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XFA-LMA01 "Woglinde"


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General and Technical Data


Model number: XFA-LMA01

Code name: Woglinde

Unit type: Zaft New Era Battlecarrier

Manufacturer: Zaft

Operator: Zaft Military

First deployment: Unknown, expected maiden flight late, CE85

Capacity: 350 Crew, room for additional personnel.

Height: Overall length 502 Meters,

Weight: 48900 tons

Power plant: Fukuda PH Generator

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Reinforced Titanium armor; anti-beam coated laminate hull.

Fixed armaments: “Novae” positron Lancer cannon x1, mounted on forward end of main body; Dual barrel beam cannon x 2; Retractable Dual Beam Cannon x 4, mounted on the underbelly of the ship; 16 x retractable multi barreled CIWS, mounted on main body; many x missile launchers (mounts "Neidhardt" space missiles; mounted on main body; 4 x torpedo launcher (mounts "Wolfram" M25 torpedoes), mounted on main body; many x anti-beam depth charge launchers, mounted on main body

Mobile Weapon Capacity Maximum of 12 x Mobile suits, usual capacity, 9 x mobile suits, 3 x MS units per team.


Technical and Historical Notes


In the early months of CE 80, the Zaft organization decided to create a new age ship, with the capacity of a carrier with the firepower a battleship. Zaft has managed to create a concept that has the capacity to carry an assortment of space use mobile weapons, and maintain a steady flow of support via its onboard weapon systems. This concept became known as Project Woglinde.


Project Woglinde started in CE 81 with the construction on the base frame in an Aprilius One dry dock. Much like its predecessor, the Minerva, the Woglinde has three internal hangers, a center, and two on its starboard and port sides. The center contains the main hanger where most of the suits are launched via catapult, while the other two, are simplistic retractable metallic beams holding Mobile suits by their torso using restraints. By having three separate hangers, mobile suits are evenly distributed usually three separate mobile suit fire teams in each corresponding hanger. Usually, it has been determined that most low speed mobile suits are launched via catapult leaving the side hangers with high speed units.


The Woglinde has the same layout of the Minerva, a single barreled positron weapon located at the nose of the Battlecarrier. It is underneath the main catapult, and is hidden by its armor. The weapon dubbed a positron lancer cannon, received its name due to the shape and positioning of the weapon on its blueprint. The armor opens on the tip into a fork shaped position revealing the barrel of the cannon.


Several other achievements have been added into the Woglinde superstructure. Its retractable cannons, Ciws, and Missile bays allow it to mask itself as a large carrier around many of its smaller escorts, the Nazca, and Laurasia battleships. During combat alert, the Woglinde would be able to fully activate its weapons revealing its hidden arsenal in minutes.


Unlike the Minerva, and the Alliance’s Archangel, the Woglinde is too large to sustain itself in the Earth’s atmosphere and is strictly a space use vessel. This design was taken severely in the creation process. The primary purpose dictated by Zaft headquarters, was strictly a space use vessel to prevent future catastrophes against the Plant colonies.


Port and Starboard hangers simplisitic drawing, since I'm not a good artist.


Ship[]< (Side Hanger Opening)


Ship[< (open)


Ship[===X===X===X=| (Extended launch Bar, Xs are MS


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About the only thing I don't agree with is the length.


It's the closest thing we'll get to having an Imperial Star Destroyer.


Wilhelm: Did you mean laminate armor? If so, isn't that supposed to be restricted to the EA? If not, did you mean that the entire ship is anti-beam coated?


Either way, that's one expensive ship, lol.

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Is that true? I'm honestly curious, because the Minerva isn't listed with that system in MAHQ (neither in the specs nor the notes), and maybe I simply haven't seen the Minerva take a beam hit and show that it has laminate armor (unlike the Archangel, which was shown). Did any other ZAFT machines have laminate armor?

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Look at Wikipedia, also there is proof of it in ep 49 of GSD. The Minerva takes a direct hit from the Gottfried cannon, and the beam disperses across its hull.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minerva_class_battleship


Also, the Minerva was designed to emulate the Archangel is every way. In the manga for Destiny Astray, an alliance laminate unit, (105 Launcher Dagger) was found abandoned by Armory one in an asteriod fragment. Its been nearly 10+ years since the wars, in that timeframe its possible for Zaft to gain hold of Laminate armor.

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Out of interest, is the code for the ship "LMAO" on purpose?  Mind, the whole thing looks really cool!  I was just saying...caught my eye, it did. 


So this thing is the ownage weapon, pretty much?  Except, the ownage that's big and slow?  Or something to that effect?




I read it fully this time.  Is this like, someone's specialised ship?  Like, only one of 'em?  Or is it like a Nazca; a mass produced battleship/carrier?  Sorry, my thickness is unexceedable.  Just curious.

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