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Star Wars prequel era Microscope


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YES: More resistance toward the Republic

YES: More widespread use of captured assets

No: Anakin Skywalker does not exist

Yes: Open Criticism of the Jedi Order


Lens: Jedi Council

Lens: Rise of the Empire

Lens: Separatists

Lens: Bounty Hunters


(Event) 40 BBY: Qui-Gon Jinn accepts a seat on the Jedi High Council. Due to council members being unable to have Padawans, Qui-Gon’s former Master Dooku offers to continue to train the 17 year old Obi-Wan Kenobi.

(Event) 39 BBY: After an incident involving a padawan turning to the dark side, Jedi Master Yoda submits himself to exile on the desert planet of Tattooine after pressuring from fellow council member Ki-Adi-Mundi to take responsibility for the mishap. (good)

(Event) 32 BBY: Jedi Councilmember Katar Tunda crashes the auction of captured Padawan Eldra Kaitis, who is being sold by Xev Xrexus over a moon in the Drazkel system. At the same time, Sith apprentice Darth Maul and Cad Bane's band of bounty hunters assault the moon hideout, intent on capturing and killing Kaitis. The Jedi and Maul's group quickly decimate Xrexus and her forces before fighting each other. Bane and Aurra Sing flee when Tunda kills two of their teammates, while Kaitis is ordered to flee in Tunda's starfighter and report to the Council, in case she is unable to defeat Maul alone. Effectively, Tunda is killed in a duel with Maul, however, she buys enough time for Kaitis to arrive safely to Coruscant. The Jedi High Council are alerted to the Sith Order's resurgence. (Good)

(Event) 31 BBY: Master Dooku, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a handful of other masters and knights are hand picked by the Chancellor as designated “Republic Knights”. Jedi who are vetted and sanctioned by the Senate and Chancellor. This is a highly political move that begins to create a schism within the Jedi Order and throws the council into a state of panic. (Bad)

(Event) 30 BBY: The Jedi Council is officially disbanded after a vote within the Republic. All Jedi Order activities from training to service quickly become more militarily based. Any rejectors are imprisoned by loyalists using the public’s fear of the Sith and the Trade Federation as an excuse. Ki-Adi-Mundi is killed in an arrest attempt, but some Jedi like Shaak Ti and Kit Fisto are able to escape Coruscant. (Bad)

(Event) 30 BBY: Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi is briefly captured while trying to investigate and pursue the Sith Apprentice Darth Maul. The Jedi Master looses a hand in a duel in the skyscrapers of Coruscant. Maul uses the opportunity to escape. Special Republic Intelligence forces locate and retrieve Mundi’s hand and succeed in preserving the genetic material. They catalogue the hand and ship it out to a facility on Kamino. (Bad)

Period: The One Year War, 30 BBY- 29 BBY

(Event) 30 BBY: With the dissolution of the Jedi Council, dissident Jedi who do not fall in line with the loyalist demands set up a Jedi splinter cell known as the Children of the Exile. This splinter cell is split into two connected cooperative entities in order to negate a concentrated Republic offensive. Kit Fisto takes half of the exiles to Dagobah to train in secret, while Shaak Ti brings the other half to the smuggler's moon of Nar Shadaa in search of financial support from the Hutt crime syndicates

(Event) 30 BBY: Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas authorizes the Kaminoans to use Ki-Adi-Mundi's genetic material as one of several templates of clone trooper for the Grand Army of the Republic. Mundi template clone troopers are preemptively assigned to a special training program, Antimundi, meant to train special forces capable of hunting down not only Sith, but disruptive Jedi exiles. (Bad)

(Event) 29 BBY: Battle of Nar Sharda - In a two fold attack the republic invades Nar Sharda with a massive clone army of Antimundi’s to both: attempt to deal a death blow to the Jedi exiles ,and to overthrow the Hutt Regime. Though a strategic victory the battle will be a tactical loss with many Jedi scattering from the hutt moon. The mental instability of the clones comes into question after the battle. a possible result of being cloned from a Jedi. (Bad)

(Event) 29 BBY: Disillusioned by the influx of Antimundi and their artificial abilities (They’re later categorized as “Cyber Force Users”), Shaak Ti delves  further into the crime world. Her compassionate side gets the best of her as she fall in love with one of the Hutt Clan’s top bounty hunters, Jango Fett. (Good)

(Event) 29 BBY: After the successful raid on Nar Shadaa, the location of the rogue jedi academy on Dagobah is discovered and raided. In a last ditch effort to stall the republic knights and save the lives of his students, jedi masters Kit Fisto and Quinlan Voss sacrifice themselves, killing all but one Knight--Obi Wan Kenobi. Disillusioned by the death of his former allies, Kenobi fakes his own death and retreats to Tattooine to link up with Master-in-Exile Yoda. (Good)

(Event) 29 BBY: Obi-Wan Kenobi, now going by Ben, visits Mos Espa in order to pick up supplies. There he comes across a moisture farmer by the name of Owen Lars being assaulted by thugs. Ben is able to save Lars, but accidentally reveals his force abilities to him in the process. Owen promises to keep this a secret and strikes a friendship with the young Jedi. (Good)

(Period) Separatist build-up, 32 BBY-28 BBY

(Event) 29 BBY: Keeping a close eye on the conflict between the Republic and the Hutt Regime, Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation is horrified by the combat prowess of Antimundis and believes a move must be made to counter the growing threat Cyber Force Users pose to the Federation. His right-hand man, Rune Haako, proposes the commission of B1 models with cortosis outer shells and upgraded processors. Darth Maul, leader of the Tunda Cartel, tells Gunray to set up cloning laboratories and grow Cyber Force Users of his own. Both are told to demonstrate their concepts against those of the other. Haako gets in contact with Baktoid Combat Automata to design C-B1 Battle Droids, while Maul visits Dathomir to find Nightsisters worthy of becoming templates for the clones. (Bad)

(Event) 29BBY: Eager to expand his power base, Darth Maul reaches out to the Death Watch and offers to help them liberate their world from the pacifist ruling faction. He forms a shaky alliance with Pre-Vizsla and the two begin a campaign of terror to liberate the planet of Mandalore. The rising violence sends ripples throughout the galaxy and the estranged Ben Kenobi leaves Tattooine to go help his friend the Duchess Satine. I’m order to hide his identity he dawns ancestral mandalorian armor from the Duchess’ family and becomes her devoted protector during the crisis. Though his presence reassures the duchess it does little to stem the growing violence. (Bad)

(Event) 28 BBY: Crisis on Mandalore. Darth Maul and Pre Vizsla officially launch a full scale assault against the capital of Sundari once they had a serviceable level of allies. The battle is fierce and while there is pushback, the pacifists are quickly defeated. Ben in a last ditch effort attempts to take out both Maul and Vizsla, but Bo-Katan, the Duchess’ sister, is accidentally killed during the conflict.  Lost and depressed, Satine escapes the planet with Ben as Vizsla is announced as leader of the planet and ally of the newfound Separatist Alliance. (Bad)

(Event) 27 BBY: Threatened by the growing power of the Separatist Union, senator Padme Amidala wrests control of the senate through the use of shrewd political maneuvers and the Jedi Knights, installing herself as Empress in what she sees as a necessary evil to unite an increasingly unstable Republic. Many former senators are given lordships while others are discarded, such as Sheev Palpatine, as the newly formed Galactic Empire sits on the knife's edge of war. (Good)

(Event) 26 BBY: A summit is hosted in Theed by Jamillia, Queen of Naboo, at the Royal Palace. Jamillia, Sheev Palpatine and other ardent defenders of democracy meet with leaders of the Separatist Union. Agreeing that the Galactic Empire and the Jedi Order must be contained for the greater good of the Galaxy, they merge the Separatist Union and the Alliance to Restore the Republic into the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (Good)

(Event) 26 BBY: Lord Bail Organa of Alderaan hosts Confederacy and Imperial negotiators at his estate in hopes of easing tensions between the two. However, part way through the summit, the Confederacy launches a preemptive attack with an elite strike unit of assassin droids. Lord Organa, his family, and a small detachment of Jedi Knights are killed and Alderaan is quickly taken by CIS forces in the following days. In response, the Empire declares war. (Bad)

(Event) 26 BBY: An enterprising Chiss is discovered on an back world near the unknown regions. He joins the Empire and quickly rises in reputation and ranks. He will be hailed as a hero during his career and loyalty to him will be second to the Empress herself. He is soon assigned a new type of warship, a Star Destroyer named “Chimera” and his name is Thrawn. (Good)

(Event) 20 BBY: Battle of Theed – With no where else to go, the Confederate forces rally at Naboo. The move proves to be disastrous as they fall for Grand Admiral Thrawn’s brilliant strategy. With an Imperial fleet hiding at the dark side of the moon, the Empire makes quick work of the rag tag confederate fleet. Fighting moves to a climatic battle in the palace of Theed itself. The Antimundi’s along with liberated B1 legions route prominent confederates into the palace. Satisfied that the “womprats had been cornered” Grand Admiral Thrawn pulls back his Antimundi troops then orders a full orbital bombardment of Theed. In a display of firepower the galaxy hadn’t seen, the entire half of the planet Naboo is “glassed” from the concentrated fire. The brutality will ingrain in the minds of the galaxy and order soon follows from other systems. (Good)

(Event) 25 BBY: Imperial Knight Qui-Gon Jinn is sent to the planet Ilum to oversee the mining of Kyber Crystals intended to be used for new Empire weaponry. However, a mining facility is attacked not by the CIS, but the Hutt Regime to use the crystals for its own purpose. Jinn is captured in the process by Shaak Ti and Jango Fett, placing him aboard Slave I to be questioned by Hutt Leader Kenanji. (Good)

(Event) 25 BBY: After the disappearance of Qui Gon Jinn and the loss of Obi Wan Kenobi Empress Amidala, realizing the empire leans too heavily on the Jedi Knights, commissions the creation of a contingency plan: an orbital defense platform code named Skywalker, set to be constructed in Coruscant space. Scientist Galen Erso is placed at the head of the development team.

(Event) 24 BBY: By order of Empress Amidala, integration of the Jedi Order and the Imperial military continues. Jedi Knights retain their rank within the Order and their lightsabers, however, they are commissioned into the Army and Navy as the elite Stormtroopers, clad in full plastoid armor and carrying standard issue blasters with them. (Good)

(Event) 20 BBY: Bitter from a failed assassination attempt made my Jango Fett, Empress Amadala places blame on the old imperial senate and moves to dissolve the antiquated assembly. Left with a scar along her right eye, she delivers a powerful speech solidifying her absolute power. Her rhetoric is fool proof and it is with thunderous applause that the senate is dissolved and the Empress raises above all doubts of her rulership.

(Event) 20 BBY: Quarsh Panaka is the first to be given the title of Moff, and is given control over his native Chommell sector. However, the unnecessarily brutal methods of Grand Admiral Thrawn resulted in the destruction of his beloved home and the death of many innocent acquaintances, including his nephew, Gregar Typho. The Moff and his wife Mariek, holding a grudge against the Grand Admiral and, to some extent, the Empress, make a vow 'to make them all pay'. Carefully maintaining their official positions and attempting to rebuild what is left of Naboo, Mariek makes the acquaintance of Chandrilan Senator Mon Mothma, while Quarsh cautiously evaluates approaching an Onderonian insurgent by the name of Saw Gerrera. (Good)

(Event) 24 BBY: The Hutt Regime sends a bounty hunter duo to assassinate Wat Tambor of the Techno Union, a weapons manufacturer for both the Empire and CIS. Qymaen jai Sheelal and HBP-04 are able to succeed in their mission, but the bomb they planted in Wat’s chambers kills a total of 47 Union members and civilians causing more chaos than the Hutts intended. (Bad)

> (Scene) In the streets of Ryloth, a squad of Antimundi are commanded by an elite Stormtrooper to guard what looked to be just a hole in the ground, but in reality led to the chambers of a captured Hutt by the name of Ziro. Four bounty hunters watched from one of the nearby rooftops as Antimundi made their patrols. Two IG models stood diligently behind Jango Fett and Latts Razzi, awaiting their orders from the former Mandalorian. “Those soldiers shouldn’t be a challenge.” Stated Latts while she looked through her macrobinoculars. “It’s the Stormtrooper that worries me a bit. They’ve taken out their fair share of Hutt clan members and I’d rather not join them.” She turned to Fett. “What’s the plan boss?”

Jango stood besides Latts, monitoring the situation with his rangefinder. He regarded the Theelin for a moment before returning his gaze to the guards. “The whole situation is less than ideal.” He announced solemnly, “then again what situation ever is?” He asked rhetorically. A trace of a smile could be heard on his masked voice though it would be impossible to tell. Nodding to the two droids he stood up straight. “We have no choice but to hit them hard and fast. If we focus on the stormtroopers first we might overwhelm them. The rest should fall east after that. We all know hutts can’t move fast so we have to secure the area before we get Ziro out..” Normally that would be that but he knew better than to dictate to these droids without having their input. “Is that an acceptable amount of risk for this job?” His tone was more challenging than questioning. Hutts paid good money though, and last thing he wanted was for it to fall apart based on his own arrogance. 

> IG-88 turned their cylindrical head from the target and faced the Mandalorian. "Acceptable? Indeed. Anti-Mundis have a genetic defect that effects their accuracy. This combined with the Hutt's increased tolerance for injury suggests that eliminating the elite forces would be the correct course of action. I trust you will be taking the lead, Jango Fett. This is your plan after all. "
> 88's red eyes flickered momentarily as it turned to look back at the hole. "Alternatively, we could utilize the ventilation systems to disperse a toxin. Hutts are resiliant, and Ziro should not be adversely affected. It would help us clear the area, but it would also take away some of the...thrill,"

> HELIOS-3D surveilled the Imperial squad through the scope of its sniper rifle. It addressed the rest of the team in an assertive, mechanical tone, without taking its optical sensors off the Stormtrooper squad leader. "Regardless of your approach, I will stay on this rooftop and shoot for the Stormtrooper first. We must syncronize and focus our attacks on her, in case any single one of our attempts fails. Once she is dealt with, I will provide cover and update you on the situation above ground. When the package is secured and the sector is clear, I will await your signal to take off and fly the ship in for extraction."
> “Hutt Clan scum!” The Stormtrooper ignited her lightsaber as she pointed at the bounty hunters. In response, the Antimundi began firing at the rooftop. “So much for surprise…” Latts stated, sending her grappling boa down toward the nearest Antimundi. With a single crack of the whip, the soldier’s neck snapped, giving Latts the opportunity to jump off the roof without any trouble. “I’ll head for Ziro.” She uttered while choking another Antimundi. “Take out that Jedi!”


Period: 22BBY-19BBY The Hidden War

As the war rages on, the shifting allegiances begin to seep into the criminal underworld as Bounty Hunters find themselves on opposing sides of the conflict. Thus begins the Hidden War, where Bounty Hunters are hired to fight a series of unseen proxy wars by shadowy benefactors paying several hundred times the normal amounts. Old friends and allies are pitted against each other while other hunters find themselves forging bonds with old enemies as blood flows across the galaxy.

(Event) 21BBY: Massive Kyber Crystals are discovered in the Outer Rim planet of Utapau. The Empire and the CIS field regular forces and logistics equipment to take the fight to the opposing side and sustain mining operations in the planet. In addition, elite forces are deployed to hamper the attempts of the other side to unearth crystals. The Empire sends in Vader Team, led by Clone Commando Rancor of the Jum Rango template, to acquire as many of these crystals as possible for Project Skywalker. The CIS hires the services of Aurra Sing and places her in command of Ventress-type clones, ordering her to bring any acquired crystals to the new Foreman of the Techno Union, Walton Wesner. Finally, the Hutts send Jango Fett and Shaak Ti to the planet along with HELIOS-3D and KRONOS-327, to let both sides prepare the crystals for shipping, then steal them once the heavy lifting has been taken care of. (Bad)

(Event) 21BBY: Still at odds with her exile, the Duchess Satine places a bounty on the Mandalore Pre Vizla. Apprehensive at first, the bounty hunter Jango Fett takes on the job and fights Vizla on the moon of Conchord. A defeated Vizla imparts the dark saber to the bounty hunter and warns that Satine will never know her position again in this renewed mandalorian culture. Giving the Dark Saber to Jango now makes him the defacto leader of the Mandalorians. A fact that Darth Maul doesn’t take a liking to. (Good)


(Event) 20 BBY: The Hutt Regime’s leaders are slaughtered by a single bionic man known as “Hambrabi Sting” using a fatal toxin during a party. Kenanji and Ziro the Hutt only catch the glimpse of Sting as they pass on. The murderer immediately disappears, causing chaos for who’s to be the next leader. Because of this, the entire clan collapses under itself as Empire, CIS, and bounty hunters quickly absorb Hutt territory into their own. (Bad)


(Event) 20 BBY: With the Hutt clan’s collapse there is weakness on Tatooine. Seeing a chance to spur righteousness to the people on the planet the exiled Satine along with Kenobi and Lars lead a revolt against Jabba and push the Hutt out of power. Satine reluctantly takes up the position of governor for the planet and begins freeing slaves and installing other social reforms on the planet. 

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Character List:


Padme Amidala

Qui-Gon Jinn


Eldra Kaitis



Galen Erso

Quarsh Panaka

Mariek Panaka

Mon Mothma

Commando Rancor



Sheev Palpatine

Darth Maul

Nute Gunray

Rune Haki

Walton Wesner


Bounty Hunters

Cad Bane

Aurra Sing

Shaak Ti

Jango Fett

Qymaen jai Sheelal


Latts Razzi




Hambrabi Sting



Ben Kenobi



Owen Lars

Saw Gererra

Pre Vizsla

Jabba the Hutt



Ki-Adi Mundi

Katar Tunda

Kit Fisto

Quinlan Vos


Bail Organa

Gregar Typho

Ziro the Hutt

Kenanji the Hutt

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