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Thought I'd jump In


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Well, seeing as I have plenty of AMVs at the moment I thought I'd through some up and see what y'all think.


One of the first SEED Vids I ever did



Shinn vs Kira Vid... I like how it came out



Shinn based vid.



This one is based around the first few SEED Modes Kira has...Not one of my best lol



Finally, my most recent and I think one of my better ones.




Now onto the Non-SEED AMVs lol.


Sasuke and Itachi: Family Ties (For any Naruto fans out there)



Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I liked it but the quality could be better.




Well I believe that's all of them for now lol. I'm currently working on an Endless Waltz video and planning another SEED Video so keep an eye out and please leave your comments here as to whether you liked them or think they need work. Criticism is not looked down on with me. I enjoy it and believe it makes my videos better as I work on them.

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wow that is some good music and the videos are really good to. I love the video of kira and shinn fighting it shows that there are more then one kira out there that means that kira is a good pilot so is shinn so they were kind of the same.They might even have the same strengths but one is still stronger.

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