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Battle: Melee free-for-all


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Time for Sam to hone his blades in live combat once again.  :X


Samuel Arkan (Berzerker) - Slaughter Dagger, minus beam rifle

Mignon Beart - M1 Astray, minus the Type-71 beam rifle and rotor shrike

Draco Doernitz (Der Konigstiger) - Kerberos BuCUE Hound, minus beam cannons

Bob Rastah Sinclair (Green Smoker) - DOM Trooper, minus scattering beam gun and Giga-Launcher

Takumi Sawada (The Wanderer) - GAT-04+AQM/E-X01 Aile Windam, minus beam rifle and shield mounted missiles

Jonathan McDowell Locke (Locke) - ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited, minus the "Draupnir" 4-barrel beam gun


Number of Competitors: Six.

Battlefield: Polar Ice Field, with ice hills of various size and slightly stormy weather (visibility partially limited)

Restrictions on MS: Any non-Gundam mobile weapons, melee weapons only

Battle Mode: Battle Royale

Referee: winders


EDIT: Modified the conditions. 

EDIT2: Modified once more with Battlefield, etc.

EDIT3: Added all combatants and completed conditions.  Referee pending.

EDIT4: Final edits made, including referee.

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Mignon Beart will take up this challenge, one needs to improve on their weaknesses somehow 


Would vulcans be allowed in this battle, or are we going for the complete purist melee fight?  And yes, this actually has an influence on which MS I would use (have two different ones in mind, so the weapon restrictions will choose my suit for me)

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Oh bugger...I meant to type 'Melee duel'...bah.


@Kaizer: I didn't decide at the time I made this thread, but I think I'll still allow Vulcans/CIWS.


And when I mean any mobile weapon, I mean ANY MW.  So someone could take a Murasame into this battle, but they would have to discard the missiles and beam (ranged) weapons...just in case there was some misunderstanding.


@topic: I think I'll be going with the GAT-01A2R Slaughter Dagger minus the MX703G beam rifle.

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I would like to join also if you would allow me. I know this is my first time to pilot a MW but there is no time like the present to learn how to fight also because since I'm also a member of team ZOIDS.My mobile weapon of choice... Dom trooper. Minus the beam gun in it's torso

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@konig: Lol, the more the merrier. 

@neog: No problem

@Kaizer: Eep, sorry. .>" title="" />


Topic: I modifed the conditions.  This is now a melee Battle Royale.  SIGN-UPS ARE STILL OPEN!


Time to get a referee as well...


EDIT: I'm thinking another two more combatants before we top off.

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Since when would a respected Psycho Soldiers member pilot an Aegis gundam?  I only use the Astrays when I don't want a Strike, and its only because they're so closely related to big brother Strikey 


As for the battlefield, we'll need somewhere large enough to fit 4-6 suits, so possibly a desert or polar terrain?  Of course, this is Liu's challenge, so I'll leave it to him to decide

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Could I still jump into the game? I'm canceling my current battle (which SHOULD have been canceled long ago, hehe...) to join this one. Takumi needs to get some battle experience once again, hehe...


I'll be using the GAT-04+AQM/E-X01 Aile Windam, if you guys won't mind.

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Ok approved, the randomized battle order is:


Takumi Sawada (The Wanderer)

Mignon Beart

Draco Doernitz (Der Konigstiger)

Bob Rastah Sinclair (Green Smoker)

Jonathan McDowell Locke (Locke)

Samuel Arkan (Berzerker)


Entry order does not matter, but after my confirmation of battle start; then it must be in that specific battle order. Failure to comply will result in forced damage to your MS

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Forced damage, OUCH!!!


Alright, Ill be waiting for Liubei's initial post for the battle before I enter. 


EDIT: Liubei, I would like to state that I would like to use the "A52 offensive shield type E", errr, shield of the Windam, but sans the "Mk438/B dual multipurpose missile "Würger" SA10" missiles. Could I use them, please please please pretty please???

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