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Red Eclispe (Formerly Cannonball Blitz)


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Team Name: Red Eclipse


Pilot Roster:

CB1: Hitomi Matsuko; Jester (Team Leader) fireminerva


CB2: Ryan A Kyubos; Kyuubi (Close Combat Specialist) kyuubi


CB3: Dimitri Shirokov; HAX (Combat Support Specialist) Dimitri


CB4: Train Heartnet; Black Cat (Ranged Specialist) Riku Ishimaru


Team Stats:

Total Number of Battles: 1


Wins: 1


Loses: 0


Ties: 0


Team Bio

As one of the more recently formed teams Cannonball Blitz has been organized by Hitomi Matsuko in order to give inexperienced pilots a springboard to move off of.  It is her hope that they will be able to take the skills and tactics that they learn and form teams of their own one day which will broaden and strengthen the competitive field.  So far this has only happened once but Hitomi continues to hope for the future.


Cannonball Blitz could also be described as the most abstract team in the field as the team is constantly trying to maintain a modern image.  Though the future is currently uncertain this is a team to be feared and they are more than willing to prove that to any challengers who step into the Coliseum.


Currently Cannonball Blitz's MS are painted red and black on the main sections of the body, the larger majority being black while the red offsets the darker color by highlighting the MS' trim.  Any spots left uncolored are painted a silver-gray but this is mostly limited to small joint areas of the team's MS.


Recently Cannonball Blitz's name changed to Red Eclipse in the hope that a new name would give the team a rougher feel more suited to a professional arena.

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