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The day after


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Val took a sip off his cigarrette. He felt the nicotine course his veins and let out a small shudder. The headache was nearly lethal, and he had to pull himself to the nearest chair. Unfortunately to him, there was no chair around him and he fell onto the floor, the lit cigarrette rolling away from him below a small drawer. "Shit," he cursed and quickly rolled on the floor to the drawer. He reached out to the smoke and caught it. He placed the lit smoke on his lips and took another deep breath. He blew the smoke out and let out a sigh. He looked at his bed. Yet another of his one-night damsels was laying on her face on the bed. He took the stub remaining and tossed it out of the open window. He was certain this one had told him not to smoke the night before.


Val grabbed a shirt off the cabinet. He slipped into his old, comfortable jeans and got outside the room. He didn't do nothing but one-nighters, so it would be in his best interests that this lady wouldn't be awoken before he was a fair distance away from the hotel. He headed downstairs, hanging his jacket off his shoulder. He got to the lobby and lit another cigarrette. Val checked his watch. 13:31. He went off to the counter and slapped his credit-card onto the desk. "Hi," he said and smiled at the pretty receptionist. "Room 2103. Could you send the lady still there something pretty for me? But not yet, she likes her sleep quite a bit." The rceptionist was content with simply smiling at him and he didn't mind that either. Fewer complications, he thought.


Val walked across the street. There was a nice cafeteria nearby he liked to visit. The waitresses were not that bad for the eye either. He stepped in through the door and heard a tinker go off. A little waitress walked up to him and made a small bow. "Welcome to our humble shop. Please, follow me," she said. Val walked behind her into a small two-person table in the corner of the coffee house. Val ordered a heavy cappucino and sat down, picking up a small chocolate-stick. He smiled at the waitress and tried to hide the throbbing headache he was experiencing.

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