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Re: Ezekiel Koehler - Pars Deus

Ezekiel Koehler

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[ Note: This is a full repost of Ezekiel, complete with faction change and basically a whole new profile except for the name. I've deleted the old profile in the character library. ]




Full name: Ezekiel Koehler

Nickname: 'Zeke

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot

Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany

Citizenship: Eurasian Federation / OMNI Enforcer Universal Citizenship



Ezekiel is loud, and takes up a lot of space. Those aren't his only qualities, but they certainly tend to be the first people notice about him.


He's a young man, and though he's not exactly innocent he's yet to go through that stage in every soldier's life when he goes from being passionate to jaded. In fact, this passion seems inherent in everything he does; be it making war, courting a woman or simply shopping for groceries - Ezekiel will pour his heart and soul into it and see it done. Fortunately for the hot-headed young pilot, he's also got a mile-wide streak of idiot's luck that follows him around like a pet dog.


It's not all bad, though. In addition to being brash, Ezekiel is also open, charismatic and friendly. He's quick to grow attached to people, and as is often the case with such people, he's also easily likeable. That's not to say his mannerisms are a hit with everyone, and noteably older or people standing heavily by formalities tend to think him nothing more than a young hooligan with a chip on his shoulder. And to be fair, most of the time they're only halfway wrong.




Height: 6'1

Weight: 180lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Medium-length, fiery red hair kept hanging free and parted neatly down the middle. This might well be Ezekiel's most striking feature.

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: A constant five o'clock shadow around his chin that he's sadly unable to combat effectively. Nonetheless he goes to war every morning with a razor and a hearty measure of pluck, but it's a losing battle.

Skin Tone: Tanned; Caucasian.

Build: Lean; Athletic

Clothing: Casually formal, would be the best way to describe it. Ezekiel was Brought Up Right, a concept his mother put a lot of faith into, and he's been taught that the clothes make the man. Sports jackets, dress shirts and promenade shoes make up his wardrobe, though when hanging off of such an informal person they somehow seem rather inappropriate. Even his uniform tends to be open up front and worn with its sleeves rolled up when he can get away with it.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Amalia Koehler

Father: Gunter Koehler

Siblings: Older Brother; Wolfgang Koehler (deceased)

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A


Personal History:


Ezekiel's birth was a rather unremarkable affair, and he was thrown into the world in much the usual fashion on the 13th of October, CE 65. His first six or seven or so years of life were similarily bland and uninteresting - have you ever seen a baby? Yeah, that's what was going on.


CE 70 proved to be an interesting year for everyone in Germany, in rather the same way a wolf is very interesting to a flock of sheep. The GFAS-X1 Destroy hit Berlin like a comet, all-but obliterating the once proud city and reducing the country's financial hub to a pile of smoldering rubble. Even in the global economic upswing following the end of the Second Bloody Valentine War, this proved to be a difficult era for all of the neo-Prussian sector - and it was under these bleak conditions that Ezekiel began to enter true boyhood.


He experienced the war itself nigh-vicariously. Frankfurt lies far inland and far from the frontlines, and was so only affected by the war in the sense that it affected all of Earth. Though it was impossible to shield him from all of it, Ezekiel's parents did their best to prevent their younger son from watching or listening to the broadcasts, thinking him far too young to be exposed to the terrors of war. Nonetheless, Wolfgang was excited enough for the two of them, and despite his parents' best efforts some of the general war progress was related to him by his older brother in fits of boyish excitement or despair.


His parents were good people, raising their two sons as best they could despite their troubles. Much to their dismay, Ezekiel proved to be a firecracker of a lad, and his only real redeeming quality in his late single-digit years and early teens was the parity between his ability to get into trouble and his uncanny talent for getting himself out of it. He gave his parents a couple of early gray hairs, but he managed to stay alive like that about halfway into adolescence. He would learn later, and to his great amusement, that this actually cost his school teacher a great deal of money by way of a bet.


Ezekiel had always looked up to his older brother, thinking the more thoughtful, austere Wolfgang the spitting image of how a man should be. And much for that reason he also chose to interest himself in the same things as his brother, primarily mobile suits and the men and woman who piloted them.


Mwu Ra Fraga - The Hawk of Endymion;


"Moonlight" Morgan Chevalier;


Jane "The White Whale" Houston;


Everyone'd heard the names, often appearing in newspapers and televised propaganda broadcasts alike, but Ezekiel idolized these brave few to the point where his parents grew very concerned with his interest in all things belligerent. Wolfgang seemed to find it endearing, and as the large age difference left the two brothers with few enough things to bond over he even went so far as to encourag Ezekiel's similar interest in machines of war.


However, the deteriorating economic condition of the Koehler family became glaringly obvious as Amanda was forced to retire early from her job due to crippling back pains. Gunther did his best to keep afloat, but in the end it was obvious they were in a downward spiral of debt and escalating interest payments. Seeing precious little alternative, Wolfgang applied for the one job he felt certain he could hold down; a solder in the Earth Alliance. As the next of kin of a fighting man, the Koehler family were granted improved social benefits which (along with Wolfgang's now-excluded living costs) helped remedy the situation somewhat.


It turned out to be a temporary fix however, as some months after Ezekiel's fifteenth birthday he recieved the tragic news of his brother's death in combat. Wolfgang, at that point a Lieutenant in OMNI's air forces, had left a squadron of aircraft into a skirmish and had been shot down by RPG fire. A posthumous medal for bravery in combat arrived by mail a week thereafter, but it seemed a poor replacement.


Of course they'd all been prepared for it. Wolfgang had gone off to be a soldier, not to bake bread or dance the ballet - but this grim knowledge did little to soften the blow for young Ezekiel. Devastated by the loss of his brother and role model, he sunk into a heavy, listless depression, one he would not emerge from for some time. Still, he was never of a particularily brooding disposition, and as time has a tendency to heal all wounds Ezekiel eventually emerged from this dark period in his life with a new resolve to show for it.


For the next few years he began to pick up seemingly harmless physical exercise to a greater and greater degree, training his strength and stamina until he - on the day he turned seventeen - revealed his intention to join the ranks of OMNI Enforcer. His parents had already lost a child to war, and they protested his decision fiercely. Tension began to build in the Koehler household, eventually reaching a boiling point where Ezekiel packed what he could carry and left home on his own.


He was seventeen now, and in fine shape for his age, and as such the EA recruitment office was only too happy to have him when he came knocking on their door a cold November morning. After several months of boot camp he was shipped off to act as a peacekeeper amidst the parts of Berlin that were yet to be rebuilt. It was simple, mostly dull work, but he performed it (mostly) without complaint and showed commendable reflexes and a quick wit, earning the recommendations of his officers for OMNI's mobile suit pilot program.


Two years has passed since he transferred to the MS pilot training camp near Alaska, and he's blossomed during training to become a fine representative of OMNI Enforcer; A gifted, though slightly brash and undisciplined pilot with a fierce will to do right by his country.

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You said his when he was five and six they were not very intresting you skipped 


when he was five years old. You need to talk about the parents    and you need to tell how his brother died


you also need to tell how his school Histroy was.

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First off I'd like to say that you have some great sense of humour and I apologize for not posting here sooner (I did have a quick scan through once but I was jet lagged to respond)


I personally think from the age 4 on he should have been old enough to have an impression of the war, be it a very weak one. From 4 onwards children tend to become more curious in my opinion, could you add some stuff there?


Rebel territory? What rebel territory? While it adds a good twist you'd need to get permission from the site admin (Jenxi) to have minor plot things like this.


Other than that, I must say this is very good bio from a fine calibur roleplaying (just try to cool it on the attitude to other members, they're only trying to give help)

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I tossed in a little about the war in his early history. It's not much, but it's something.


I guess I'll hear with Valiant about the rebel thing as soon as I can get in touch with him. I just figured that with the way the EA run things, minor insurrections are bound to pop up from time to time.


Also, if I came off as being snide with Diska, that was wholly unintentional. I'm sorry if anyone was offended.

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You would have to provide more details about the rebel territory. It's too vague.


There are people who waited longer than this and yet showed more patience. I hope you would understand that we have our lives to live too, as you can tell from how things are slowing down there a little. We would appreciate your patience and understanding.

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