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What Computer/video game you playing at the momment??

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Haha, I am the eternal slacker!!! I should be studying, but I'm playing Fire Emblem (the 1st english one on the GBA) and Starcraft on PC (not up to Brood War yet, i'm playing campaign)


Edit: Its Blizzard season for me! I've also got Diablo 2 LOD installed to play over lan with my friends every friday night lol. We're only act 2 thou, coz we started last week lol

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Kotor II, Final Fantasy VI Advance, Bleach Shattered Blade, Gundam Seed and Generation of CE.

When my seven month old 360 gets back from the ROD hospital in Texas, I can continue to play.Halo 3, Madden 08, NCAA 08, and Ace Combat 6 w flight stick XD.

On a side note *t569ssgoku* Are you sure that is your tag for Bungie.net? I've been trying to see your service record to compare. Bungie.net (Aile Striker)

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