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A Filipino's first impression of Singapore


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Hey!!! To all singaporean rpg-ers here!!! I would like to say that your country is just plain awesome!!!! I've just returned from singapore yesterday. The reason I went there because my class went to singapore on a field trip...


Here's somethings I love about singapore:


Subaru WRX Imprezas and Lancer Evolutions are everywhere

The clubs there are awesome

Nanyang technological University

Sim Lim Square


Orchard road

Sentosa Island ( I love the luge!!!)

Night Safari

The fact that almost nobody honks their car horns

Plenty of sports cars

Amazing food

Cute Girls... 

Singaporean's have Mercedes Benz E-class Taxis

Beautiful christmas decorations.

People there are very behaved

The country is very safe

Q bar

Plenty of malls. Especially in orchard road


I love Singapore!!!! I wish I could live there after I graduate and get a job!!!!! Hehehe

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Cute girls? Yeah, maybe some.

<--*Is a natural pessimist and has high standards*


I'd agree with you on the food there, but how about hygiene and cleanliness? I'm thinking some of us Singaporeans still pride ourselves on that standard of cleanliness. I guess they jacked up the price of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes so as to discourage over-'consumption'?


I gather, then, you had an absolutely great trip to our country.

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Jeebus! I was  talking to NeoG on the phone and I can't stop drooling when he narrated to me his trip to SG. Jeebus, I'd do everything to spend my vacation there! We only have a handful of cities that would come close to what you guys in SG have, hehe...


From what I've heard, SG's great! if it were not only for the high (well, high may be to weak of a term) taxes which results to higher prices you've got there, its nice!


From what he told me, even the local 7-11 has sky-high prices, I was shocked!

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I guess relative to the Philipines, the standard of living is much higher in Singapore, hence the big difference in price for many items. The same goes for Malaysia. I always tell me friends that I can buy things at a lower price in Malaysia than in Singapore, that without even converting the currency. A meal that costs SGD3 might cost only RM2.50


FAITH, you must have high standards Take a walk around town and you're bound to find a few good lookers. I have met quite a few pretty salegirls in Bugis and in town. Only to realise that they are actually Malaysians! LOL!

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That's the good thing about having a high exchange rate sometimes...Price to pay? GST increment, taxes...


Nevertheless, I'm glad you liked our country, neogmkuma and evo_Sieg, and also glad that neither of you have paid a whole lot more attention to the 'darker' sides to the society here. No visitor deserves that, after all.


Yeah, I have high standards alright, but I'm a pretty average guy myself, so sue me. Anyway, we can continue this in the SG thread, Valiant.

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