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What Computer/video game you playing at the momment??

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-Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (PC) - Even though I have some units for the tabletop game of 40k, I much more of this game than the tabletop one.Imperial Guards all the way. "If such is the Emperors will"


-Company of Heroes (PC) - If you love Dawn of War, you'll surely love this one too. Made by Relic also, but this time its in WWII. And this has more functions than DOW. Almost same configurations and gameplay, but more intense graphics and sound effects.


-Warcaft III: Frozen Throne: Defense of the Ancients (D.O.T.A.) (PC) - Probably one very addictive map in all of Warcraft III. This is almost like tower defense but instead of just building, you fight it out with heroes. Its a 5vs5 map. Not only you make your heroes stronger but also you buy items for them to be even stronger. I suggest you check this out, for those playing Warcraft III.


-Soul Caliber III (PS2)


-Final Fantasy XII (PS2)


-Gundam Seed Destiny: OMNI vs ZAFT Pllus II (PS2) - This is a japanese only game for PS2, but my friend got one when he visited japan.


-Super Robot Wars: Alpha II (PS2) - The Super Robot Taisen version that has nearly complete list of all gundam series and centuries, except from Gundam G and Seed Destiny. Good story, if only you can read japanese. Another Japan only game.


-Metal Slug 1-6 (PC Emulator) - The game that I've been playing for nearly 7 years

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-Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 (GBA)

-Yggdra Union (GBA)

-Final Fantasy V advance (GBA)

-Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations 2 (GBA)

-Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

-Phantasy Star Universe (PS2)

-Melty Blood Re-Act: Final Tuned (PC)


These are my current games at the moment, and are mostly RPGs and strategy games (aka, every one except for Melty Blood).  I wanna get my hands on Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, but the chances of finding it are about as slim as being able to get a hold of Fate/Stay Night: Realta Nua   

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Need for Speed Carbon (PC)

Space Cowboy Online (PC)

Gears of War (X-Box 360)

SimTower (PC, yeah I know its old, really old, but it still rocks!)

Soldat (PC)



I'd be piloting for someone on RF online a couple of months from now, but that's whats keeping my free time busy for the moment, besides karting, hehe...

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Did I just read that properly? Legends 2?  Damn thats an old school game if I ever heard of one, I haven't played that since the time I beat it on its hardest difficulty, I used to have a blast testing out all the weapons in that game (Maxed Beam Saber & Shining Laser ftw ).

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Oh I got more, just cant think of them Well actually, here are more:


Shin Megami Tensei: Noctorne, Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, Devil Summoner, and Persona 2

Ogre Battle 64

Megaman legends

Miss Adventure of Tron Bonne

Final Fantasy 5,6,7,8,9,10, 10-2,12

Crono Cross & Trigger

Elder Scrolls Morrowind & Oblivion

Soul Calibor 2 & 3


And.... thats it for now

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