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While I may not be an artist i like to imagine i have other skills at least O_o I recently finished my second AMV, I've been busy lately so my stuff kept getting pushed back. This will likely be the last Gundam one I make, right now I'm almost dont with a Giglamesh AMV and I'm working on a Gankutsuou AMV, hopefully You guys will check that stuff out when i get it done Hopefully too I can keep posting stuff up for my cosplays, I plan on doing Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke come April so wish me luck on that one. Well without further delay :p


My first AMV for those who missed it:



My Newest AMV and "sequal" to my first one:



Heres the stuff I've hacked with Photoshop for your viewing pleasure...


Heres a image i tried to do for Locke, its basically a hack of Trowa's Oz uniform from Wing



A MS i made for the last site, just made it too late i called it the Principality



Heres a Berah Custom



Trigun but of course



Last but not least me and my friends doing a party of mages from FF1, I'm the Black Mage this was taken at AX 2006



Just like to end saying that i lack any real skill, if anything I'm more of an illusionist when it comes to graphics, and that I can't claim any of the drawings at my own, all i did was see them in a different light

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Alrighty time for round two don't worry i didn't hack more stuff recently, in fact i havent had the time to. As i mentioned before i went to another anime convention (i plan on bumming a few pics off my friends here soon enough too) but i entered the AMV contest i managed to get two of my vids in the door one went into action and the other went into the WTF category (even though i intended it for drama). I figured I'd post the AMV's ive finished since last time. Right now I'm working on another ghost in the shell AMV for Ride be me girl (a benassi song i believe) and I'm also working on a Gundam compilation (of original, 0080, 0083, wing, and seed) I'm making that one to Fall out boy's "this aint a scene" song I hope I'll finish that one around summer time (i gotta focus on getting outta school first im on my last semester). Well here are my two entries I hope you guys check em out and let me know what you think, maybe I'll convince you guys to broaden what anime you guys watch I didn't win anything but i had fun with them!


Gits Thought (a ghost in the shell SAC, Linking Park mix)


Theres a reason for the 51st Century (a Gankutsuou, Red Hot Chili Peppers combination)

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