opponent had a severe mechanical problem and had to be disqualified in the match. So, Draco has no information whatsoever, outside because he had switch off his intercomm. He his virtually deaf from the other pilots out there in the battlefield.


Since there were no indications of such other mobile suit in the area, he had to keep track of the other suits. While still carefully watching over at his sensors, he turn back on his intercomm, just so he can extricate info of their whereabouts. The last time the intercomm was turned on, he got distracted from a transmission from another opponent. So as not to reoccur of such blunder, he tuned down the volume, enough for Draco to here it clearly while still looking at his sensors.


It was gonna be a long wait...

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