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Girty Lue-class - Righteous Indignation

Sylia Rose

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General and Technical Data




Class: Girty Lue

Name: Righteous Indignation

Unit type: Battleship

Manufacturer: Earth Alliance

Operator: Sylia Rose (Captain, Earth Alliance)

First deployment: C.E. 85

Dimensions: Overall length 380 meters; overall height unknown

Wingspan: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Propulsion: Unknown

Equipment and design features: Rocket anchor, mounted on main body

Fixed armaments:

6x "Gottfried Mk.71" 225cm high-energy beam cannon, mounted on forward section

38x Vertical missile launcher, mounted on main body

16x "Igelstellung" multi-barrel CIWS, mounted on main body

Max. mobile weapon complement: 10


Technical and Historical Notes


The original Girty Lue was a special operations battleship, having been equipped with Mirage Colloid in violation of the treaty of CE 72. Though the ship was eventually destroyed at the end of the Second Bloody Valentine War, the design for the Girty Lue survived and, years later, was approved for the modernization of the Earth Alliance's fleet. In order to comply with the PEACE Treaty, the Mirage Colloid systems were not included in the production of ships based on the Girty Lue, though they retained all of the original design's core systems and weaponry. Given that the PEACE Treaty was also meant to prevent another arms race, the mass production of the Girty Lue-class was intentionally slowed.


The Righteous Indignation is the most recent Girty Lue-class battleship to be produced from the Earth Alliance's spacedocks. Like those before it, the Righteous Indignation was originally to be assigned under one of the many veteran captains of the Earth Alliance, especially those who were once eligible for captaincy of the first Archangel. However, due to certain circumstances within the command structure, including some political pressure, this particular ship found itself assigned to the young Captain Sylia Rose instead. Suffice to say, assigning a captain whose Academy performance has been doubted and scrutinized almost as much as the ship's infamous origins makes the Righteous Indignation and her crew the prime targets for rumors in OMNI.



I fully realise that the MW academy hasnt been open and that I havent attended it, But I would just like to get my ship approved so I can get it staffed and docked and get some crew bonding excerise's happening , But for that I would need a crew lol


Full credit to Rad for doing the stats for me

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