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Shaft's emo poetry. =3


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The shadow of the night gives me comfort,

The light of the day gives me hope.

The strength of the wind gives me courage,

The love from friends, give me the will to live.



In the Classroom

Sitting alone in the classroom,

Quiet, lonely and angry.


No one looks at me,

No one tries to be friendly.


I place my head on the table,

Feeling broken and disabled.


I sob to myself in dispair,

For I do not even have a lair.


To relieve myself of all this pain,

All my efforts, all in vain.


I planted my fist on the table,

Pushing my self up, feeling unstable.


I took a deep breath, and opened my eyes,

I forced a smile and shook those thoughts by.


Lovely Betrayal

Here I stand, tears in my eyes.

I couldn’t stand anymore lies.

All this crying,

All this sulking.


Stop it with your charade,

Love is not some parade.


Those crocodile tears ain’t gonna help anymore,

They arn’t nothing I’ve never seen before.


So fuck off and let me go,

Before I put you on the death row.



I’m on the edge of a cliff now,

Give me a nudge, and I’ll just go down.


But I won’t go down alone for sure,

I’ll be taking you with me without a lure.




Most of these were written last year, not the best year of my life. Hee hee. Anyways, all of these are all behind me. I've long abandoned this stye of writing. Except the one right above was quite recent. 4 months ago? I just write when I can. =P




Don't add me to dev-watch. My page is dead and buried.

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My fantasies are where my hopes and dreams are,

Reality is where cruel fate and destiny kicks them afar.

But even as this "battle" rages on.

Life goes on, even when I'm gone.


A catalyst is what I will be,

Making friends, keeping them happy.

Until I find that special someone,

I alone, will be one.


People everywhere, all around me,

Events anywhere, at any given time.


My soul cries for its face,

My heart wails for its pace,

My body screams for a place,

My mind moans for a phase.


And so I die,

Time will fly,

Everything passes by.




Life has its ups and downs,

It goes in leaps and bounds.

We'd never know what we'll find,

Through the threads that bind.


All our fates and destinies,

All our dreams and fantasies.


And so, we have to bide out time,

Life, is but a pantomime.

Words are never sufficient,

Gestures, are ever efficient.


May your friendships last,

And your life, be a blast.




Do take a rest, don't work so hard,

Take a break, don't let down your guard.

There's always time for work and play.

Even if, the skies are grey.


And when finally, you're having fun,

I hope its weight, goes up to a ton.

For time, 'tis something we treasure,

For work, and acts of leisure.


So stretch, rest your eyes,

So, you can see through lies.

And so, I'll go back to work.

All because, my mom's a jerk.


(Last line's just to make it rhyme. She's the best mom in the world. <3)





I may have to go,

But I care for you so,

So you'd better take good care,

Because I can't be there.


I hope you feel safe in your sleep,

And I hope, you don't have to weep.

So there you are, not alone

Maybe, you're just on the phone.


And so, I bid you farewell,

And I hope, you will be well.

For I will return, sometime

Possibly, when the clock strikes nine.




Comments, criticism, more than welcomed.

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Very interesting.


Here's a tip. Try to mix the rhymes up a bit more, alternate them in sentences. Rhyme the first and last line of each verse, and then the second and second last etc...


My preferred style is to double rhyme. That is, rhyme in the middle of each line as well as the ending. It's a little hard but once you get the hang of it, it's real fun. Want some examples? Look at Eminem's lyrics. Crude but beautifully poetic if you look at it in a different light.


Keep it up.

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