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What Computer/video game you playing at the momment??

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Haven't been playing any of the latest games at all...All courtesy of national service and my xbox being screwed for the last half a year. _<" title="" />


If advertisements were any indication, I would recommend LOTR Online or Granado Espada, though. If you want some cutesy graphics, maybe Trickster Online or MapleStory is the thing for you.

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@DD : reaction shots save lives! anyway, I regret not getting psy stuff early, those cursed Ethereals keep psy-blasting my men  :(" title="Angry" />


@topic : CS1.6 (bot knifingly fun), Jedi Academy, Xcom (no doubt), MWM4 and the occasional Dota....

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Hmm, thanks for the suggestions.  I might go buy LOTR but I'm not sure yet since I'm uh, no money and all.  I've played Maple and Trickstar and er.. >>; -coughs- Let's just say that I didn't get very far in Trickstar to kinda stay interested and Maple was like... a fad for me...


And IDAS4?


(I really want to play Melty Blood, but I don't know if I can get it or not o_o; )


So, still playing SSBM for mah GCN, even though, I really should get my Trauma Center: SO for my Wii from my cousin.


I think I'll go play GS: Never Ending Tomorrow...


Hey, I like blowing up things even though I can't see it half of the time ;

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Ah...I can't even play any Gundam related games. (1.) My console is down and (2.) I don't recall even having a Gundam Xbox360 game released as of yet.


Trickster wasn't all that great for me either. Maybe it's just me, but Trickster and Maple seemed kinda repetitive for me, up to the point where I'm picking up old games to replay them, like Heroes of Might and Magic 4.


Or has it come to a stage where I don't find games being entertaining anymore...? O.O

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I've reached a point in video games where I need more story/plot for actual happiness and better objectivity.


Annoying things is: I need to save the world in EVERY game I meet/face that isn't part of some 'cooking mama bakeoff' completely random gaming where I need to save a person or just shoot people.



MGS3 made me feel this for some odd reason, like I felt I was saving the world but truly more with plot and depth with chars unlike the rest of the game where they all just die off midway or in the end.....


And then I save the World.

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@Asahi: Ethereals.. OMG! Early on, I always thought Sectoids were more than bad enough. I hate Ethereals so much. And their terror units, too. Floaters are pretty fun, though. No fancy tricks there, just fill 'em with holes.


Got the Civ 4 expansion, so a very LARGE chunk of my free time is going to that right that now. The RNG seems to really like me in my latest game. Still can't pull off a good specialist economy, though I might be able to with Suryavarman (one of the new leaders with a trait combo that rocks for SE)


Still messing with Advance Wars DS and moved on to the 2nd Phoenix Wright game.

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Ah...I can't even play any Gundam related games. (1.) My console is down and (2.) I don't recall even having a Gundam Xbox360 game released as of yet. :(

@Faith: "Mobile Ops : The One Year War" or "Mobile Ops :Operation Troy" is stomping down the proverbial street of the future. Erm, I mean, its coming to 360!!! Sure, its not out yet, but hey, this is something to look forward to ^^ This youtube video gives a great look at the game.


@DD: >.< Damn Etherials. If they mind blast my men EVERYTIME, it looks like I won't even be able to get to the final mission, let alone get out of cydonia alive >:O


@Topic: gee, I'm a promiscuous gamer, last week I was all into CS, now I've dumped it for Marathon 2! Don't know it? Thats because its really old

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Still playing Super Smash Bros. Melee to finish up practicing for a tournament that is coming up this weekend.  But I've recently started Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1, I was very happy when I found the memory card to my PS1~


I'm still looking for an MMO D:< I may or may not start playing Maple... Kinda lazy to train and all @__@;

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Gundam SEED: Rengou Vs ZAFT Portable on the PSP.


Goddamn it. Despite being only about 500 MB on a memory card, I can play the side story mode for hours straight and not mind. Heck, its on the PSP, but the graphics and the fun make it just as good, or better since you can play in the bus. Though, due to it being a PSP game, they are missing quite a few MS from Destiny. They managed to however, squeeze in the ZAKUs (all variants), Impulse (all packs), Abyss, Gaia and Chaos...


It may be expensive, but god. Its worth the price. The game Battlezone, sold at the same price, sucks. Just get this you Gundam nuts. And yes, as usual, the grunt mobile suits DO have a chance against the advanced ones (just not in story mode =P)


My personal favourites? Commander-Type DINN and...Forbidden.




Gundam Battle Rumble for the PSP


Well, this is more "realistic" per se, slow arse walking, machine guns firing, blah blah. Its a good game for us old-school realist Gundam fans. The dependancy on the "skill points" for special abilities (such as boosting forward for a shoulder tackle without using too much of your thrust, which is, REALLY meagre) makes it questionable on the realism....


HOWEVER. Nothing else sucks than getting sniped by a GM sniper. (which kills you in one hit) So join the feds. Of course, the Zaku II is actually heavily armed. Other than your basic Zaku Machinegun, you carry your standard issue Zaku Bazooka and, believe it or not, a friggin MAGELLA TANK GUN. Thats right; you can fire off artillery on a bloody Zaku. GMs? They're not so armed. Except for the beam spray gun which can be handy, they also have a homing missile launcher. Other than that though, its up to preference.


Or you can be a cheating bastard and download a save file for fun like I did; I just want to know what I can get.


Unlockables include the huge Psycho Gundam MK I, and the Perfect Zeong.

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