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Kotomi is just another TEH MAMIKO character, so yeah.


I got a good grasp of it thanks to the Internets.


And Hecate! Don't forget her.


Analysis so far:


ef~a tale of memories: Not too bad so far. The story can only serve to get interesting if they keep up the love triangle and develop the Renji/Chihiro relationship and make it a little more complicated. Presentation-wise, though, it might serve to confuse viewers.


Shana Second: A stuttering first episode, but vast improvements over the subsequent two gave me great hope that this one will turn out to be even better than the first season, especially in anticipation of the novel content.


CLANNAD: Has yet to disappoint, but hasn't gotten me as hooked as I was on Kanon 2006. So far the humor's going great, though, and the Tomoya's backstory is getting it's engine revved up with Nagisa's. Some might feel it to be a little rushed, but so far I guess it's safe to say I'm eagerly anticipating the next one.


Bamboo Blade: Two episodes, and I'm hooked. It's nice, good fun with lovable (if a little uninteresting for now) characters and interesting manga spoilers keep me in the loop to continue watching it as well. Nice OP and ED too.


That's it for now.

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