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Ray Katsuki

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Good Afternon Ladies and Germs


Ive been busy lately and still am but I have also been working on getting my art to make my style a more modern anime style than my earlier stuff, Ive also been working on my proportions and anatomy.  Lol Ive also been working on drawing women as my previous women have been terribly ah manly 


And to be honest Crusnik has gotten alot better he used to be good now hes on a different level, so its inspired me to work on my art.


So I purchased a couple of how to draw anime books and went from there.  And I'm pretty happy how these guys turned out they are gonna be part of a Advent Destiny Player character line up.  The only thing I'm not happy with is how Seigs knees turned out, lol also I didn't realize seig was a Zaft red hence why he has a green uniform and I gave up on his facial tattoos (dam things!!)


So I give you Seig Verdelt (Crusnik) and Sylia Rose (Keri), other characters will be added in as and when I get the time.  But its gonna be good when its done lol





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