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Space Port (Arrivals and Departures)


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[align=center]It was a somber day at the Space port, the shuttle that carried Delfina to Orb was already prepared to launch back out into space. The police and military presence inside the Space Port was extremely high. Tourists and natives were searched at many security checkpoints in response to the “Terrorist” attack.


Delfina looks out the window; the helicopter was quite a distance away from the port. Her eyes stare out at the crowds of news vans nearly barricading the entrance to the space port. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, and leans forward. “Pilot, is the shuttle ready for immediate take off? I don’t want to wait in the terminal.”


The pilot looks over his shoulder, and lets out a nod. “Don’t worry, even with this amount of short notice. The naturals here are surprisingly efficient. I guess that’s why Orb is such a safe haven for both races.” He tugs on the stick, and slowly makes his approach.


Delfina rests her elbow on the arm rest and lays her chin against her open palm. She was lost in thought, moments after being issued an order to continue, Delfina was ordered to return by the opposite party. The journalists seemed to catch hold of this information, and appear to be making a field day out of the situation. Would the headline cast a shadow of guilt over Plants' reputation? Delfina rubs her temple; her headache was starting to grow in strength. She had to stop thinking about politics. Delfina desired to revisit the cockpit of a mobile suit or stand on the bridge of a warship. She pictured the things she would do other then be Plant’s poster girl.[/align]

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"Finally...We're going back home." Despite the little misadventure they had coupled with plenty of surprises as well as a missed opportunity to meet with the person of the highest authority in ZAFT, Landis was somewhat sorry to leave behind the naturally picturesque Earth behind. If, by any chance, had he been on leave or perhaps on a mission to the planet, the Flight Officer was pretty sure he would jump at the chance to go, just to sate his curiosity about Earth itself and whatever wonders it holds in store for him to discover.


He looked back at the Commander, who seemed to be staring out intently through the window. It was an expression mirrored by several of his comrades in the chopper itself, all probably thinking back on what had happened, or how they might be screwed up, or how they would have done a better job the next time round. Landis sighed and frowned. It was true that this trip had been somewhat fruitless, as much as he hated to admit it. Things might get ugly not only for them, but also for the healing relations between ORB and PLANT. The scar of war was still there, and waiting to be ripped open once more by invisible forces.


Nevertheless, Landis knew that thinking too much won't lead to anything. Things would happen, and he just had to deal with them when they did.


It did seem like an excuse to talk the boredom out of him, though, and to break the increasingly tensed up atmosphere in the helicopter.


"Penny for your thoughts...Commander." He turned to her, noting that she was the nearest person to talk to.

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[align=center]Delfina lets out a small groan and turns over to Landis with a gleam of annoyance in her eyes. "Looking at this, it seems a life of a politician isn't my calling you think?" She crosses her leg over the other and stares out the window again. The Helicopter started its descent to the tarmac. A small jeep waited beside the helipad to transport the occupants to the waiting shuttle.


The pilot looks behind him and smiles. "It seems that most of your envoy has made it to the shuttle unharmed. I believe you may be the last to arrive here." He shakes his head, and lets out a loud groan. The helicopter touches the helipad elegantly, the pilot and his co-pilot start to shut down the multiple system at once. The electrical systems wind down and the loud whirling blades of the helicopter slow to a stop.


One of the soldiers runs  up to the helicopter, and pulls open the doorway. He salutes rather quickly, and lowers it instantly. "Commander its time for you to disembark. I'm glad that you have arrived without harm. Everything is ready to go, just follow me to the jeep."


Delfina holds up her hand, and makes way for the door. She had enough of this formality and wanted to return to being a soldier. The transfer notification was sitting inside her desk in Aprilius. Delfina wanted to leave the desk, and become a true commander for one time in her life. The life of a desk jockey and poster girl wasn't her calling. "Your urgency is most appreciated..." She looks over her shoulder with a scowl on her face. "Landis hurry up, we'll be leaving now." Delfina smiled to herself, the tone she used almost sounded like a mother barking orders to her delinquent son. 


Without waiting for Landis to disembark, Delfina walks down the helipad toward the waiting jeep. She pulls off the suit jacket and tosses it to another soldier. "Before our flight I would rather change into my proper uniform. I don't see myself wearing formal attire for a long time." The soldier catches the expensive jacket, and bobbles it before getting a full grip. Delfina's eyes followed his motions, and was ready to pounce if he had dropped it. She climbs into the passenger side seat and rests her feet on the dashboard. Her arms cross behind her head making her look more carefree then she let on.[/align]

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"Looking at this, it seems a life of a politician isn't my calling you think?" The answer was curt, unsurprisingly to him. Landis knew that there were many things on her mind right now, and nary a pleasant one. Of course, he could either laugh at himself for asking a silly question, or simply look nonplussed.


    He chose neither, preferring to nod in understanding and sit back silently. 


    "It seems that most of your envoy has made it to the shuttle unharmed. I believe you may be the last to arrive here." It didn't take long for them to land. Landis had to suppress a smirk when he heard the groan after the last few words from the pilot faded away. Still, he was not ungrateful for the quick and thankfully uneventful trip.


    "Commander its time for you to disembark. I'm glad that you have arrived without harm. Everything is ready to go, just follow me to the jeep." The Commander steps down regally, almost like a queen making her departure from a nation subjected to a not-so-desirable visit.


Hells, she might even look like royalty with the right kind of clothes and posterior.


"Landis hurry up, we'll be leaving now." He blinked, and cursed himself for showing a moment's hesitation in answering. Returning a hasty salute to the soldier, he strode after her, who had already began to move to the next transport awaiting them-A greenish army jeep, having seen it's days of glory pass and now serving instead as a ferry for the ZAFT visitors to return to their homeland.


Clambering in behind her and grumbling incoherently in a low voice, the Flight Officer leaned back on the back railing and looked everywhere else except his Commander.


I'm still too green, after all...

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[align=center]The jeep pulls across the tarmac the shuttle grows larger and larger on the horizon. Delfina’s hair blows in the wind, her eyes look over at the growing cloud formation in the sky. She could smell the moisture building up in the air; it was going to rain soon. The shuttle would have to lift off before the storm hit. The jeep pulls up to the mobile staircase, and the engine quickly turns off. Delfina, the driver, and the extra guard disembark and walk toward the waiting uniformed soldiers standing beside the mobile staircase.


“The shuttle is fully loaded, and we’re prepared to leave when you are ready to go ma’am.” A young Squadron leader by the name of Seth Ambrose saluted firmly. His white uniform was crisp, and new. His rank badge was shining brightly in the dim sunlight.


Delfina lets out a nod, and salutes the soldiers waiting outside. She was hiding her smile behind a strict and dominating grimace. The gale started to move moving her wind, and causing her skirt to flutter in the wind slightly. Delfina looked like a classic movie heroine leaving for the unknown. Her hand was held on the side of her face holding back her lengthy hair from blocking her vision. “At ease, Ambrose lets just board the shuttle, and get ready to leave. We don’t have much time left with that storm coming in.” Delfina motions over to Landis, and starts to climb the staircase. The folded bag was held tightly in her off hand. Contained inside was her neatly folded uniform.


The driver crosses over to Ambrose, and whispers into his ear. “The commander will change into her uniform before we take off. Do you have her luggage from the Embassy?” The driver was still holding the folded jacket firmly in his hands. He saw Delfina’s horrible scowl, and feared what she would do to him if he had dropped or misplaced it.


Ambrose lets out a casual smile and motions over to his aide. “Yes, but I don’t think we’ll be able to search through it in time before that storm hits. Looking at it now, since her clothes are different, the uniform she wore earlier should be inside that bag.” He runs his hand through his hair, and lets out a loud sigh. Ambrose puts his hands into his pockets, and walks up after Delfina.


Soldiers started to follow shortly after Ambrose into the shuttle. Many were workers at the Embassy returning to Plant for reassignment. Looking at the amount of personnel, the shuttle would be filled to half capacity.


Meanwhile, Delfina stood in the restroom disrobing. She unhooks the shirt sliding it off, and folds it neatly on the small countertop. It was a small room, but it was easy enough for a woman of her body type to change quickly. Her eyes look at the blouse, and skirt. She sniffs the air a bit, and her eyes widen slowly. There was a sweet aroma coming from both the clothes given to her, and the uniform inside the bag. “The perfume it’s all over the uniform, that chairwoman is a tricky lady.”


In an instant Delfina pulls the undershirt over her head, and slides on the knee length skirt. She exhales a bit, and pulls her arms into the outer coat. She zips it all the way up to her collar, and looks at herself in the mirror. “time to finally return to home… Delfina packs up her items into the bag, and slowly exits the restroom in full uniform. She crosses over to an empty row in the back, and takes a seat by the window.[/align]


OOC: Faith, sorry for doing this, but we should speed it up a bit. Since its only the two of us.

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