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Starting the Day


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The stinging sensation burned into James's eyes.  Looking up, the light was beaming threw a small crack in the blinds.


Moving his back, he sat up.  Looking down at the messed up sheets James wiggled his toes.  Yawning and scratching his greasy hair James got out of bed and moved toward the stairs.


His apartment had two stories, but the second story was only his bedroom and bathroom.  It was more of a loft.  Walking down the spiral stairs James clutched onto the railing.  The soft rug felt a lot better then the cold wooden stairs.


As he made his way to the kitchen he ran his fingers through his cat's hair, which was resting on the sofa in the living room.  The cold feeling came back as he stepped onto the tile in the kitchen.


Empty was the only feeling he had as he opened his refrigerator.  Stretching one more time he ran up to his room and got dressed.  As he came down the stairs and made his way to the door, he stopped and looked in the mirror.  The usual guy was looking right back at him.


Locking the door behind him he walked a couple feet to his small garage.  It was not big enough to hold a car or any other junk the stereotypical garages hold.  When the door opened the glare from the sun made his LX-87 motorcycle smile at him.


Pulling the bike into the street James straddled it and kick started it.  Revving the engine twice he put his helmet on.


"Man I'm starving" James said to him self just as he speed down the street.

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