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Re: Updates 29/01/2007


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You may be wondering what's with Advent Destiny, given the lack of activity and updates. We are not dead yet! The AD Team has been working up on the various features behind the scenes. Real life commitments have reduced our time available to spend on the site very significantly. However, such a situation is only temporary.


Please bear with us while we try to work out the finer details. The fact that we have met with some technical difficulties on the coding side of things has not helped. Keep the faith in us and we will prove that we can become one of the most prominent Gundam site in the RP scene.


We appreciate the dedication of other members of the staff as well as the devotion of members who still drop by to visit us and post to keep the site alive.

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The Advent Team has recently held a meeting over the Pilot Academy issue and has assigned a fellow admin member to draft out the specifics. However, there has been some difficulties in trying to integrate the Academy into the RPing system and stitching it up with the rest of the upcoming features(eg. monetary system) would take some time. In all, the Advent Team would like to provide all members with a smooth and enjoyable RPing experience, and is working hard to iron out all the little complications and contradicting details. Please be patient and i can assure you that this site would be better in the coming years.

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