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What Computer/video game you playing at the momment??

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Yeah, played it most 'bout christmas time last year, till end of January. Before that, I was finishing the Tau campaign. The two months i'm talking about however, was just endless (kekeke, sorta) mulitplayer with my friends (you can guess why they all have the game ). although we played mostly against bots, you wouldn't want to have seen a PvP game, most lasted more than two hours O_O.


btw, anyone play Time Crisis 4 or Drummania V3?

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I totally went on a gaming binge this month, since I haven't done any serious gaming for awhile. Good stuff!


.hack//G.U. vol.1 Rebirth

-just finished last week, with max stats and best stuff.



-Second playthrough. An awesome stress-reliever! When I'm craving for some short, heated 5-min action just to pulverize cronies, it delivers.

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-Rengou vs ZAFT 2 Plus

The likelihood of it being translated is slim, but is it!? That would be awesome.


-Encounters in Space

It's a really exciting game, especially if you have somebody good to fight against. I didn't but I taught my little brother to play it.


Duels quickly turn into fast-paced wrist-aching beam saber fights. It gets quite addictive if your friend/opponent is well into it, too. I like using Wing Zero Custom whenever my brother tries to run away or hide behind asteroids. I just special him with the really strong twin busters, lol. I just hate it when the both of you stray too far away, because it is really easy to get lost.


Grubby hands indeed! Nice haul asahi.

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